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My daughters are studying in St. Britto's Academy,I find that they like the school and its environment. I personally feel that their overall development is taken care of by the school. The facilities at the school are pretty good. This school promotes over all development of child through sports, dance, music and arts. The fact that all students get to participate in almost all the extracurricular activities shows the interest that the school has in developing every student in to a confident individual, 


My son has been studying  in this school since LKG( 10 years before). It was very good when i admitted him. Now the management has changed their attitude and become money minded and the quality of education went down and there is no moral and the fee is hiked to the sky (You will feel the word "Sky is the limit" when they increase the fee every year). You may have to spend at least a lakh for a kid per year as of now. they are hiking the fees minimum by 10% every year. I paid 25K five years before, now it has been hiked to nearly 85K (it is just fee alone, rest all not included). Just imagine the rate of increase. We would have been very happy to pay this fee if the quality of education has been increased in the same speed. But the result we got is totally opposite to that and we are totally unsatisfactory. The student strength in each class is too high, 45 students per class and there is no play ground and my kids carrying almost 15 Kg bag every day. By this way, your kid will be very strong in physique in future as he has to carry a huge weight on his back. If you admit your kid, then it means you are risking his future.


My son studied in this school from LKG to 10th Std. School infrastructure is extremely good compared to many schools in city. You won't find facilities like A/C rooms, swimming pool, large A/V room etc. in other schools. Rest rooms are always maintained neatly, which is very important for kids. Even canteen facility is there. Though it is small, it meets the purpose. Children can buy snacks and can order lunch when required. Teachers are friendly and at the same time maintain discipline. Children feel very comfortable in this school. Importance is given for both academic and co-curricular activities. We liked this school very much. Few improvements required - can focus on preparing children to face competitive exams like Olympiads and to focus more on Games&Sports. 


My son studies here. It is a good school. The extra curricular activities are good. Sports and cultural activities are given importance. 


Dears, I wish to alert the parents who are looking for new admission in St.Britto Velacherry school or who's kids are already doing there.. This is not false compliant without testing. My kids are doing past two years in this school (Now doing IInd std & UKG) with lot of hope in the name of Mr.Britto's management who is well known in Shipping / Logistics industry. But the school management found to be worst.. The reasons are below. 1. The School surrondings are very poor. In fact when we try to reach for parents meet in July, believe we walked thru sewage water which was surrended all sides of school. not a single entrace left. luckily we went in bike which took us without walking in water. Have seen various pupil / parents are walking in the sewage water over flowing. When checked with management, they are showing the notice board in where compliants to corperations was kept for past one year. The Compliants is not the solution. Now i wounder why my kids are falling sick even after we maintain good atmosphere at our home. even i remember once my kid is saying inside of school sewage water flow hence school is leave. since we send here thru school van, we are not aware of the surroundings... 2. Retention of teachers are affects the kids study. believe within two months our kid got 2nd class teacher. she not even now what is her class teacher name. Even when we met the teacher she not even know what is my kids strength / potential. there is no kid's personal history maintained. only they know mark sheet. 3. Imagine a 2nd standarad have 10 row of bench. how can the last few row kids listen / learn ?! just a 2 bench in each row and takes 10 rows to accomodate the 40 kids. 4. Toilet facility - when we checked with our kids where is toilet she show her class is in annexure bldg and they have to walk to main building. which means kids for emergency can't reach the toilet so fast. 5. No ground facility.. Not worth of paying such high fee when it happens like Govt. School. 6. The english knowledge development is not happening. the school runs with Tamil instructions/speakings. The GOOD is.. Swiming pool facility (Weekly once class that too not happening regularly) / Van facility (Though expensive) - Mr.Britto's brand who suppose to do excellent in his industry (But not that great in this area). I wish with this mail parents to get alerted. I don't want other's to get fool with the brand name.. also is there no health inspector visit to thi school? why can't they visit on rainy days?


The school is very good. Teachers are pretty well trained and they really care for the students. The school bus operates only to the close by locations, which is a concern. Otherwise it is a good school.


Regret to say the experience was not good.




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