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If you are not getting admission anywhere even then dont join your kid in Ashram ICSE. My son is studying in class 8 .. teachers do not bother giving the answers at all no answers at all..Everything is given as homework . Nothing is taught in class. Its September and no school uniforms have been given .. after the school was in news for non payment of rent by the management ... uniforms were given out the very next day so media would not come to know. You can check with the parents . No sports .. karate teacher has no idea what karate is .. useless ...waste of time and money. Definitely the worst school in Chennai.


Hi Arvindh...a frustrated parent of Ashram start about...admission s easy in this school as money matters...quality of education is total zero.Teachers doesnt know proper english as a result kids are affected with v less knowledge.after paying a heavy fees,v as parents had sacrificed our kid"s a line i would say its one of the worst schools in chennai.


The Ashram school has so many values that in current scheme of things, left unnoticed. When I started to look for schools around my place for my kid, I had visited many of them, gathered information from different people, surfed through the review comments. After getting confused with many thoughts, I tried to find out what exactly my requirement was. Being reasonably placed with my life, I reviewed the schooling that I went through and found that I was blessed to get what I have got in my life and sincerely thank my parents and god, the all-mighty. I would call my education and the professional career that I have got, what most people would dream for, if not settle for. I had studied in a very professional industrial based township in a school which achieved many scholastic achievements in academics and placed in a good government based engineering college and started my professional career in one of the prestigious software company, worked abroad for good number of years and settled with the woman of my dream who had an exactly similar career like me. All I listed down as requirements for my child’s school was 1. I want a school that will teach real values in life: the cultural values, importance of god, respect and fear in life, ability to distinguish good from bad - to be able to make decisions on her own, leading a level headed life. 2. The next comes to the all round skills development, attitude, maintaining good health, physical exercise & sports. 3. Then comes the academics and here again I do not want to force anything for my kid and would like her to chase her dreams and do what best for her. Again all these depend upon how my child shows interest and then encourage developing towards her likes and dislikes. When I say that Ashram school fits exactly into my thoughts and requirements, I am not exaggerating. I am happy to find this unique school and decided to go for. (Based on the assessment that I have done all by myself) Fortunately for me, I have got the admission completed for my kid and thought of sharing my views. Distance was negative factor for me (around 10kms from my home), but I am still going for it considering all other goods that The Ashram school offers! One humble request to parents: Everyone have dreams. Dreams are what a person can go for and achieve. Chase your dreams and let your child chase his/her dreams!! All the best!!! The link could help you get some views about this school:


My Daughter studies ASHRAM,I feel her knowledge in math,science and english has nominal increase. But i felt her interpersonal skill has reduced a lot.I just want other parents comment about my claim.Please post you adavantage of having your kid in ASHRAM.




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