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Hello. I read some of the negative reviews here. I am just sad that they are so off the mark. We have two kids studying there. Yes, we are NRIs but honestly, makes no difference as we know of a number of parents from India whose kids study here. In our opinion, this is one of the best schools we have ever come across. Valli, the Principal's passion and that of her staff needs to be experienced to be believed. She has a fantastic vision which is unique and alternative to so many regular schools. Our kids love the teaching, the learning and the studying. I feel so pleased that our kids are studying here... every day, there is a report on the daily activity in the class as well as a weekly report on the child. Field trips every term are undertaken and all teaching is done in a practical and fun environment. I wish I were going to school with my kids! We have always found the teachers and administrative staff to be polite, professional and so very helpful.


its definitely a good school for the children. Proper care is taken of the children.


Hello parents, I am just posting this review for all those parents who are considering Kids central for their children. Every parent will have good and bad feed back about a school ,but in my experience its an excellent school. In Chennai which school can boast of a one on one interactions, lots of specialised activities,daily contact with the parents,excellent and unique curriculam, a vast play area etc. Just becoz a particular person behaved in a certain way doesn't mean that the school is not good enough.Ihey are not money-minded at all. I have seen schools which ask for money for anything and everything. But here the parents very well knows for what they are paying for. Their uniform itself only costs 150/- and no institution gives out their prospectus for free. The beauty of Kids central is their homely atmosphere and their sincerity with which they deal with the children . Its an awesome school.It would have been a terrible loss if I have missed this school for my children.I can happily say my children are learning through fun.


I absolutely agree with the review about it being a very uptight school.. preschool is all about helping a child blossom and if you want the child to only listen, and act like a young adult.. you are completely wrong in helping the child.. I had a similar experience where I was told that we have to see how the child "performs".. When I spoke to one of their teachers (who I know personally) I was told that"we did you a favour by even entertaining your child's admission) I am not oly disappointed with the typical 30 year old attitude of the school testing the child before admission but also not having a caring and welcoming staff who are more interested in showing rejection than appreciation and positiveness.. After my experience with kidscentral, I have decided my child does not seserve kidscentral -- its their loss not mine!!


I am not blaming this school. But this is how this school operates. Kids Central is not ready to accept "all kids". They have a criteria for what type of kids they would accept. I think they don't accept the fact that each child is special in its own way and don't accept the kid as it is. This is the criteria for your kid to get selected there. You can't just go, pay the fees and put your kid there. There will be a assessment day where they would observe your kid for the below criteria. 1) Your kid must know how to sit in one place through out the session 2) It should not roam here and there. 3) It must listen to what the teachers say even if it is the very first day for the kid. New Place, New Faces doesn't matter to them. 4) They don't listen to what the kid is asking for even if it is for rest room or water. 5) If you kid is very active and mischievous (Of course a lot of kids fit here) forget about getting admitted there. Expat's (not NRI's)kids are automatically admitted there. This is part of their marketing strategy to show others that when expat's are putting their children then this is a good school. Perhaps they are looking for dumb children or school ready children. Any dumb kid put into any school would improve. A school ready kid is already ready and would meet the above criteria irrespective of whether it is dumb or smart. The school makes sure such a concentrated mix is admitted and attributes the kid's growth pattern to the school's success. I personally experienced this and this is not written based on hear say. I met some parents in another school Fastrack kids , alphabets, Alwarpet who pulled their children from kids central and put here. I am not vouching for Fastrack here. I am talking about kids central only here. When I hear their stories and experiences about kids central looks like horror stories (LOL) Please think before putting your kid here. If you kid is dumb (of course nobody would accept this themselves) you are blessed to know abt. this school.


My first impression of Kids Central was the same. However, to be really honest, the meeting with one of the school personnel was not a pleasant one. We had gone there to personally check out the facility as per their request to visit after school hours or on day they do not have the kids around. So to say the very least we went on a Saturday. we were just escorted to the waiting area and had to wait for ten minutes before feeling lost… we decided to call her informing her that we were already there if she did not already know and upon that we told that we have to wait for another ten minutes. Never mind, we thought the meeting will be worth the wait and after all it’s for our Little Precious One. When we were called in, the personnel went over the fee structure and the curriculum details without much of a pause and I was sure the person had perfected it over the years of her tenure and had paused only to catch her breathe and attended the numerous calls that came in. I am not being spiteful here. but cannot help wondering the fact that for the amount they expected from the prospective joiners, the customer service was just short of being rude and made us feel really uncomfortable sitting there doubting the good aspects they boosted about to be true or spurious. After waiting for her to wind up the calls and the small talk over the phone and spare few minutes for us which seemed unlikely as the minutes ticked by and my boy was first to show signs of disgust and wanted to get out of there. We excused ourselves out of the office and politely said our goodbyes while the telecon still continued. It was a nice gesture to come running after us a few seconds later only to check if we would get back to them. Thinking that it was a sudden awakening and we could overlook this first meeting and the experience I asked for the brochure which she had extended towards us while “the breathless demo” In hindsight the blog comments on this website had warned me of the personnel demanding money for the brochure as well so it did not come as a shock to me at all, but sure surprised the hell out of my husband. Wonder if the treatment would have been any different if had our chequebook flashing in her sight. My review: good points: A nice location and ample play space. Kudos to the peon for the warm and smiling reception and guiding us to the receptionist. Very bad point- lack of sensitivity and customer service of the receptionist. Would recommend if you care the least about first impressions.


KidsCentral is an excellent preschool for young children. Our son has studied here for over 2 years now. As required for children of this age, the school provides them a very wide variety of activities. The focus is on the all round development of the child rather than a conventional academic focus. Individual attention is paid to children so that each can progress at their own pace. The teachers are very friendly and my son has developed excellent relationships with all of them. Everyday the teachers write a report about what happened in the class and post it on the bulletin board, just as parents arrive to pick up children. This gives us some good conversation starters to talk about with our son. My son makes a lot of arts and crafts, that he brings home and shows off with pride. The school also takes the children on some very nice field trips. There is also a theme every term, and many activities are done surrounding the theme. Themes we have seen include Safety, Environment, Tamilnadu etc., The school also has a nice play area. I can say without hesitation that my son has flourished at KidsCentral. Of course, like every other parent and every other school we have our pet peeves about the school. But the positives are so good, that these peeves are minuscule in comparison. The school has a good number of NRIs and Expatriates also. I highly recommend this school.


This is a happy place for the little ones! they are well taken care of, have fun, and learn...




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