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Dear all, iam deeply hurt with my experience as a parent in Buds and Blooms. My daughter has been going to a playschool since June 2016and from July she has incessant coughing. The doctor told me that it is some allergy. Soon I started eliminating foods but her coughing didn't stop infact now we were having sleepless nights cos of her throwing up because of coughing. In SEP - Oct I realised her school lights a lot of Incense sticks. I spoke to the principal and she assured me that it won't be done....However the practice continued and even after repeated requests and assuring me that it's not being done, it was continued in the meanwhile the doc has now asked my daughter to use inhalers! Today I had a word with the principal and asked her about it since I could smell the incense sticks on my daughter..She told me that's it's her belief and she will continue the practice. I can't believe a practice which is harmful to the health of the children is ok to be continued, but not the health of the child. It's an AC school and hence the ventilation is an issue too. I want to take this up seriously . What can I do to report the school and this kind of indifferent behaviour. The Principal apologized to me last week and said it slipped out of her mind ..But continued the practice! What's pathetic is the autocratic rule of the Principal. She is arrogant and aggressive and totally closed to parents reviews.All is well till you have a yes madam attitude .The moment you put forth your opinion please see the attitude change. The school has good teachers but the current management needs to retire. The lady lives in a world she created 30 years ago. Please avoid this school. I have pulled her out mid session and i know it's the right decision for the sake of my daughter's health.


My Daughter has been going to this school for about a year now. The kid just loves the  teachers and enjoys the school (at the same time learns a lot). Should appreciate the time and effort of the teachers,who keep doing different activities every day to keep these kids interested. There is continuous feedback on how she is doing in the school (photos , whatsapp updates). Perfect Start for the kid ! Atleast that's my personal experience.
I know there is a review that talks about being 'money oriented' : in my experience, frankly i cannot imagine the people who run this school as money oriented, my experience has been that they are 'children' oriented who will go the extra mile to help the children enjoy and learn.


I heard from my fellow colleague, this school is awesome, they was having tie up with CTS OMR. They keep sending SMS updates on your kid regularly. 


This is an amazing preschool with very special and dedicated teachers it's a very nurturing place where your preschooler will learn through play while having fun .This school is great my daughter is studying pre kg. The teachers were very informative and creative with teaching styles.

The wealth of experience, wisdom and support is tremendous, simply outstanding!! 


They very very money oriented.


My 3 year old son is going to Buds and blooms from past 8 months. I am extremely happy with the school. They take care of kids very well. More importantly they will prepare the kid for joining LKG. I see considerable improvement in my son's confidence and sociability after starting the school. I would reecommed thia as a good pre school.




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