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jankar 2011-05-18 08:10:30



Bad experience with Kanchana paati


We are residents of bangalore. We were visiting chennai for the summer holidays and enrolled my kids in kanchana paati, T.nagar  for 1 week. First day in school my kids were taken  from T.nagar center to Ashok nagar center at around 9 am  along with 10 other kids and 2 ayahs in one SHARE AUTO. They were brought back in the same auto after the camp at around 12.30 in the afternoon. This is in the month of may and temperature was around 40 degrees. My son aged 31/2 was sitting on my daughter's(6)  lap on the way back.


The moment they got out of the auto they both were in tears and came running towards me crying. They were soaked in sweat and were ready to go home obviously. My daughter had a severe headache the whole of that day.


The next day, they simply refused to go to the camp. It had been a nightmarish experience for them and they apparently had not done much activity too on the first day.


So, I decided to withdraw them from the camp and so requested them to take a penalty amount and refund the rest. I had paid a total of Rs.3000.


I have been calling them and visiting them for the last 2 weeks to get the refund and after much dillydallying they now say they cannot refund the amount. So, effectively i have paid 3000 rupees for 1 day of terrible camp experience.

Even a regular school nowadays have refundable and nonrefundable components in their fee structure. This is absolute  money racketeering going on and i feel terrible being a victim to this.


I wanted to share this experience with everyone, so that people are more cautious before enrolling their children in such schools.


aryanmom 2013-11-15 18:13:14


I did  had a worst experience with Kanchana pati : anna nagar center
Reply aryanmom 1 minute ago


To more eleborate , I was sending my kid ( below 1 year ) and didnt see any much weight gain there , though they used to tell abt the food he had or so .
Not sure what they follow once you leave your kid there .
The worst experience I had there is My son got Dengue fever infection there .
Another incident is " When my kid was sleeping , another kid came and bite him many places on body (butts, hands ,cheeks .. ) and the way he / she bited , it was bleeding
When they informed me , they said he is ok now , but i felt fainting whjen i saw the actual bites on his body .
On Asking  " where the maid / the supervisor was " , they answered " we wre there only Maa'm . But he didnt cried so we didnt cum to know "
I pray to GOD to terribly punish those two ladies who just ignored the care for my baby and gave me false answers



vishrutivmom 2013-11-15 20:29:48


Really a bad experience aryanmom. How is ur kid doing now? Have u joined ur kid in another nice play school?

rammaghenthar2206 2014-02-15 03:05:37


I have one bad Experience  with Kanchana pati Velachery,

                 They stopped the Van Suddenly which was disappointing me. Velachery Branch Watchman also Continously asking Money in back End. I am afraid about him that he might treat my son in my absence, if didn't pay. Nowadays whenever I am going there I am avoiding him


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