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Eurokids Ashok Nagar - We as parents were very very satisfied with the school . Both my kids were studying there . We as parents saw the real overall development in our kids and saw real value addition in them . Eurokids Ashok Nagar helped our kids develop their creativity and the most important factor they created a passion for learning in our kids.
All this was possible because of the extremely well trained teachers of the school. 
We wish the school all the very best .
Highly recommend 


Best Play school in & around ashok nagar & KK Nagar. My son doing his play school last one year. Very much satisfied. Planning to continue Pre-KG if not getting admission in other schools as planned. Teachers Mrs.Sridevi & Mrs. Mercy were so good to deal our children. No doubt. Undoubtedly best school. Parents 2015-2016 go ahead, don't hesitate. Best choice.


I have had only great experiences with enrolling my son at Eurokids Ashok.They take each child's needs into consideration and do not make it feel like a burden. It is a safe and fun learning environment for the kids. Apart from the programs, the staff that I've interacted with have been friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. I also love the fact that the teachers know every child really well and have great relationships with the parents. I feel reassured that I can express any of my concerns about my kid and they will collaborate with me for a solution.  So I would deftly recommend this place if you want a stimulating, flexible, individualized and a great academic environment school for your kids.
Once again thank you Eurokids Ashok nagar and Ishan is going to miss u all a lot .


Eurokids Ashok nagar have excellent facilities and activities. The facilitator does a great job with creative take aways and informative seminars for parents. Most helpful was discussing various developmental issues and parenting tips. Thanks for Eurokids Ashok nagar for taming my son.


One of most hopeless places. Very badly managed. Intention - just fleece money. Stay away


Eurokids ashoknagar does a good job! My child studies there, and we were there as a family for their recent sports day celebration. It was so professionally managed and also children enjoyed a lot. Most of all, I find that place very parent friendly and hygienic.




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