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this school like all schools have drawback like teachers not expreianced, no playground ,no toys for toddlers,fees is more compared to other school.not perfectly adminstrated(like uniform ,books not given on time)


I had recently admitted my son to aschool, chrompet and have never seem him so active as now. He enjoys everyday at the school and participates in all the events. These can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/Chettinad.ASchool I think now the school and its administration teams have improved a lot and they see to it that the problems faced by parents are made to the minimal. And I also feel that the fees is the value for money than what i read from the above posts. Uz


Dear Parents, Please Please don't ever try to admit your kid in the A school though you could not find the availability in Other Schools which you have been tried till last minute. My best advice is to admit your kid in the Govt/Average school. Because this A school as Name implies, they are not really sure about what does mean School and what are the activities which we as a parent would expect from them as per their brochure at the time of admission. WORST Maintenance and appears this is punishment for the Parents like us who try to Avoid Govt school but paying huge money.. Please dont admit the Kids into this school, However the few Branches appears to be good per other Reviews from this community. Thanks for being patience reading such long review.. :-) Dhanasekar.


Parents dont every admit your children you in any branch of A SCHOOL. It is the worst management one could find. Only at the time of admission, all the persons incharge will meet you in person. Once the fees is paid, they will not give your books, uniform will not be sent. You have to run 1000 times to Rani Seethai hall 7th floor to beg for our children books and uniform but no one will care for you. They dont teach at school. All that the Chettinad Foundation knows is only COLLECT MONEY AND ONLY MONEY.


Please dont join your kid in A school , any branches. Worse teaching and they ask money in between. I have a worse experince with them. Also they dont have any school after 2 nd std. U need to switch schools again. The worse part is they hire a house in various parts with lease for 3 years only. So place also change in next 2 years ( 1 year gone already). The management is very worse. They use chettinad name and scap money from parents. So please dont recommend A school to any one in any branch please. Very worse experience from various parents admitted in various branches. Poor Management and no quality in education. They dont respond to parents query also. Money motivated than education. Hope this helps you.


A-School is a blood sucking worst school that i have ever seen. Very poor syllabus, poor infrastructure and an unsafe Share auto Transportation. this place is not worth rs.75K+ of our hard earned money Do ever go there




My son studied his Pre-KG in UK, L.K.G in India, U.K.G in Delhi public School in Singapore.I have been traveling around the world and finally decided to put my son in A School. My findings about the school is this. My son is very happy in this school and he never misses a day. There are less number of students in each class and hence teacher pay more attention to individual students. There is no donation and its a plus point. They don't ask non sense questions to kids in interview and certainly there is no IIT level coaching to kids in this school at primary level. End of day, my son is happy. I believe the seed that matters 90% and the soil would contribute only 10%.


This is the ***** school among the newly started schools in chennai. i would give the reasons. The school managments itself is not haveing proper plan eihter in academics or in administration it has been told that the transport will be organized by the school at the time of admission but not true. there will be no uniform this year but changed suddenly. frequent change of teachers. no proper reply for our queries assurance was given for main school since 2008 but not yet announced no way connected to chettinad vidhayshram no pressure for students so they like to go but ultimately their academic will come down involvement of parents to organize many events that in turn will reduce the managment burden but the school should run by the managment but no by the parent then y all the parent should not join and start a school? new method of teaching but not sure that will compete other schools ok for kinder garden but not advisible for higher classes they do have records for academic excellence but it is not reality drop our rates are more from this school management should be ready to change otherwise it will be tough to sustain for long term and difficult to have continuity of students.


My son goes to the Preschool group and so far we are fine with his progress. We were looking for play way method and happy to see the same in the classes. His class strength is 18. I attend the parent-teacher meeting monthly and get to talk to his teacher on his progress. The teacher knows his strengths and weakness , It was a good thing for us. May be true that the teacher may not be able to answer something related to administration but are able to explain abt child's activites. The children are given worksheets in class for drawing,painiting and writing. They maintain a file for each child and is shared with us during the meeting. It is good to see what they do in class. Also I get the weekly activities via email besides the monthly meetings. Now they are also given practise books to write at home, no pressure to complete them. We use it to practice with our son. My son has picked up writing alphabets and numbers, we see a good progress. Fees - We knew it at the time of admission and no complaints , has to see if there is any increase in the next year. My son took part in a dance program in the annual day celebration and was happy to see him on stage. All the kids were given a chance to perform , it was a good thing. We had to get the costume for the dance ,we didn't have to pay anything for the event. The major hiccup for us is the transport and we had to arrange it ourselves. Otherwise we are ok with this school.


Parents, 'A' school runs it shows in the banner of Chettinad , but not sure how it will sustain if they run in the current way. I have my kid in this school. Apart from the foundation's name , there is no plus I could quote.. - Infrastructure is not even as what other small Preschools are providing - Fees are higher. Getting prompt SMS in this regards to pay fees - Teachers are all seem to be learning . No experienced staff and some are unfriendly. You ask a query to the teacher you will get an answer " Check with the main office" for everything and everything. and Main Office!!!(they are very busy collecting Money , they don't have time to responsed) - Material fees? paid but no material provided so far My suggestion Parents - think and act , that would be


Hi, If you love your child don't even think putting them through this ordeal of ASchool. Many of us who have put their wards in this school were fooled by word chettinad, Montessori method of teaching, 15-1 student teacher ratio, proximity to home & work. Like some of the parents have mentioned above everything is an eye wash...I cant blame the teachers much for the predicament its the management who is at fault. I happened to talk to some of the teachers and they too are soo frustrated with the management that most of them are gona leave their job by next year. They have been telling that they are constructing a new building for school which is no were near completion. They are taking all the students that are coming their way without even realizing the space requirement. There are ateast 30-35 students in a small cramped class with two teachers in it and the worst of all is they have mixed 1st with UKG and Pre-school with LKG classes. I hope all the parent from these schools will wake up and show the management that they cant take us for a ride.If you want an education for your child then start finding another school. I have already done that.


I also agree to this they are really very unorganised and they do not know what is montessory methord of teaching .No teacher is trained


My son goes to A school at Thiruvanmiyur. Is there anyone else here whose kid is at the same branch? Im so frustrated abt the transport issue. There was one operator who had started providing a van service and has suddenly stopped beacuse the kids are too less he says. I was planning to move my son to the Velachery branch since they have transport and I live at Perungudi which is at an equal distance from both centres but there are a lot of bad reviews about that branch. The staff at Thiruvanmiyur have never been rude to me as such but the staff from the main office rarely respond to emails or calls. I understand they are new but there are too many administrative loopholes. I dont understand how can a school of such repute not manage to provide transport even after a year


I feel i have made a big mistake by making my daughter go to this school... Absolutely rubbish management. All they have is a good marketing team. I am frustrated with the transport arrangements, syllabus, quality of the teachers, student-teacher ratio, and everything else I can think of. There is no single thing which is working well in this school. They plan to conduct annual day and want us to pay for making kids practice for that event... Please do not get your children to go to this school.....


Hi... My nephew studies in A school,velachery and I heard from my brother that it is one of the worst. He too made the mistake after seeing the word Chettinad. We should not stop here writing just reviews. Schools like this should be taught a lesson to not play with young parents and their kids. Does someone have knowledge about taking legal action against them?


This school in not meant for kids 5.5 yrs and above.Maybe 1.5 to 5.5 yrs old can attend.Nothing to say good about the school.A house converted into a montessori based play school. There were only 3 kids in 1st std ,so they r put along with the other elementary group ages between 2.5 to 5.5 yrs old.God knows what the 1 std students will learn along with the younger ones.The school has their own timings and they will change the timing of the school anytime according to their flexibility.There is no proper rules and regulations.Website does not give proper information regarding 1st std,but management asks us to read the website information thoroughly and write an exam on the website details.But if u've paid the fees already there is no talking back or coming back to school asking for refund.Management is very harsh and insulting parents specially ladies.IFyou talk more to them about whatever they said before joining the kid in the school they will ask you to get admission in corporation school. No proper contact details and they dont even respond promtly on ur questions.If you talk even more they will give you free advice on how to run life smoothly with your husband. Hope u all dont get disppointed going after their brand name"chettinad"


Hi everbody , Kinldy think twice before taking admission in A-School, they are not upto the mark . They charge high fees, unfriendly staff , I hope people going because of the Name- Chettinad.


hi every one, I am just writing this to alert certain parents who are planning to put their child in A school.Please think many times before u put u r child there.They promise a lot put keep up very few.My child studies there.They collect a huge fees but not worth at all.Till now parents are coming just for the chettinad brand only. I am also the victim of the same.Each term they collect 9600 fees plus 5000 for materials.But last year they just gave 2 note books to my son that too they kept it for them self after the year was over.This year also they are supposed to open the school on 17th but suddenly they changed the dates to 28th of june.The reason being 23,24,25 government declared for tamil conference where is the connection????.The kids could hve very well gone to school on 17,18,21,22.In between also give a small chance they declare holiday.A total waste of money.so parents please be alert.


Aschool will only take huge fee and not concentrate on curriculum i also came to know from many parents they earn a lot of money by not refunding the fee,if the child is not admitted.everybody makes a mistake as it is chettinad and will fall into trap


Im a resident of velachery. My son is in A school velachery. I also feel that i have made a mistake. Right from teachers, management no one is responsible for anything. From day one whatever is promised is not done till date which is leaving parents frustrated. I dont know what my kid does between 9-12pm. Mystery , no rhymes, no interaction. The teacher selection also looks sub standard. I have decided to start looking for alternative schools (arsha vidya mandir, chettinand) as a permanent solution. These school has disappointed lot of us. Although i understand 1st year for a start up school is going to be turbulent, they need to be responsible taking parent's inputs. there is no one to report to in velachery school. We need to go to Mount Road for every single thing. To sum it up, disappointing school to the core. I wont advise any friends, relatives to look this school for their kids. Thanks Bharath K


I made mistake in my life...Waste of money & time. Poor administration, in-experience teachers, etc. They collected Rs.5000 for study materials, but so far I didn't see any thing!!!!!! Every thing invisible!!! If there is any organization contact a competition for top 5 worst schools in Chennai, I am sure A-Scholl first. Please, don’t play with your kids life….if you have money, kindly donate the same to any trust or poor people.


same feeling here as u all feel. poor organisation, poor communication, poor teacher to student ratio, poor ventilaton in class room, poor updating in web what else!!! keep quiet for an year or dont think of wastig money and take our chid back


I have put my kid in Velachery branch. After reading the comments of parents here, I am surprised to find the same problems in all branches. The teachers are not professional and there is too much crowd in each class. There is no responsible person to whom we can address our concerns too. Now I really doubt about the quality of school after standard I.


Hi I was planning to put my kid in play group( 2Yrs old) for Vijayadhasami admission here. I was under the impression that since it is a Chetinad group, the process and the curriculam everything should have beeen already set. When I spoke to a parent in Velachery school, he is totally dissatisfied with the way the scools is run. Now I'm confused if I should look for other play schools itself. I have been waiting from July for this.


Yes ! i perfectly accept your words Kicha..Am totally dissatisfied with teh school and the way things are carried out. Though i had not registered for any transportation, while my mother went to pick my daughter, they refused to send her with my mom stating that she will be sent only by school van, My mom had a hard time to get hte kid out of hte place.i had to call and explain them finally. And as you say, they dont allow the teachers to speak to us. Only the counsellors or admin person speaks to us whenever we want to ask anything. Am surprised how a school of a reputed group can behave like this. Anyways, all for good.Atleast we know how they work and we can always correct our mistakes sooner or later.


hai I am a parent who put my 3 year old child in Aschool Ashok ngr center.Initially am also under the impression that i had made a right choice.But now am totally confused whether am playing with my child's life.they promise that the transportation will start on 3ed and we all got sms at 2nd aug around 10.30 night the van is coming.but 3ed morning we waited for bus till 9.30.......... it was a total mess and by noon even at 2.30 also my kid not reached home.later i find out that nothing was organised and 3ed morning 5 o clock only they were in search of drivers from coimbedu!!!later came to know that parents from all ceters faced the same problem.and today they suspended the transportation!!!! .As i enquired through some of my friends in office i came to know that they are not following any Montessori method or they don't have any trained teachers.If you try to spoke with teachers they wont reply anything (seems like they are instructed not to talk with parents)if you try to clarify with admin people in school most of the thing they are not at all aware!!!!that means there is no any proper communication with school and the management. yesterday i lost my temper and i started searching for another school.let that 24000 be gone.what else i can do. one word to Aschool people U cant run a school like this..don't think u can fool the people for money.while the time of admission what all u promised?? do any one in ur organization know anything about Montessori?.Any way we learn a lesson




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