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momo2 2011-03-08 22:39:31


 Chennai Public School - am very dissapointed with the quality of teaching, administration apathy and lack of transparency. My son studies in mont. 2 (LKG). The website is quite misleading. teachers lack training and are dont seem to be qualified enough for a montessori setup. it is so bad most parents are afraid to complain to the admin as they fear backlash from teacher. is anyone else facing similiar problems. what abt other schools in mogappair/anna nagar area?

priyamk 2011-07-25 19:34:21


My friend tried admission for his daughter in Chennai public school, Anna Nagar, the experience for her so bad.  I was going with her for couple of times. My assessment are below :

Positive : Good Infrastructure (Class rooms) & Nice building

Negative : No play ground; Seems they are more intersted in NRI and also heard a concept of Advance booking.  The treatment my friend got is so worse, if I am her - I will not even look the side of that school.

The Principal is so arrogant, she do not want to meet the parents for the courtesy sake, one receiptionist is very worried when we said we came for admission as though she runs the school - these people are going to teach our kidz kindness and respects (good joke)

They were continuously pressing my friend to take admission in another school which is out of the city.

The fees is exhorbitant (but people are ready to pay - as they want their kids to be more competitive)

Admissions are not given based on the kidz performance, but I would love to hear the principal say "the basis"

I can summarise this school as "GOOD LOOKING IMMATURE, DISRESPECTFUL  coupled with ARROGANCE"

However I also have to admit there are some parents who like this school.




StarKez 2011-09-06 12:37:11


As you said, Chennai Pubic School staff doesnt respect the parents. Chennai public School doesnt even conduct any Annual day or Sports day. They are very partial to children. Not all child has given an oppurtunity to participate in programmes. Not all child is allowed to perform her talent.  :(



POOJATALKS 2011-10-01 18:54:18


Exactly. You are right.  my kid is also in cps and  i also agree with you.Infact these days they are asking money for after school classes AND whatever activities are mentioned in the site is only for the name sake.If you are enrolling after paying extra for after school classes then only ur kid can learn otherwise nothing.

During school hours nothing doing . whole day they are showing some videos to the kids.No games etc...and in the timetable, dance , music and many extra activities are mentioned but during those periods, any teacher comes and ask any kid to show any dance or bla bla bla.. somethinthing rubbish just for the time pass. All classes are there for superkids.. like keyboard learning, tabletennis, dance, claymodeling, etc....and only after the school hours and they are paying extra  money for that .

This is not good . Actually they schould not ask money for extra curricular activities and should teach extra activities to the students during school hours. like ...daily a period of any one activity.


babyboo 2012-02-17 15:01:13


this school is a total waste of ur kid is here for the past 3 years  we got tc and r very unhappy abt their perfomance...the r not organised report cards issued for this year...only 2 parents teacher meeting held ill now....

for the first time in their history they conducted annual and sports day this kid was not given a chance to participate in both...more partiality...the school was closed for 15 days for these events for non participants....

principal wont listen to feedbacks...teachers talk  worst english....politician run,worst mannered school...please dont  put your children in this school..



Vidhss 2012-12-21 19:46:53


I totally agree.  I am a recent victim of this school.. I am trying admissions there and being treated like a "shit".  The staffs who are coordinating the admission process doesn't even have the basic deceny, manners.  They are so confused and not willing to clarify any of the parents concerns. Very Rude and Very unethical.

School infrastructure seems to be good but playground is so small... just enuf to park 3 cars.  

I have dropped the plans of putting my kids there.  I had a horrifying experience.

Parents -- Please wake up, stop approaching these kinds of schools for the sake of pride and prestige.  You are not only wasting your money but also wasting your kids future.






rangee 2012-12-24 11:44:25


thank you all for giving your valuable comments


sasireka 2012-12-24 13:24:06


 thanks for making me escape from this school, since i am eagerly trying for it.. and nw

i stopped it...


rangee 2012-12-24 21:20:15


sasi can you let me know coaching of velammal school matric mogappair my son got admission there.. anyone kindly let me know about the coaching and english conversation status of teachers



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