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I agree and concur with earlier comments, even Our experience with this school was not good. The primary reason is having an unfit principal - poor management of Minoo Agarwaal, who demonstrates arrogance, immaturity. If this bad apple in management is removed and replaced by a mature principal, there is scope for improvement of this school in all 360 degree. Moreover, this school is not fit for tamilians.


Worst treatment to parents. They remember them only for fees. High headed behaviour of frontend staffs. Very difficult to meet the principal. There is a huge gap between what is on ground & what they feel about themselves.
my kids were Davians since pre KG in Hyd. I am disappointed for the treatment given here & hence changed to other school....


Till now the school running in good manner ,if few teachers need to change their rude
behavior towards the students.I just exhibited few examples which gathered from parent
circle.Simply through the book if the student not in her good  book.Unfortunately,happening till now.There is no adequate play ground to students
how can they play??.If we ask anything about the teacher's behavior the ward being biased in academic and extra curricular activities .I am really proud of my sons class teacher  taken last academic yr(14-15).She was very caring ,soft spoken,motivator,mentor ,good listener and understand students issue.But unfortunately ,she left the job.I would like to ask school management to take as a role model and every teacher must follow.They are not handle even small situations even though matured and 10+ yr service in this school alone.just write a note in ready reckner wash their hands.Is it solution ?It's sort of escapism especially up to 6th std ,the students bit naughty ,everyone came across the stage.Every person is unique
please understand the students and handle in smooth way to avoid all issues listed by  parents.Eventually,The management must wake up and take necessary action against those(not good teachers) teachers and keep good will name.


Hi all...D.A.V Public school was a good school for me since 2008 - 2013. But now, due to arrogant behaviour of a particular teacher i am so much frustrated to make my child to continue in this school. As a parent if we ask anything about the rubbish behaviour of the teacher the student is being biased in all manners. That clearly shows the tit-for-tat action against the parent who complained about the teacher's behaviour. They are not ready to face the parents instead, the child is being punished without any reasons and i am so much fed up that they are not even allowing the parents to take the issue to the principal. As per the school rules, if there is any complaint about the child, they have to write a note in ready-reckoner to the parents but they fail to do so. Its because the child belongs to someother parents the teachers are not thinking about the mental stress what they are giving to the child as well as the parents. Altogether, however your child may be, defintely the child's health will get detiriorated and they least bothered about it. Other than that the school is good in all means. Whatever i said is out of my experience and which i am still facing. Because of the particular teachers the school's reputation should never get spoiled. 


One of the worst school in chennai, if parents doesn't know Hindi they won't give admission, i don't know why they are siting there. i think they are selling seats in out side, totally they are money minded buggers.


Hi, DAV is a good school good if - you are in & around velachery you are looking for CBSE school you dont want to pay sky high fees you need a highly disciplined school you need the admission process to be transparent negative - water logging lack of big play ground


The school & teaching is good, the only draw back is lack of play ground & connectivity ( itz really bad during rainy season & the school is closed for the primary section untill they find clear & bright SUN)while driving esp on two wheelers is terrible due to poor road condition. But this is one of the best school in & around Velachery..


Please do not spoil your kid's future by putting them in this worst school I have ever come across. The management played a major role in spoiling my son's academic education. More over I was not happy also as a father since the school doesn't care about the kids who have to swim for almost half Km to reach the school from the main road. All they are interested is collecting the fees. I do not feel like wasting my time on commenting further on this school


DAV Public School is an excellent school. My kids study there. The teachers are good and academically they train the kids well. My only concern with the school is that there is no playground and I feel all work and no play makes tom a dull boy. This school is extremely acadamic oriented.


Hi DAV Velachery is very good school for those who stay in and around velachery. I personally saw the care taken by the teachers. It is a good school.


DAV velachery is one of the total waste school in chennai...i have called them almost 10 times for LKG admission and i am getting the story says there is no vacancy...also the watch man who doesnt allow people who coming with bike...i felt unhappy and not interested to put my kid there also i heared that its not good in coaching also..




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