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My child has been in sprouts for last 3 years and I am finally glad to move out. Sprouts was a decent school once upon a time. Not anymore. Pros: Few teachers are really good. Fairly neat classrooms without AC. I bet you don't want your child to be in a school which is run by a principal who has lost her mind and senses totally. She doesn't even know how to treat others. Totally agree with one of the user review which states principal doesn't respect and value other's time. It's 100% TRUE. Cons: First thing first, the school just takes almost every child.Very less no. Of students in upper elementary. Jus like me u may think individual attention is an advantage but pls wake up to the disadvantages. I realized how much my child has missed over last 3 yrs. Don't get Carried away with the manner in which the principal talks or intro sessions.. The principal has quite literally lost her mind, in the name of forcing school policies on kids, even who are as small as 2 to 2.5 yrs.. No critical feedback will be accepted by school. I have experienced this myself. you will be forced to send kids for annual day practice even if the child is unwell. A WhatsApp message was sent by principal as a warning for parents to ensure child attendance is mandatory for annual day practice sessions even if child is unwell. My kid was so unwell and was forced to attend. Had to visit doctor everyday. Saturdays are working too for annual day practice irrespective of child's age. One of the parents were informed to remove their child from school bcos they gave open feedback to the teacher and principal. Ridiculous. Even few teachers are matured enough to understand the parents concerns. But the principal is no good. Doesn't even have basic sense abt a 2.5 yrs old child's routine. 8.45am to 3 pm just for annual day practice for a 2.5 yrs old.... Wow! Watta a braino running this school. Uniforms are mandatory for all kids. they create some event or other and ensure parents to buy all color 5or6 color uniforms. Cash will be collected for uniforms separately (not along with fees). But they won't give receipts. All converted to black money and tax free?? If ask for bill,u get into the bad books Likewise, you will not get a receipt for cash collected now and then for some of the events. No ground for kids to play. Especially for bigger kids..zero space for outdoor sports. Observed Smaller kids in primary take turns to use the confined play area and kids end up getting hurt in swings, see-saw. Very small kids have to climb a steep stairs up until 2nd floor. Last whole year, no proper update from teachers on child's development. It's like my child is in 2nd STD and I don't know whats happening in terms of learning and development.. Overall quality of teachers had gone from good to poor. It was evident to parents that the school is running with a lot of confusion. Many good teachers in upper elementary,primary and even adminstration ppl have left. An advise to principal - value and respect parents and your own staff. Don't be a crying baby when we parents give feedback. Please handle situations in a matured manner. Was thrown aback hearing one of incident. Treat ur staff and parents well. Agree that a lot of effort goes into annual day function, but asking a child who is unwell to come to school just for practice and dance is inhumane. don't even try to defend/offend to this review as every single line mentioned above is a fact that can't be denied. feedback and facts must be accepted with a pinch of salt after all. Don't add fake reviews.To summarize, sprouts has its own pros and cons. .good if the current principal steps down and someone with some common sense takes over the school. A big change is definitely required in the way teachers, parents and students are approached and treated. Mainly attitude of the principal very poor. There are much better schools like alphabet, vruksha, Indus early learning, abacus, etc. My personal advise - avoid sprouts Montessori.


I agree. They leave the kids to be themself. Kids learn my activities. My kid loves her rhymes time when they sing and dance.


My son has been in this school for the last 6 months. Very good school with very good montessori materials.Teacher to Student ratio is good,Parents have regular coordination with teachers other than Parent/teacher meetings.




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