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Dear all, My kid is in euro Junior now.We are satisfied with euro kids and my daughter is really happy going to Eurokids.
Teachers and care takers are very good and especially they concentrate on academics and other social activities as well.
Only thing we didn't get outdoor space for kid and other things like school and class room maintained good.


my daughter sreenidhi is in euro senior. we are very satisfied with euro kids. miss priya is really good. whatever we ask she is responding good. care teakers also kind and caring. acedamic side also staff coaching is very gud.every month they are introducing new theme to kids other than book syllabus.class room and school maintannce also neat and gud. only thing we didn't get outdoor space for kids. all other things are very gud.


Really got a very good basement for my kid through Eurokids Tambaram, My kid is in Euro Senior now. For next year as we have to move in to other school, my kid should have to go through the entrance test for admission. First I was really worried about it and I tried to prepare my kid for it. I was really taken by surprise. My kid was able to read write and do all the syllabus mentioned in the entrance test. She cleared the entrance test also by scoring 97%. I have to really thank Eurokids Tambaram for this. 

My kid is really happy going there. Developed a lot of good habits, discipline, understanding and social communications. I often hear from my kid about which activity is good and which is not. Even when my kid woke up late in the morning, the first thing she says is, Mom please help me to get ready on time, I should go to school on time. Its a good habit.

Teachers used to respond to our calls in the allocated time. They used to discuss every bit of development and criterias to be taken care during parents meeting. They patiently explained how they need our support to work as a team and bring up the kid. They even encourage and sow the seed for social activities in kids by organizing joy of giving day. 

Keep it up and all the best Eurokids Tambaram................


Good part is that my friend's son really developed good talent after putting over here.I would like to share the saddest part of it as well. School gate closes by 0900 AM and if we are late, we need to wait for sometime to make our kids enter. Having said that have they laid down proper rule for rest of is a BIG NO here. Day care aunty should be present before the class teacher arrives the class room. due to non-availability of the staff inside the class room, one kid pushed my friend's son and he got hit badly on the wall and was bleeding. Child was taken to hospital and 2 stitches were put. This shows the irresponsible system. Pls take care of your kids and refrain from recommending this school and avoid putting over rating. Please assist other indians to take right decision


Good School..


Hi, My son did his Plag Group and PreKG in euro kids thambaram . I am very much happy with the school and teachers . The way things are taught are great. My son is enjoying the school.


I had a horrifying experience with Eurokids,Tambaram branch. only money minded people are running this school.they do not care about the safety of the little children. the teachers over here are shameless.


From my experience this branch works with money minded and doesn't accept any change. All is the kids wasted their time here and they were unable to cope up in the schools. Also the nursery and play group are in different buildings with not proper managability.




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