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BrillAdith 2011-04-20 13:08:18


Hi Parents,

By God's grace, i had admitted my son into PSBB KK nagar last week. I would like to start a discussion inviting all such PSBB KK nagar parents to share the school start-up process. Also, other parents of PSBB KK nagar could share their views on general schooling and how you like the school. Any idea when is the school opening date.

We could make this as a common thread of discussion. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

priya23 2011-04-22 19:54:39



Congrats in getting admission to this school. I am at present in London and thinking of relocating to chennai next year and my daughter is in yr 7 here and can u guide me when the admission tests will be held and when i have to start applying for this school she is an ex student of that school. So i am keen in putting her in the same school.





BrillAdith 2011-04-26 13:40:08


Hi Priya,

I am novice to the school as my kid is joining in prekg this June. Sure, will try to find out abt the admission tests. This is for academic year 2012, right. She is an ex so admission should not be a problem, isnt' it.


priya23 2011-04-26 15:38:25




Nice to hear from you. yes for the yr 2012. I heard that i have to apply in the month of november this year and she will be writing tests in april i dont know why they take a long gap in conducting entrance tests.






BrillAdith 2011-04-26 17:04:29



Welcome always.

Any other parents whose children would be joining their kids into prekg this year, please do join in. Let us discuss school timings and what to look forward to. Thanks in advance.:)


jithuri 2011-04-27 11:19:04


Hi brillAdith

Am happy find someone interested in starting a group for 2011 Pre KG PSBB parents. Include me in it and hopefully others seeing this post will soon join our fold.

My daughter's admission day is on 8th June at 10.30AM. For a week it will  be  for and hour and a half, then slowly increased to 2- 2 1/2 hours.

For some kids who got admission, the school opens on 6th.

But in totally theres nothing to be concerned about, as its only a procedural convenience for the school authorities.



BrillAdith 2011-04-27 13:02:46


Hi Jithuri,

Great news, now i have got a pal!!!. My son's admission is on 6th June. Yes, as you told the initial few days / weeks would be jus getting used to the school env. Where are you put up and what about transport facility. I have spoken to 2 private van fellows yet to finalise on the right one. Did your kid go to any playschool. I have just enroled my kid for a summer camp nearby for about a month, just to get used to school.

Let us keep sharing interesting stuff on school and about tiring yet rewarding motherhood.



jithuri 2011-04-27 20:15:25


BrillAdith, its nice to forge a bond of friendship this way.

Yep my kid has been to a play school,Kanchana Paati for 16months.

Now shes fully prepared to get, set, ready for PSBB ( I think it that way, but dunno how my child will react, to be in a totally new and strange atmosphere

So keeping my fingers crossed and hoping and praying for the best

Am planning to drop my kid during few months and then will take a call on pvt transport arrangements.BTW which section is your kid?


Nagulu 2011-05-01 19:34:32


 Hi BrillAdith,

nice to hear that you have got admission.  my kid will be eligible for next year.  and i think i will be taking your guidance, on the procedural formalities.

could you pls provide the details of summer camp in which you have enrolled your kid, it would help me a lot.  thanks in advance.



BrillAdith 2011-05-09 13:53:07


Hi Nagulu,

I have enrolled him in Apple kids, nearby playschool. My sole aim of sending him is to get him used to the habit of going to school, daily routine.....


BOBAN2011 2011-05-10 21:47:39











jithuri 2011-05-11 07:41:45



Hi there! Glad you will be back in Chennai shortly.But as far as PSBB is concerned its very difficult to get an admission for 4th std,but there is a window open for 6th std admission(I've heard they conduct tests for a very few seats that are available in that slot).

But if you have a strong recommendation then the chances are great.All the best for your kid's admission!!


Djan20 2011-05-19 04:36:47


  Hi brillAdith,


Congrats in getting admission at PSBB kk ngr, we too looking admission for prekg there in academic year 2012-2013, so that do you an idea abt age limit to prekg, and also can anyone let me know abt the NRI admissions over there. is there any entrance test like that?? i dont have any idea abt admission and everything, since we are out of country

we are in US, we are planning to come back to chennai for my son's education, i have a concern abt the age limit, because he born on jan 2010. kindly clarify my questions.

Thanks in advance.


BrillAdith 2011-05-19 11:53:56



For pre-kg, the cut-off age is 2.5 years to 3years by June of the admission year. You are way too early on this, but always better to be ahead when it comes to admissions:). In 2012, you could call the respective branch and confirm the age limit. I do know there are NRI quotas but with very strong recommendation. I think for recommendation you can start trying from this year. ALL THE BEST.

Hi Jithuri,

Which section is your kid going to join for prekg. My son would join Prekg F section and 06th June, probably we can meet up.


jithuri 2011-05-20 07:38:12



My daughter will be in L section and her D day is 8th. But yes we can always meet and catch up.BTW did I meet you during the orientation programme,coz you name is very familiar?


Djan20 2011-05-21 05:30:55


 Hi brilladith,

again i got confused abt the age limit, because the cut of age for pre-kg in PSBB is 2.6 completed on 1st June as per PSBB website ( , but you said For pre-kg, the cut-off age is 2.5 years to 3years by June of the admission year.correct me if am wrong.

thnks in advance.


is anyone got admission for your NRI kid in PSBB, kindly start a thread, it will be very useful for NRI's who are planning to put application for next acadamic year (2012-13)



BrillAdith 2011-05-24 13:34:04


Hi Djan20,

Sorry to have confused you. Frankly speaking, I guess you need to get the info from the horse's mouth, ie: Call PSBB and ask for HR dept. They would answer you correctly. I remember doing this from last year August, just to be sure, you know!

Hi Jithuri,

I did not attend any orientation programme, since I got the admission letter only in April. BTW, what was discussed then and any tips to parents. I heard the snacks is also schduled according to school list. That's good in a way, need'nt worry deciding which dish and also since it is uniform for all kids it would encourage healthy eating and sharing, what say!!


shrean 2011-05-24 22:28:56


Hi friends,

Nice to see a group for kknagar psbb parents. my kids r studying there and it will be nice to keep in touch with u guys. welcome to prekg parents, I can tell u its a wonderful experience to see ur li'll ones walking into the campus with a proud smile!{ ofcourse very few cry nowadays, thanx to playschool}. u will come across parents who r anxious, worried, curious, experienced [if their 1st kid is already there]. whatever be it, dont get carried over by others words. 

have a wonderful experience!


BrillAdith 2011-05-25 12:48:39


Hey Shrean,

Thanks for the mail and welcome to the PSBBKK parenting family ( new found name:)). It would be nice to share our experience in this forum.

Thanks for your encouraging words. Which class are your kids studying in, btw and how do you like the school overall!!



shrean 2011-05-25 13:26:49


hai brill adith,

My kids are in 4th and UKG. If u ask me, I would defn say this school is really good in every aspect compared to other schools. Reg the class, kids will love the activities given to them. reg teachers, I fortunately came across very good ones for my first kid compared to my second one. My second one's prekg had a bit complaining nature and also partial towards kid was very silent and non responsive in the class 'cos my hubby was away officially for an year. she used to get sick often too, naturally she missed him a lot. but she gets home and tells me the happenings in the class.

The teacher was informed abt her dad's absence atfirst itself 'cos my kid was not even 3 when she entered prekg. inspite of it at the end of first term she complained of her non responsive attitude. I sat with her and explained her the whole situation and thank god she understood and became cooperative. she started talking to my kid personally and we saw a huge difference in her attitude. Attention,,, that was what my kid wanted. ofcourse the story ended happily . LKG was fun for her, the teacher identified her singing skills and she is now doing well in her music classes too.

Good thing abt the teachers is they identify the special skills in our kids which helps us to enrich them.Dont miss the monthly meetings which gives us a good feedback abt the kid's improvement and where they lack.

sorry for being so elaborative, bye.


shenu 2011-05-25 13:40:56


hey ALL,

Im mother of 2.9yr old kid and we do stay in Royapettah ! i had applied to P.S senior sec school for Pre Kg,but  my kid was not selected .nearby there are no other schools which has Pre kG !

his D.O.B is july 2009 .

so little tensed abt next yr admission for LKG ! 

howz is PSBB ,Valluvar kottam . look forward ur replies .DO they  hav Prekg or will my kid be eligible for LKG next yr  .pls suggest !

thanks  & Regards


shrean 2011-05-25 14:53:59


Hey Shenu,

sorry abt the rejection from ps senior. Dont worry, u still have other options. u can apply for psbb t.nagar branch this year by november for prekg  if ur kid is born on july 2009{ bit of confusion- u say 2.9 yrs?} or is it 2008? anyways, if it is 2009 u can apply during november.

otherwise, u can try for LKG at psbb but with little hope. you can also try at DAV SCHOOL, gopalapuram for LKG next year and NPS at gopalapuram. one more is Bala vidya mandir, adyar.

All u have to do is get the school no's and talk to them or check their website.In either way if it doesn't work out, pay a visit to the school and enquire {I made a great survey for my kid eight years back}. If u r particular abt CBSE and good schools, spend time to find the right school 'cos most of the schools are admitting kids right from prekg only{ very few seats in LKG and that too with recommendation, goes for psbb also}.

Also ensure that u apply for more than one school or else u may miss a year! 


shenu 2011-05-25 15:28:45


Hey Shrean,

Sorry ,he his july 2008 typo error not 2009 !

thanks for ur mail !!


shrean 2011-05-25 16:16:17


hey, no pbs, grab ur LKG seat by applying at the earliest! wish u luck!



jithuri 2011-05-26 12:37:08



Thanks for welcoming us into the friendship fold of PSBB parents. Great! now we can ask and get our enquires and doubts  regarding the school cleared from you. Hope to meet you soon when the school opens.


A lot of things were discussed during the orientation for parents. One thing I wld like to clear is that snacks shld be given by the parents and will not be provided by the school. And yes theres no uinform for the kids. The rest of it we will all figure it out as and when our kids open and warm up to the new atmosphere.It will be a double learning process for them as well as for us!! Hope to meet you in person on 8th june.


Nagulu 2011-05-29 15:56:18


Hi BrillAdith / Shrean / jithuri

very happy to see your mails and your feedback.  i will be trying for my kid for pre-kg this november.  would you pls help out and let me know what Qs did they ask at the time of admission. do you have any idea on the selection.  i heard from somebody that the mother should not be working.

from your experience, were you able to gauge on how do they actually go about admitting. sorry for so many questions, just to know so that i could plan accordingly.  i thought i could get some doubts clarified from you.  thanks in advance.



jithuri 2011-05-29 17:22:14


 Hi there,Nagulu

From my experience I can tell that the interview for kids(pre KG admission) is only a formality. Its more to screen the kids for any physical deformity,like lame, deaf and dumb or any other syndromes.

Otherwise they just ask the kids whats your name, identify some objects, animals, etc, and sing or tell rhymes. Sometimes they ask the kids to just take a ball and play or simply run here and there. 

The selection of children for the admission is done even before this inteview; wherein factors like whether you are close to the school, is any one parent an alumini or if there is a very strong recommendation are all considered..

There is no such thing as moms of the kids should not work.Also the selection  list is a randomly generated one, on their computer. Even if anyone of the above mentioned criteria dosent fit, kids still get admitted. Luck also plays a part. 

Actually the interview is one of the best ones, putting both the parents( very important, as we are more anxious) and the kid at ease. Its more friendly and free, easy and comfortable. This helps a lot, as the kid as well as parents also get warmed up. Once the kid is not pressurised then its only matter of time before their individual performance and capabilities are exhibited.

 A typical example is my daughter, who  by nature is shy and reserved .. But once she warmed up to the interviewing teacher, she was in full elements, singing rhymes with actions, played cricket, identified objects, animals, shapes, birds etc.

So nothing to worry about. I strongly believe each and every kid is capable much more things and can handle situations very well, in their own way. Only we parents get unnecessarily tensed and stressed and have an impact on the carefree spirits of our child.

So when the time comes for you next year,go ahead with full confidence and belief and trust that your child will pass with flying colours. Dont coach or teach much before the D day. whatever they learn in play school is more than enough. The child on the day of interview should have had a good sleep, the night before and fed a well breakfast. Thats it. The rest, leave it to your child and the omnipotent and omnipresent Almighty.

Cheers and all the best!!


ramkrut 2011-05-31 23:35:53


Hi there,

I am new to this group and its nice to see people share experiences in this thread on PSBB KK Nagar school,

I am in California right now and planning to move to India in 2012.  My daughter is joining kindergarten here this year ,(she will be 5 years old by November) .But when we move to India next year, I am not sure whether she will be admitted to KG or 1st grade in India. I was looking for admission procedures in PSBB KK Nagar.

Can anyone please share your thoughts or experiences on how the admission procedures follows for NRI students for 2012.  and which grade she might get enrolled in if they are in KG .  Appreciate your response.




MomsLife 2011-06-09 15:17:44


Hi BrillAdith, Jithuri, Shrean,

This is a very nice way to have the parents connected. Thanks for starting this thread. My daughter has joined N section of Pre-KG. As we wait outside tomorrow during the school hour, is there a way we can meet each other.


BrillAdith 2011-06-27 16:08:17


Hi Jithuri, Momslife,

Oh I am back to work after my kid's prekg re-opening formalities. Oh what an experience I had. From 6th June, till last week, I waited outside the campus to ensure my kiddo has a positive transition to pre-school. I guess too much attention from my side and my 24/7 presence had made him possessive and now sensitive. For the past 1 week he cries to go to school and says that I was searching for you at school, where did you go!!!!!. Oh I felt so helpless and miserable. The first week saw many choldren crying, but my kiddo was a brave one ( i thought), now he has caught up with his crying.

But life has to go on and I am back to my usual self from today. Suggest any idea how to bring back the interest to school. He does like the shake your bodies!!!, crow stories, ding dong bells, I only wish he goes to school with a smile:(

Yes, we coulnt meet each other guess I was offline for the past 3 weeks and our kids belong to different sections so was difficult, right.

How did your kids like the school, leeme know





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