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When we joined the school it was in good condition and the people were very nice the teachers were well educated and experienced. After sometimes all experienced teachers left and now they have teachers in the age of 20s. I understand, to give good teaching age doesn't matter, but experience matters. These new teachers doesn't know the art of teaching. they are good in giving home works. Toooo much of homework along with some projects to finish it in one day. Every parent will agree how much our kids are doing and how much we are doing. The kid is struggling to handle the pressure. Indirectly, they are not giving homework for kids, its for parents (Why for parents? We have already completed this grade :-).). I'm not saying this is the only school in town doing all this crap. This school also doing everything what others following, so, nothing special in this school. Being a parent we have to decide, whether (1) our kids need to be knowledgeable or (2) just a highest mark scorer without any knowledge. If you choose, Option (1), there are few schools having good standards and treating kid as a kid, not a machine.


My child is studying in 1st Std.Fees for books and uniform were collected during April. Now, it is July and few of the books are not supplied yet. School diary was given only yesterday. Time table is still not given. This School is very irregular in many ways. Many teachers are unfit to be teachers. If any of you know Email of Ms.Elizebeth Schram, please give me. I want to write to her directly.


Useless & very poorly managed... Just interested in Minting money.... My humble advise do not get in to their trap.. The fee details are false .. they do not have any standard operating procedures.. Fee is different for different people. just say by looking at the face of the parent based on the need of the parent & affordability etc.. Very unhygienic and unsafe conditions in the class rooms.. I had to withdraw the admission of my Daughter.. I left all the fees I paid But thank god I took this decision quickly...


The Schram Academy is a international CBSE school, I am very happy and satisfied with the way the school treats the child and the parrent - the school have very many activities and the way the children are thought the concepts through practice is excellent the teacher parrent interaction is also excellent- the school also provides for wholistic growth of the child and not just bookish knowledge




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