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I am parent of kids going to the school.. Would like to share my personal experience. 1. They don't give importance to sports at all. They don't a team-or individual games played. Only few days before the sports day they have games but not every day interested in building team 2.The teachers keep on changing for every term. 3. many of them don't even speak grammatically correct english 4.The English Composition book which is unique for ICSE bard is not covered at all. It is still new, So is the handwriting book . 5. They don't have creative writing, debate, extempore, nothing to build your child's confidence or english. 6.Scouts and guide is present only for name sake Standar statement from School - If you don't like the school please remove your ward.. .. AFter paying lakhs in fees and donation So please take care before joining


This has been the first year for my daughter in The Grove school. Boy, how she hates it. i have heard and read parents singing priases about this school. but let me say, I don't know a single child in my daughter's class who loves the school. The teachers (i am talking about only those who teach my daughter's class.) are impatient, intolerant and unkind. As a teacher even if she does not excel in teaching, the least she can do is to be loving and caring. None of her teachers show enough patience to clear doubts and help her and other kids. And the principal. the less said the better. Someone should tell her to loosen up and smile often so that the equation between her and the children get better. There are a lot more i want to write about this school. None of them is good, i'm afraid. The only positive point is the limited class strengh. But they don't know how to utilise it to the advantage of the students. A VERY STUDENT- UNFRIENDLY SCHOOL. This is the time when parents begin looking for admissions. I write this for them. Parpu


We are very much satisfied with the way they teach and guide the kids. Our kid is 4 years old and studying in LKG. The teacher"s behavior are very much motivating to the kids and home works are not overloaded. The school encourages more creative activities along with sports. The school compound is apt for kids of age and very much secured and also provides transportation facilities. Rakesh Radhakrishnan


I know the parents of a few kids who go to The Grove School. The review on this school is quite mixed. One of them really likes it because they customized the 2nd and 3rd language for her son, she liked this flexibility. The school did this because they returned from the U.S. and knew that the child would find the 2nd and 3rd language very tough. The other one really hated it and took her daughter out of the school. She did not like the teaching standard there. Initially, when we moved to Chennai I did consider this school for my kids but after a few visits to the school with them. I decided not to send them there. They really did not know how to handle small kids and the teachers kept changing in the class, the reason was never mentioned. So personally I would give this school a thumbs down.




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