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As a mother of two little boys (who were both born and lived overseas), I feel like the best decision I made after moving to Chennai was enrolling them in Alphabet. Ms. Kavita and the staff at Alphabet are not only extremely skilled and knowledgable when educating and encouraging the children, but also very warm, friendly, and approachable. The curriculum at Alphabet motivates, supports, and inspires the child to aspire for their academic best, while also fostering tremendous growth in their confidence and overall personality. My experiences at Alphabet have always been very positive, especially because Ms. Kavita and her teachers go out of their way to help each individual child realize the highest of their potential. I have no doubt that my boys are in the best hands. Thank you, Alphabet, for becoming our "home away from home" here in Chennai!


I enrolled my child in alphabet school before I moved countries and I just want to take a minute to thank Kavitha ma'am and the school for nurturing and growing my child to be the person that she is today.She is a tiny little baby of 5 but the school and the teachers have taught her such great values and has taught her the important skill of adapting to any environment .She is a confident, bold, outspoken little kid who is able to adjust to her new environment, friends, country so easily and all credit goes to alphabet school and their teachers.I vouch for this school and what they deliver and I think every parent who wants their child to grow to become a confident young child should consider this school. Thank you all once again - ever indebted :) 


Its time when we re soon gonna be leaving this school as we re moving out to a new city. More than the anxiety of leaving the city , our mind s troubled with the fact whether our lil one will adjust, learn, enjoy any other school so much as she has been doing at Alphabet playschool. 
Our daughter cries if she has to miss even a day of her school , and its worse to handle her on weekends trying to explain to her that its the holiday time of the week. 
We always were happy about the way the school had been of benefit to us , but what made us even more happy about our choice  was that at all the interviews that our kid had to attend (for her main schooling) , she could sail through it smoothly than many others there because of all that was taught to her at school.
Everything that they learn , is taught in a very practical and fun-filled manner.
We also know of friends , who have shifted to various other schools due to isuues like distance , timings etc . , but have been forced  to come back to Alphabet as the child has been showing viisible signs of missng the school and the teachers.
The days activity is also communicated personally by the teachers everyday. Pretty approachable a school if you have to step in and talk about your concerns. (ofcourse the practical and logical ones )



1) Parents are treated pretty shabbily if they are not Page 3/high flyers/stepping out of BMW's. The difference in treatment of parents and children is outrageous. If you are middle class please don't sign up for this

2) The school has tried to copy curriculum, headline practices blindly from other successful pre schools but cannot execute them for very poor quality teaching staff. I can relate to the post below on poor english, linguistic learning. I wish they spent more on teachers than the glass building...

3) Fees is higher than better quality pre schoold within 2-3 km radius with better teachers, better amenities and decently behaving management


There is lack of understanding between the director of school and parent. facilities is good but communication is not good. i'm in not good situation because of alphabet playschool. i requested to refund of my sons school fees. reason is as below. 1. I'm customer who have to receive a education service on promised day to a director of alphabet play school. i didn't get service on time 2. director of alphabet playschool delayed school-open-day. this is supply's faults vacation term was 50 days over. when i thought, it was enough time to renovate her school. and she didn't inform for renovate of school when i registred next term. 3. director of alphabet playschool informed school-open-day so lately. (open-day:june 11, inform-day:june 6 late afternoon) - my important schedule is canceled or changed as school day is delayed. 4. i requested refund of my son's school fees. when i sent school, school was under constrution, not on cleaning. school is a minus enviroment to my sons that suffer from an atopic disease even if school is renovated next thrusday. a director rejected my request. director treated me with disrespect by shouting at me don't listen my any speaking.. i'm customer of school that paid next term fees. how unfair to me.. there is alphabet playschool to me.


When we decided to move from bangalore to chennai i was extremely concerned about my daughter's school. Though a very happy and outgoing child, she always hated going to school and till the very last day in bangalore she would negotiate with us and try to convince us not to send her to school every morning...even though she was 4! Alphabet is by far the best schooling experience i have ever come across. They helped my daughter effortlessly transfer from a montessori way of learning, in a very short time, she has learnt so much and the best part is she loves to go to school!


Alphabet play school was what i first saw on the way back home from vanilla...At first sight the building seemed very impressive and it later came up in my internet search...thats when i realised it was the same school that i saw. After asking around i heard good reviews about it so I went ahead and put my two and a half year old daughter in there.I was very please with the principal Mrs.Kavitha who made me feel at home and adressed all my issues and anxieties with great calm. My gut feeling was very positive about the place and people and I am now very happy that I put her there.The student teacher ratio is very apt and their settling down process is excellent and very relaxed.I was very impressed with the fact that they don't let the children cry hard or long and they ask the parent/caretaker to hang around nearby if they cry too much. Last but not the least the place is very clean and yet homely. I highly recommend it to other parents. Padma.




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