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My daughter studying in this school. She likes the school so much and she says that the teachers are very friendly and patient.There is no restriction for their ideas and knowledge. Overall She is happy. She did't complaint about any teacher so far.I believe that the school is good.


A BIG TRAP....PLEASE AVOID THIS all costs.....their attitude and weird system with exorbitant fees is a let down.....moving my kid away after many years in this school.....sadly the infrastructure, curriculum, teaching staff etc is below standard and sad.....even the correspondants relative and close friends kids have fought and left the school.......many parents struggle to get a TC from this school as they expect all parents to let them know if their kid is still going to continue or leave the school in the month of January itself....obviously no parent has found admission to another school in Jan.

they have increased the fee to double...almost 1 lakh.....all this for a poor poor poorly managed school.....

not one teacher or head teacher/principal will stick around ...thanks to the arrogance of the management trustees etc......

I have seen the standard of this school dip and will be surprised if they still get to continue from their rickety building next year......chances are they will move out soon....


Calibre has been promising us parents that they will be CBSE certified (for about 4 years now)....they recently got themselves IB certified and tied-up with ED EXCEL and call them selves an international school..... also they have raised their fees to 1 lakh (all inclusive) from 50k.....these have taken the parents by surprise and we have no other chioce but to leave this institution...... lack of facilities is a serious concern in this school which is conducting classes on the roof top and basement.....toilets are also bad.......promise of a new campus and building has gone away and the principal now says that they are not in the pipeline...... we are so disappointed with this school....and the funny part is even their teachers tell us to move the kids to better reputed schools. .......a sad and let down parent...


This school is more about pomp than substance. Imagine paying 51,000 a year where your kids will be housed in literal houses with makeshift play areas. This school is good for those who want to pursue drama, art, theater type instead of serious academics. tehelka


I think this school is very disappointing. Very little focus on infrastructure, facilities, academics and very high on fees. They have facilities ( real Estate) that equals municipal schools or is a shade lower than that. Teachers who are not qualified enough, no Board Affiliation ( CBSE, State or Matric). You pay the price of a Mercedes Benz and get a Maruti 800. That sums up my views on this school.


oh oh..... if u plan to put ur child in this school..... sorry.... pls try someother school..... no proper communication fm the office side.... and u cant even approach the correspondent in any case.... and one of my relative she faced a tuff situation.... she wanted to get tc with the noc seal and they kept postponing it for nearly 3 months to issue one iwth noc.... so she had to continue with the same school till she got it.... and then she moved to other place....


I am sorry if you think this is school with the banner Mrs.YGP. Parents need to know that the all round development of a child lies with school curriculum and Teachers. Pls take a call before admitting your child


My son is in this school, i am not at all happy, everybody in this school from the receptionist to the cooridinator to the Principal are indifferent to the Parents as well as kids safety/studies/discomfort in the school and outright rude, they are just out to con the people and make money, i will advise people to stay away from this school forever!!!


My son foes to this school from this year. He likes the school very much and says that the teachers are very friendly and patient. Overall he is happy. Yes the campus is an issue till they move to a new campus. But I believe that the school is good.


My child goes to this school. This is an excellent school. The only constraint is they do not have a play ground. I totally agree with what devibala has said. The teachers not only concentrate on studies but they help the students to shine in all theatre, music, drawing etc. Hope they move to their own campus very soon so that the children can have physical activities.


I would not agree to Mr.Umesh as the teaching is not upto standard when compared to other schools in chennai. i have my relatives children who are studying in the same standard as my child, they have more knowledge and the teaching seems to be good. I am planning to shift my child to a different school. I would suggest you to go for a different school than YGP. that is my suggestion. They are just creating hype about their standards.


Mrs. Y.G.P School otherwise called calibre academy is at Mylapore. My son was under Montessori system during his Pre- KG and I was looking for a school which would give my kid special attention and a play way learning. I came across this School accidentally through Web. I visited the school and I liked it even though it is not too big. Now a days parents have a wrong notion that only the school which is big in area has more quality education. It is not true. In this school each children is known to all staffs and that was their main objective. And in big schools our kids may not get the opportunity to expose their budding talents and due to heavy competition in those schools kids have the tendency to lose their interest towards things. Here in this school their main attracting feature is their learning stations which is an attractive alternative for the boring , same old classrooms. The children will move to different classes for each subjects and their classes are completely interactive which help the children to learn more, to improve their communication skills. They are planning to move to their own building which would be big enough with all facilities like a good playground and library etc., And also the kids are performing well without any books. All their worksheets and syllabus are very informative and interesting. Their system of education is also transparent and we can know from their website about the syllabus each month. They are also having Western music, Indian Music, Craft classes, Dance, as a part of their syllabus. Its really a very good place for children who want to learn a lot in a playful manner and the teachers are very co operative and encouraging. Their fee structure may not be affordable for lower middle class but it is worth paying. Moreover its more like a family rather school as the kids are more friendly with the staffs.




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