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rejidasan 2011-05-16 01:16:34



I'm a mother of twin boys - DOB 26th October 2008. I dont plan to burden my kids with early schooling... i would like them to start Pre-KG in June 2012 in a good CBSE school. But I have heard that the upper cut off for PreKG admissions in CBSE schools in Chennai in 3.5 by June. My twins would turn 3.5 by april 2012. Does that mean I cant get them into PreKG in any CBSE school in 2012? Will i have to get them admitted directly into LKG for the acaemic year 2012-2013? Please let me know of my options

Thanks in advance,


NJ 2011-05-16 08:27:58



Yes, at 3.5 in June your sons would be eligible for LKG for next year. Is there any reason why you want to let your sons go 1 year late than their typical year?. any developmental delays? IMO I dont think most schools are very particular about the upper limit for age to a particular class, but they would be very strict about the lower limit for age. I have seen some children going 1 year later , but these were all in the schools in towns and villages. I'm not sure whether the more famous schools in the cities would accept, though the smaller schools would. However I suggest you can call them on the phone and discuss the situation before applying. Its best that if you can find some person who can introduce you to a staff in the schools, so you can ask the person directly(face to face preferably). I'm suggesting this as sometimes the persons who answer the phone in the school may speak carelessly and may give you wrong information.


freebird1mani 2011-05-16 15:46:07



My daughter is born on Dec 23rd 2009.She will be turning 2.5 yrs by 2012 June.So i can put her in prekg rite ?

my doubt is that many schools specify that by June 1st the child should be 2.5 yrs means, will they check the days also ... because my baby will turn to 2.5 on June 23rd only... so will there be any problem in the difference in days.. otherwise she needs to wait for 1 yr..



rejidasan 2011-05-16 23:55:06


 Thanks @NJ for your valuable inputs. i guess i have get them admitted into LKG in the academic year 2012-13.


lin 2011-05-18 02:15:31


Hey Rejidasan,

I have4 kids.. with the exception of the first child all of them are going to school a yr later than the normal trend.. my reasons were the same as yours.. Most schools are open to it. esp with the new CBSE rule that children should be 6+ when they start class1.

Its best however that you spk to the schools that you approve for your children and speak to them.

Good luck


lin 2011-05-18 02:17:17


 My youngest (Mar 2008) will start preKG (play school) this yr. OS its abt the same difference as yours...


rejidasan 2011-05-26 23:10:17


 Hello lin,

Thanks. Its glad to know that someone else also thinks in my same lines :) .....

Which school are your kids going to? So that I can get an idea about the schools which are open to this kind of late entry.....

Thanks in anticipation,




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