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Vaels Billabong High follows unconventional methods of teaching, which help students in gaining knowledge, without dealing with too much academic pressure. The Kangaroo Kids branch at Neelankarai is neat, with spacious class rooms, and a low student teacher ratio. Every child as a result, gets individual attention. The teachers know each student well. My son, who was an introvert, and a shy child has developed confidence after studying in Kangaroo Kids. The methods of teaching are different, but quite effective. Children learn to read earlier, and the credit goes entirely to the teachers and the teaching methods/ curriculum adopted by the school. They have wonderful activities and field trips organized frequently. The Injambakkam branch, however, could do better with some constructive changes. The hours the school runs are too much for kids in the 6-8 yrs category. They are planning to cut down half an hour from this year, but I feel it could have been further cut down, as the kids are too young. They claim to have quite a few extracurricular activities, three days a week. However, kids do not learn much in these SPA classes, as they are not taken too seriously either by the staff, or by the students. They could either make the students in them up taking them up seriously, or cut them down totally, as they are currently just a waste of time. The curriculum adopted by the school is learning driven. The pressure on parents is low, as homework is given only on weekends. Asessments are mostly uninformed, and as a result teachers are solely responsible for the performance of students. One major problem with the school is the unstable staff. Teachers keep quitting, and the inconsistency adversely affects the children. If teacher quit mid term, they find it difficult to search for good replacements, and try to make do with assistant teachers, who are not as qualified, or capable of handling students well. Hiring well qualified teachers on a more permananent basis, could help keeping the parents more satisfied. The infrastructure is excellent, and facilities provided by the school are good. Some improvements in the quality of teachers, could make the school one of the best in Chennai.




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