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I agree. Over price and under deliver. I have my son admitted here and there is no going back. What we can do as parents is to take up issues and not give up till the school fixes things. I also have an inside view on how the administration is handling things, and things look really hopeless. It is really shocking that the name of PSBB is being used to run the show but none of the values seem to be present. Here are some of the issues: 1. Furniture 2. Unqualified Teachers 3. Qualified Teachers, but with bogus degrees. 4. Principal not willing to act directly with (3). I don´ t have the foggiest idea why she is letting it go on. 5. They have been recently recommended for ISO certification. But this was achieved with a lot of manipulation by the administration and fixing or records.


in 2009, Admission fee Rs.30,000/- non refundable. Term fee Rs.36,000/-for 3 terms.(per year)this will be increased up to Rs.3,000/- every year. Transport fee Rs.18,000/- for 3 terms.(per year)this will be increased up to Rs.1000/- every year. Book fee Rs.6,000/- the other schools like DAV and even other branches of PSBB schools in Chennai giving better education than this school are charging just 1/3 of the above said fees. Hence, this school is absolutely charging unreasonable fees for nothing. The management's approach of 'I know what I am doing' will irritate the parents. No professional administration for the high fee charged. This is the feeling of the most of the existing parents.




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