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Apl is a very bad school for kindergarten....I had lot of expectations from the school..But i had a very bad experience....My kid learned more from pre-kg than what she learnt in her LKG....They just get lakhs of rupees as fees from kindergarten kids and not sure where they spend but sure they do nothing for our kids....They dont even share a photo of what is happening in kids class which is a usual practice in all other schools...But ofcoz only if they do something in class they can click some shots.....As per my prediction apl school opened kindergarten classes to just collect fees and invest on other activities...I feel ashamed to put my kid at apl and wasted a year there....


We did not have a good feeling about APL Global School. The director of the school seem to be bit "I know it all" and arrogant. I was left with they are great because they are doing me a favour. I was surprised that the director failed to connect from heart and she was all about brains. Mixed feelings and pretty uncomfortable. The children seemed to be too posh. The environment and the students seemed to be bit out of control when we visited the school. Anybody have idea about APL. mama


Learning as is prescribed currently in other schools is no learning. They are just put to so much difficulty for learning things which never gets used in their life. So much so it is better to put children in schools which doesn't mandate rote learning, daily tests which takes the child away from their creative best. Peer pressure that is built up by these practices end up in demoralizing even the best minds Best education is one which is provided taking the needs or capabilities of the child. My initial observation(my child goes to APL) has been that APL is different and refreshingly so!


actually my impression was entirely different. i thought they were pretty nice and spent time with us showing us around the school and giving us a b rief about this novel method of education. yes, the location is far and a dusty road leads to it................and yes it is a bit of a learning academy . but so what? a lot of schools in the - and in my opinion most!- city dont fulfil that. the teacher student ratios are a max of 1:15. a friends child who studies there says he loves it. and personalised learning is simply awesome. imagine yr child being taught according to his learning profile . am considering this school for my son even tho its a 1 hr commute for him.




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