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ramyas 2011-03-17 22:23:47


Hi Friends,

I have been hunting for schools for the past 4 months to get my daughter into III std.  I tried nearly 10 to 15 schools and finally got her admission in Ashram.  I am yet to pay the fees.  But I get different opinions from different sources about the school.  Some say they focus more on finearts, annual day events and other activities throughout the year and nothing on academics.  Also kids who came here with good skills became worst after joining ashram. They gave me a fee structure which showed an increase of Rs. 2000 every year.  But parents say with nothing in academics there will be an increase of Rs. 5000 every year.  I am so confused about these facts.  Kindly help me out with your clear views as i have only a week's time to pay the fees.

Parents whose kids study in this school currently, kindly respond.

Thanks in advance.


 Former member 2011-03-17 22:46:39


Hi ramya..My neighbour's kids go to this school...one kid goes to 1st std n the other one goes to 5th std...she too feels tht this school is okay just for elementary level where they take good care of kids n maintain a clean n hygenic environment..but they do not stress on academics at all n so if the child does not have an inclination towards academics, then it's a problem...She's actually looking out to change the school for this reason.


ramyas 2011-03-17 23:15:04


Thanks for your response my friend. If u further know any detail about this school from any of your friends let me know.



 Former member 2011-03-17 23:19:53


sure ramya...Glad to help..


mshobi 2011-06-18 03:30:57


hi gals,

i am new to this blog. i m looking for a nice school for my kids, i saw your discussion. i have a total different opinion about the system of this school.

in countries like UK and US education is taught through activities. they strongly believe that engaging children in activities like arts,crafts,nature etc build them as strong personality. Whereas we all been in to those old fashioned education system of concentrating mostly on academic but not focusing much on developing self.

we should need a change in the education system that don't focus only on academics.

by the way, i m still investigating many schools and i definitely will not put my kids in to one those academic orientated schools.

kindly let me know if there are any other schools like ashram.




ShantiNarayan 2011-06-19 14:25:29


hi am shanti..my son is studying in Ashram school in UKG. even i hear multiple opinions abt this school. since my son is only in KG am unable to give a wholistic opinion. i also feel the fee structure is high..but they do provide a safe, lively and hygenic envt which is vital @ this stage. am also looking out for schools in and around nanganallur..unable to decide tho'


nivee11 2011-07-19 00:09:28


hi ramya,

 Me to have an idea to put my child for UKG in Ashram school. whether it is cbse or matriculation??? whether english communication, practical knowledge develops to a child atleast???? waitin for reply


NJ 2011-07-19 04:01:01


Hi ramyas,

Many of the reputed schools in chennai also does not stress on academics, but the children are doing fine there. If you want to stress your kids on academics, then schools like DAV, st johns will do this. As per me I do not want to stress the kids out on academics atleast till 5th std and after that gradually increase the academics. Till then it should be concept based and more practical based approach so that children learn foundation first instead of just mugging theories. At st johns I heard that a 4 year old has a lot of homework to write, while schools like Harishree, Vidya mandir etc has no homework policy atleast upto 7 years. 


ramyas 2011-07-19 15:03:19


Hi Nivee,

It has both matriculation from Pre Kg to 12th and ICSE from Pre Kg to 10th std.  I have put my daughter in ICSE in III std and yet to know about the school. 


ramyas 2011-07-19 15:04:28



Thnks for ur reply.


ramyas 2011-07-19 15:07:54


Hi Shanti,

I am sorry, I didn't get into parentree for the past 1 month. Anyway, thnks for ur reply.


Rooparaghav 2011-10-20 09:55:50


 Hi Ramyas,

I am looking to get my daughter admitted to 4th std in Ashram, Can i pls get to know the standards of the school? How is your daughter performing? What is the fee structure?

I am in gwalior now and am coming to chennai in December only for her admissions, Your inputs would be highly valuable.

Thanks and Regards



ramyas 2011-10-20 15:19:49


Hi Roopa,

Glad to help u.  I got my daughter admitted in Ashram only this year in III std and yet to know about the school.  Now the Ist term is over and am happy with her progress.  I don't want her to get overstressed with academics (only) and want her to have lot of extracurricular activities. so I am happy with the school. They have music, yoga, dance, karate and art & craft as part of their curriculum.  She is in ICSE board and the fees is around 37k this year which includes lunch and snacks. As far as academics, they train well but anyway, be it any school nowadays, parents should also extend our support.

If u come to know further more about ashram, just let me know.



Indrajit 2011-12-02 16:10:21


Hi Ramyas,

I had just registered with Ashram school for my son (Pre-Kg).  Anandhavana seems to be ok. But then i saw the ICSE campus near Halda. Bit shocked since it doesnt offer a playground. What is your opinion, how are they engaging the children in sports? When i enquired, they said they take the children to Matric school play ground then and there and they are also in the process of building their own campus.

Iam hearing different opinios about that school. How does your kid find that school?

Your opinions are really helpful.





vanithasekar 2012-01-09 11:19:26


hi ramya,

even my cousin's kid is seeking LKG admission for their kid..

how is the school progressing now..

how are they on academics and extra - curriculars..


RamkumarS 2012-03-18 13:16:50


The Ashram school has so many values that in current scheme of things, left unnoticed.

When I started to look for schools around my place for my kid, I had visited many of them, gathered information from different people, surfed through the review comments. After getting confused with many thoughts, I tried to find out what exactly my requirement was.

Being reasonably placed with my life, I reviewed the schooling that I went through and found that I was blessed to get what I have got in my life and sincerely thank my parents and god, the all-mighty.

I would call my education and the professional career that I have got, what most people would dream for, if not settle for. I had studied in a very professional industrial based township in a school which achieved many scholastic achievements in academics and placed in a good government based engineering college and started my professional career in one of the prestigious software company, worked abroad for good number of years and settled with the woman of my dream who had an exactly similar career like me.

All I listed down as requirements for my child’s school was

1.       I want a school that will teach real values in life: the cultural values, importance of god, respect and fear in life, ability to distinguish good from bad - to be able to make decisions on her own, leading a level headed life.

2.       The next comes to the all round skills development, attitude, maintaining good health, physical exercise & sports.

3.       Then comes the academics and here again I do not want to force anything for my kid and would like her to chase her dreams and do what best for her.

Again all these depend upon how my child shows interest and then encourage developing towards her likes and dislikes.

When I say that Ashram school fits exactly into my thoughts and requirements, I am not exaggerating. I am happy to find this unique school and decided to go for. (Based on the assessment that I have done all by myself)

Fortunately for me, I have got the admission completed for my kid and thought of sharing my views. Distance was negative factor for me (around 10kms from my home), but I am still going for it considering all other goods that The Ashram school offers!

One humble request to parents: Everyone have dreams. Dreams are what a person can go for and achieve. Chase your dreams and let your child chase his/her dreams!! All the best!!!

The link could help you get some views about this school:



charith 2012-03-19 15:02:54


Hi Ram,

Is the admission still open for LKG. Am looking for my sons admission.


RamkumarS 2012-03-20 13:11:41


Yes, it is. You need to hurry up to get the application form and appear for a face-to-face interview on Saturday. I suggest you call up the office and take directions then, Thanks - all the Best


VenuGopals 2012-04-25 12:53:46


Hi friends,

Firstly I must thank Ramkuar for affirming my belief and my research.

Ramkumar, I concur with your views completely and would like to add my viewpoint that as we adults - parent, teacher & institutation - should not thrust our views/dreams on the kids, on what they should do and not do.

I would also like to add, in my opinion, parenting is an opportunity  provided by children, constantly to us everyday (everytime), in managing them, nurturuing, guiding, when-to-let-go and when not-to and helping them emulate to be what they would want to be.

In doing so, the word onus, if we split it, also means "on us", to find a right place, the school, since it is where the majority of the time the children spend in a day. Hence, is the importance. It should be a place of education of values, ethos, and growth by improvement over yesterday/last month/year.

I too have been doing scouting around in chennai and zeroed-down on the Ashram Guindy and admitting him there in 10th class. ICSE I could not, coz my son would have to repeat 9th class + as of now, Ashram does not have +2 in ICSE yet.

Though like Ramkumars, the distance about 10kms, and the fact I am moving from Hyderabad to Chennai at this crucial juncture for him, I feel Ashram outweighs my fears. Thanks Ramkumar

I have talked to a few teachers, the students, and their parents. I had visited them more than 3-4 times. Even before visiting, they have been patient, they had said that they do conduct an interview/test not as a filter,  as a way to guage how the ward is.

I have seen a 3-4 kids who have nt fared well in their test and then they delved into why the kid did/could not fare well and zeroed on the causes and effects, and then guiding the parent(s).

In essence, I feel the school is not after laurels and hence is not looking for only bright students. I feel Ashram is an equal-opportunity-providing school.




devikarthik 2013-01-24 13:10:29


Dear Friends,

I am getting transferred from cbe to chennai. I am searching for schools around pallavaram, trishulam, guindy to put my son in the III std. Hence kindly help me out to put my son in a good school which includes academics and activities.

Thanks for giving infn about Ashram.

Even I would like to put my son there.

Friends, If you have any suggestions kindly reply and recomend  good schools in the said area.

Thank u.




SandhyaKarthick 2013-01-25 17:29:28


Hi all,

Went through all the previous reviews given here. I have got my son admitted into pre-kg and he will start going to The Ashram from coming June.

From my interactions with the school so far, I feel office staff and teachers are courteous, they are warm towards kids, the Anandavana campus is kids-friendly, they maintain a hygienic environment which is very important, and dont want to push the kids into academics.

I have heard schools pressurizing small kids for learning and writing alphabets, numbers etc. Kids of 2.5 and 3 years, just started to talk and walk and understand things.. Should not be pushed into such academic pressure, that might result in they disliking the whole system.

After reading some of the reviews, I am even more happy and satisfied that my decision to go for Ashram is very correct for my son.



sonsmom 2013-01-26 12:21:20


I shifted to chennai few months back and got him admitted to this school and i have made the biggest mistake of my life. Every 2 mnths teachers quit here. No discipline in school. There are periods when teachers dont end up turning in the class and kids sit unmanned. Small kids get hit by violent kids and teachers will outrightly lie to u. Very pro-tamilian school. Too much bias against outsiders. Teachers hate non tamilians. Kids are forced to greet "Vanakkam" in school. It they dont understant tamil, teachers tease them with other students. Half of the teachers cant speak english.

I think its worse than a Govt School. Think ten times before admitting them here. Kids will only learn goondaism here coz of the class of students getting admitted here. Quality of teachers awful. Anybody who doesnt get a job anywhere gets at this school.


yes 2013-04-01 21:59:41


Please people just check my blog....



yes 2013-04-01 22:00:48


i totally agree with u sonsmom the other word for ashram would be pathetic.




roopanmom 2013-05-14 16:15:07


Hi All,

I have joined my kid in Ashram for lkg in icsi standard. He will be starting his school from jun'13.

@sonsmom : I read ur concerns. Feel hard to hear this at the begining. Have you talked about this to the staffs


ice786 2013-07-22 14:43:53


Hi Ram,

Thanks for your inputs about the school i was also looking for

Kindly let me know what is the approximate acedemic fee structure for KG Class and Primary class


Thanks for your reply in advance







sonsmom 2013-07-22 18:44:37


 Hi roopanmom, I have spoken to staff and principal bit to no avail. They remain consistently pathetic across the year


DeepaSubramanian 2013-10-10 10:31:49


My son gone for an admission in UKG. we are shifted from abroad. School staff is forcing him to write fast and teasing him in front of other teachers.

bheelu 2013-10-15 12:50:25


no school is perfect.. each and every school has its own flaws.  the Ashram too has its own flaws but it is not as loud as u all have mentioned. my son is in 1 std. it is up to the parents to choose a school.. if u want ur kid to be a part of the rat race u colud choose some other and not ashram.  


DeepaSubramanian 2013-10-15 14:33:26


Hi Bheelu, My only concern is they shouldn'ttease any child as their heart is like a flower. It impacts more.

sonsmom 2013-10-15 15:48:55


i agree with you. It's the most useless school to have ur kid in. It's like any govt school. Lower class culture this school has. Rude teachers as they don't get paid regularly. Uncooperative principal. Equally bad maids. Unhygienic school conditions. Have you seen how unkempt children come to school? Please look out for another option for your kid. All rejects from other schools come here. 
You have loads of school who are not competitive in nature and will nurture your child. Don't go for peoples opinions. See wat you child likes.


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