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hi i think ur kid would have been there when mrs. abirami was the centre head at anna nagar n she really managed the team and the place very well n neat...but otherwise i dont think so...it worth putting the kid over there...


My kid was there for an year! A good place. She was 'at home'. For my child, it was a home away from home!


Kanchana Paati in Anna Nagar When my mom wanted to join my sister in Kuwait for a span of two months, we thought it is better for us to put her in Creche rather than leaving her with a baby sitter the whole day. With few key strokes in WWW I came to know about Kanchana Paati. That is the first place where I heard - "You need not put diaper when she is here, if required you can use when she commutes here". These starting words gave surmount good impressions on them. Facilities - It is from 8 AM - 8 PM; Various timeslots available within this 8-8; Snacks and Lunch (cooked in the centre) will be provided; Breakfast if brought will be fed. Kids will be given a bath / face wash - made up in the evening - and be dressed in another set of clothe which we provide. Structure - Completely depends on your kids temperament that day. However their general structure is play till 10.30. Snacks @ 10.30. Lunch @ 12.30. Play and sleep. (in between if the kid feel sleepy they would put her to sleep) Evening DVD watching. Medium of instruction is English. I was told that the recent addition is end of day they give a report in paper on what your child did the whole day. Ambience - It is a individual house converted to creche/play school. In the sideways of entrance you see a sand-play area with merry go around and slides like the one you see in play grounds. The hall is converted to reception with a ball pool and other toys. They have a bed-room where all kids are put to sleep post lunch. One kitchen and two class rooms and a neat loo. A covered verandah near the sand area where the kids spend time when they are not sleeping. Service - Two words - Too Good! My experience ( I used the service only for half day for a period of 2 weeks) 1. The head of the centre was always reachable in phone 2. Whenever I enquire what my daughter is doing - she would explain in this detail - "you know the toy mam - rattler - she is holding it one hand and in the other..." 3. Another example - once I called and I was told she was having snacks. When I enquire what it is - "it is the tiger biscuit.. available in small red packs.. she had half and having remaining portion of it" 4. These updates were keeping my really cool when I was sitting in my office which is literally OUT OF CITY and helped to some extent to come out of my guilt of leaving my baby in Creche! 5. I saw one baby of 9 months old!!! 6. Good loo care. 7. Fees is slightly on the higher end - but if you have to leave your baby in Creche this is the only place where you can do with PEACE!




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