Vael's International School - Chennai

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A school that not only imparts education but also inculcates values and trains students in various activities leading to holistic development is the ideal school of choice. Imparting skills and focusing on all round development along with additional thrust in soft skills training would be the preferred choice in the future.


the school is not that has been started with a broader view ,and cannot satisfy individual ward is here for the past 4 yrs,doing well,making good use of the library too.the library is defnitely not pathetic.our experience with the teachers has also been good so far.the fees is on the higher side i do agree.


my child was in billabong for a year and then we decided its not worth the money we were paying. they claim to have an international status that they are yet to acquire! vaels billabong is good for those coming from abroad and are late for admissions to other school, or for those who did not get admission from other schools. they seem to have the policy that says "if you can afford us, we will welcome you with open arms". no one is denied admission at vaels billabong. the facilities are good, but mostly only for display when there are special guests. airconditioning in classrooms are hardly used and the use of computers by the students needs permission from a couple of teachers and administrators. their library is pathetic, the murugan library in adyar is 100 times better. teachers come and go. no one stays unless they have no other place to go. the fees are not worth the kind of education the children gets.




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