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It a excellent school with culture and values.


Hi, My son(Niranjan) got selected for 2011-2012 LKG admissions. I was impressed with the way they treat the parents during the admission process. Even the evaluation phase of the Kid is also very comfortable for the kid. I was fully satisfied with the admission profcess, "First impression is the best impression". I'm a strong believer and practitioner in Meditation and Yoga. Even the school is on the same belief, so I am happy that my Son will be in one of the best valued school.


A school with values


Mahrishi School follows CBSE pattern and has classes from LKG to 12th std., The campus includes a calm and seren garden with special class rooms. Developement of the total and multi-sided personality of the students is the major objective of the school., Hence, they have Extra curricular activities including training in Bharatha Natyam, Carnatic Music, Band, Karate, all kinds of sports - chess, tennis, cricket etc., The other note worthy feature is the Kalai Valar Mandram which brings out the hidden talents of the students through cultural programmes on the stage. Inter school contests are also held. They also organize various CO-Curriular activities through various Houses, clubs, educational tours, RSP, Magazine, social service, projects, fine arts, scounts and guides, cubs and bulbuls, bunnies, NGC, JRC, Karuna club, NCC, NSS, musical instruments, science of creative intelligence. Through out the year some sort of special activities are being conducted. Trancendental Meditation based on the Unified Field of Technology of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with Yogasanas and Pranayama are regular part of the daily programme. School counsellors have been appointed one for each of these sections ie., Primary, Middle and High School. Introduction to worksheets have been included to all classes. School has an Information Technology Centre for conducting IT courses. School Buses is being available to all the places with a nominal fee. School Fees is also very nominal.



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