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parsn1 2011-02-01 08:33:01


The Indian public school is started in Saidapet, Chennai and is having the IB and IGSCE curriculum. They were well established in Erode and Coimbatore.


Any reviews or comments on the above school ?




sowdhamini 2011-02-01 15:57:33



Admission procedures have been started for the coming year. Hope they would do their best here too.


ananikh 2011-02-02 13:53:38


Iam planning to check the school this week end.... Will let you know about it...


geethuma 2011-02-02 15:00:04


how abt the school? cbse or igcse?


1209 2011-02-03 03:10:16


 Hi ananikh,

Me too expecting the infrastructure of the school and if any reviews heard about this school other branches please share. thanks for your help 


Kempuraja 2011-02-10 09:40:00


HI ananikh,

Can you let us know where is the school. I also like to take a look on the school and infrastructure. Appreciate if you can pen down the school address and landmark.



sowdhamini 2011-02-11 21:47:17



Its in Srinagar colony,Behind Saidapet court. They r planning to start upto 5th std this year. U can check their website  for more info.


sparent 2011-02-18 20:08:30


 Hi all,


I am also thinking of applying in this school. My father visited the school today and he really liked the infrastructure(which is actually not completed yet) and the curriculum of the school. I would apppreciate any inputs and if any of you are applying please let me know. I am little apprehensive since the standard is not CBSE Or ICSE and is international and also this is their first year here in Chennai.


sowdhamini 2011-02-19 14:44:00



I have admitted my son in this school.


itmbalaji 2011-02-24 19:22:28


 Hi All

New to this forum. Glad to meet other anxious parents!!!

I just came back from The Indian Public School in Saidapet. This is for my daughter who is 2 years and 3 months now. She will be eligible for the 2011-2012 academic year. 

I liked what I saw in terms of their infrastructure. There is ofcourse no playground or anything of that sort at the Saidapet campus. But they say that their other outdoor focussed facility will come up shortly near Chennai ~ 50 km radius. 

Fee structure is the same as reported on other posts. I am more or less finalised on admitting my daughter here, provided they are offering a seat. 

There is an open house that is scheduled this Sunday (27th Feb). Two sessions - one is between 10 am and 11 am and the second one between 2 pm and 3 pm. I am planning to participate in the morning session. Anyone else coming? Can sync up on what more to ascertain etc...



SaranS 2011-02-25 16:38:41



We need to call up the school for attending the open session?or how come it is?

Also where is the school located exactly?I know saidapet court,from there where we need to go?

Pls reply me back.


If you are seeing this message after attending the session.Pls answer the following queries.

I) is there any distance limit for our home?like within 5 km or 10 km.

2) they will pick up our child @ our home or any public pickup/drop points?

3) whats the overall cost for the prekg?(expenditure per year)

4) they like to have donations?

5) whats the admission process for prekg?

6) interviews will be there for prekg?

7) If no interviews,they will conduct interviews or written test for the 1st std ?like when the child is moving to 1st std from ukg from that school itself?I read in the website that the interviews or written test will be there for the 1st std .

8) the another location in chennai they are moving this location or another branch will be started with playground?


Thanks in Advance.



itmbalaji 2011-02-25 20:12:05


Hello Mr. Saran!

Glad to see this discussion gathering steam.

In my opinion you dont have to register or anything to attend the open house. I suppose you can call and check with the school directly. But I dont remember me personally registering for it explicitly. 

Location wise this is directly behind the court in Saidapet. If you are coming from Saidapet take the left immediately adjacent to the court. From there its the first left and the first right. II remember seeing direction boards in case you should loose your way. Once you take the right, its towards the fag end of the road on the right hand side. 

1) I am not sure on this. I live near Kathipara and the school said they will be able to pick my kid up. Therefore didnt bother to check on the distance limit for pickup.

2) Good point. I will check and let you know from the open house. By the way, are you planning to attennd the seession?

3) You will HAVE to cough up about, 1.17L overall for the pre-kg. Thats broken down to 24k for registration/admission + 10k towards refundable caution deposit + 20k per term as fee for 3 terms, thats 60k total term fee. Apart from the 94k so far, there is materials and uniform for 6k and 5k respectively. Additionally, 4k per term towards transport. There is an optional breakfast for which you pay an extra. But thats optional for pre-KG. From KG1 thats to become compulsory. 

4) There was no talk of any donations. In fact all of the fee sounded like they will be supported by bills. Have to check over the weekend.

5) The process for pre-KG is by far the simplest. You pay Rs.500 for a prospectus and application. After filling the form you should expect a letter of admission in a weeks time. As far as I understood, its on a first come fiirst serve basis. For admission into Grade 1 and above they have an entrance test. I am not sure how it happens for KG1 and KG2. Written tests are for new admissions into Grade 1 onwards. 

6) & 7) as replied above

8) There are 2 more locations that are coming up. One within the city limits where they are planning to have Grade 6 and above. This is likely to come up around Tidel park is what they are saying. But yet to firm up. The second one is going to be an outdoor activity facility thats going to be around 50 kms from city centre. This is most likely to come up around the Chenglepet side. Again, none of the 2 above exiist today, and can change. So until it actually finalises, nothing can be said. 

Hope this helps! If you are coming this Sunday, do let me know. 


Balaji R


sparent 2011-02-26 00:02:29


 Thanks for the details Balaji. I am applying for my son for Grade 3. They asked 5000 rs for application. I am concerned about the fact that there is no playground. How is infrastructure. I am here in US so I am unable to look at the school. My dad got the details for me. Also, my dad said that we cannot pick/ drop kids. Is that true? What if we want to do it for couple of days for the kids to get used to the bus? Please let me know. I feel playground is very important. 


itmbalaji 2011-02-26 08:28:13


 Hello sparent,

As I said before, since my daughter is eligible for pre KG, most of my questions or doubts were around that only.

However, I am rather certain about transport being compulsory for all grades from KG1 above. There was some ambiguity in transport for preKG folks as they are pretty anxious usually and may want parent aircover for sometime. So in all likelyhood they may say that we need to pay the transport fee for preKG but have the choice for a few months initially. What they also said was that, specifically for preKG folks, the parent will be allowed to travel in the school bus for a period of 2 weeks just so the kid is used to the surroundings. 

For Grade 3 though, I am thinking the school may have transport compulsory and not too sure about accompanying parent. Will seek clarification this weekend.

The school curriculum is made in such a way that there is a day or two of outdoor learning that happens in a different location. This is the one thats 50kms outside of Chennai. For Grade 3 I suppose its one day and one night of the week when the kid will be based out of that location and complete part of the week there. I am not too concerned about the kid leaving home for a night as I am of the opinion that its a great learning opportunity. You may, ofcourse, view it differently. This takes care of the playground aspect as this one day/night is wholly focussed on physical activities. For the time that they remain in Saidapet, yes there is almost nil space to spare for a playground. The duration of this outdoor duration needs to be confirmed as it doesnt start until Grade 1 and I didnt need to check until about 2 years later.

Why dont you list down some of your other concerns as well and I can see if the school has responses over the weekend. 



SaranS 2011-02-26 15:43:57


 Hello Bala,


Thanks for your prompt response.I am very much appreciate it.

If you have chance to visit to the open session , just ask these queries(if possible)


1)  Till which grade this saidapet facility can accomdate.(Prekg to 5 th or 10th or 12th)?

2) They will provide transport to Nanganallur?

3) If not till what range or radius they are ok with

4) I heard in Sunshine school Velahcery the students need to clear the interview for the 1 st grade even the child studied @ Sunshine itself.It seems to be assessing the Teachers of the Sunshine not the students.coming to the point ,TIPS will be conducting interviews of their own ukg child when it goes for  1 st grade. 

Btw,can i have ur email id.


Thanks in Advance.




SaranS 2011-02-26 16:26:24


 Also could you please do a write up after attending that Open session with TIPS?


sparent 2011-02-28 04:17:04



Thank u very much for the details. Greatly appreciate them. My dad could not attend the open session but he is paying the appln fee and getting my son registered tomorrow. I did not know anything about one day/ one night physical acitivities away from city. 

1. How is the infrastructure otherwise? Is the construction work completed?

2. How is the IGSCE syllabus in comparison to ICSE or CBSE?

3. If there is no playground, then is there no outdoor / physical acitivity everyday then except the one day/ one night?

4. What about the assessments/ tests?


Thank u so much.


itmbalaji 2011-02-28 12:10:54


Hi All

So here is my take on the whole things. Bottom line is that I am gung ho about enrolling my daughter here. Mr.Ashok, who is the Chairman, is a farily young and dynamic guy who has oodles of patience going by the manner in which he answered all the questions of the parents who were present. The session was planned between 10 am and 11 am. This went on till about 1.30pm after which we all ran out of questions to ask, Ashok still looked like he had the patience to go on. Below are some of the facts that we gathered. Please pardon the long post. I will keep it coming in parts the whole of today as and when I find time.

Transportation: The transportation is compulsory. Period. I dont think that this is unreasonable, considering the reasons stated, such as timeliness in arriving to school and ofcourse - security. They say that managing the handing over of each kid to a designated individual driver is a nightmare and has too much probability of a security lapse there. To that end, currently there is a proposal to equip the buses of the Chennai chapter with GPS devices to enable parents to track the movement of the buses. This is currently under an experimental basis in Coimbatore and may be extended to Chennai provided the results with the current pilot are successful. Alternatively, they are proposing to have a dedicated transport helpdesk number, which we can reach in case of any undue delays. As far as the pick up points are concerned, they are door step. Not a common point, but literally door step. This again a plus in my opinion. There is no defined pick up radius at this time. Although they will try and pick up every one of them, in case there is an exception that is completely outside of "reasonable" distance. Currently in Coimbatore there are no distance limits, but the same cannot be said of Chennai. Once all the admissions are over we will know for certain. As asked by SaranS, my perception is that Nanganallur should easily be within radius, but am not in a position to confirm as even the school is undecided. All the buses are going to be 15 or 20 seater at MAX and will be fully airconditioned with individual seat belts. Apart from the driver, there is one helper for every bus who will assist in entry, exit and seating.

Food: The school advices that all students take this option up for a couple of reasons. Usually children wake up a few minutes before the bus arrives and breakfast is usually in a hurry, worse still in some cases its never had. In order to avoid this, they encourage parents to use the breakfast option (whichever grade it remains an option). Ofcourse, I couldnt agree more when Ashok says that there is nothing like hot lunch for a kid. Packed lunch has all the goodness from home, but in an enviroment where the kid eats and shares the table with many other kids, there is an important learning - eating what is made available rather than being adamant on eating food of choice aka junk and non-nutritious. Ashok 2 - Parents 0. At this time some of the parents got into some nittygritty like spice levels etc, which were taken care of. All food is vegetarian and the menu is repeated every 3 weeks. A copy of the menu is available on request. I wasnt too concerned so didnt bother to pick up a copy.

Infrastructure: Much has been said about this. Some highlights - Chennai Saidapet campus is roughly a 17000 sft site. Will house about 16 classrooms from PreKG upto class 5. Also in this location will be a dining area, play area of KG kids, a kitchen, library, and a dance room. The other facility thats coming up outside of Chennai is expected to be fully functional in the 2012-2013 academic year. This facility will offer a fully residential, weekday and a day scholar program for those who stay nearby. This facility will have the works in terms of infra. All bells and whistles included from bunk beds to swimming pools to play grounds to different sports (soccer, badminton, cricket etc). Will not say more about this new facility as its purely speculative at this time. The second city campus is alsmot certain to be based out of Tidel park. Unless something doesnt work out from here on, this is most likely the place. Thumb rule being, the second campus will never be beyond 2 or 3 kms from the current one at Saidapet. Tidel parks fits the bill well. Parents have been invited to have a look at the Coimbatore campus to understand things better.

Teachers: This is not your convetional school, therefore conventional teachers will fit like sqaure pegs in round holes. The school hires non-traditional teachers to go with their redefined approach to learning. They are not specifically on the lookout for a B.Ed or an M.Ed with some years of work experience. But rather look at decently educated individuals with a falir to teach and engage with children. Such selected teachers-to-be are put through a rigour in terms of a mentorship program for 6 months before they are allowed to handle things on their own. They also undergo various other training programs from IB both in India and outside to continuously stay updated. Till class 5 its one teacher per class, after which since subjects/topics demand specialisations, there will be a teacher for each stream of learning.

Languages: Currently the school offers Hindi and Tamil as compulsory courses up until class 5. Post class 5 Tamil is dropped from the curriculum and only one language is pursued. This is a choice between Hindi and French. The dropping of Tamil didnt go down well with the parent population and it touched a raw nerve with some. The reason behind dropping Tamil after Class 5 was that in a largely Tamil speaking state/city, once a platform is given, the learning can continue even outside of the school. The same however, cannot be said of say, Hindi, where continuous reinforcement is required in order to stay conversant. Parents differed here and said Tamil learning is very important to them, Ashok stayed his ground here. As a addition, there may be plans to have 2 more options from Grade 6 by way of offereing Mandarin and German. If this happens, the kids will be able to communicate to about 90% of the world population, if they know English and Mandarin. I will include Tamil to that list, just to remain politically within my boundaries ;)

I will keep more coming on other topics as well. I can actually more easily, talk to individual parents that share my anxiety. I am not sure if this forum is moderated, so wont give out my number here. Please email me and I will give you a number to call me (at an reasonable hour ofcourse :)). My mail ID is the same as the ID that appears as my username - at the rate of yahoo dot co dot uk.

Hopefully will find time to talk more about other discussion points.


Balaji R


itmbalaji 2011-02-28 16:16:13


Student-Teacher Ratio: Mr.Ashok admitted that there is not specific way to measure the student to teacher ratio. His school in Coimbatore has a reported 700 students and a teacher headcount of 140. But this doesnt mean that there is a ratio of 1 teacher to every 5 students. The way to look at things is to see how many students is a teacher handling in a class room environment. Though the most effective number (magic number as stated by Ashok) stands at 1:15, the school currently maintains a very respectable 1:20. This number by my reckoning is by far one of the best around in Chennai. Agreed this isnt a traditional school or with what many call non-traditional fee structure, I still think its a commendable number.

Fee Structure: One of the parents brought about the point around the current fee vs. future increments. Here is where I think many parents were swept clean. The school commits to a fixed and regular pattern of increments. Every 2 years there is going to be an increment of 10% on the todays fee being paid for a student. Although the fee for a student joining directly into a class, say for example KG2, may be higher at that time, than if a student who joined the school earlier as he/she will be subjected to only the 10% increment levels. Let me take an example to make it clear. Assume one has 2 children. Child A joins preKG today at 20k per term. By the time Child A goes to KG2 there is an increment of 10% or 22k per term. By this time Child B is ready to join the same school in PreKG. Child B is most likely to have a very different strucutre that prevails as at that joining date. This is alsmot certain to be higher. In the same example, lets say a neighbour  sees Child A and puts his son/daughter in this school in KG2, the neighbour will also most certainly pay more than 22k per terms. I am not too sure I can do a better job of explaining that. Perhaps more pointed questions from some of you may help in clarifying.

Past Experience: There is a lot of ambiguity here. The set records straight, the school is 6 years old in Erode and 4 years old in Coimbatore. This is year number 1 in Chennai. Anything else you hear in inaccurate as this is from the horses mouth.

IB/IGCSE/Cambridge et al: IB states that all individual campuses must be certified individually. There are 3 stages in getting IB certified for PYP (Primary years program). Firstly, become a candidate school by being allowed to offer courses in IB methods. Secondly, have a pre-authorisation visit. Usually happens in around year 3 or 4 of operations. And that is usually followed by authorization. All of the branches are in the Candidate School phase. None of the locations have been certified by IB yet. Most likely the first of which is likely to happen this year. The good thing about IB is that they want schools to adopt this methodology and therefore there is no disapproval or disaccreditation. If in one year a school doesnt make the cut, they help the school out to attain the level the following year. Note that IB is more a methodology that a board or a curriculum. If a school were to follow IB strictly all through the years of a childs education, the school cannot have any exams of any kind. Therefore in order to make the system relevant to our country, TIPS has used a best of both worlds approach. After PYP they start prepping the child to be able to take on the IGCSE exams. This looks like a switch in curriculum but in effect its not. I look at it more in terms of relevancy than anything else.

IGCSE is a certification exam that is conducted by Cambridge university, UK. They conduct 3 levels of exams. One each at Grade 8, 10 and 12. 8 is a checkpoint to sort out any issues that there might be before taking on the O level at Grade 10. At this stage all successful candidates will be awarded the IGCSE. This is equivalent to our 10 standard CBSE. In fact it is as widely accepted as well. All students have the option of switching between the 3 streams after completion of the O level. The 3 streams being TN State Board, Cambridge A Level, and IB Diploma. The point to note that a pure IB school can only offer this IB Diploma and cannot host any other exams. Whereas, a hybrid sort of a school such as TIPS can.


itmbalaji 2011-02-28 16:58:26


Let me try answering some of the specific questions.

1. How is the infrastructure otherwise? Is the construction work completed? - The construction is nearing complete. Its not there yet. But I am sure in a couple of months time they will be adding only the finishing touches. The infrastructure is unlike other schools. I have seen many local schools and they are a no contest. This is not a large campus - mind you Srinagar colony is a residentail locality in Saidapet. So dont expect an expansive place. This hardly even looks like a school if you ignore a couple of slides and the name board.

2. How is the IGSCE syllabus in comparison to ICSE or CBSE? My nephew went through IGCSE although not in India. I know its expansive. In any case this was a question that was raised on Sunday. The answer that we got was that it was an equivalent to CBSE. As a matter of fact, its accepted as Class 10 CBSE for all practical purposes. Syllabus wise I dont think there is too much to worry. Any average student should not see too much worry.

3. If there is no playground, then is there no outdoor / physical acitivity everyday then except the one day/ one night? The physical activity would be restricted to indoors. Like the classical and western dance sessions. These happen almost on a daily basis. The curriculum is so designed that 40% of the time is non-academics (25% sport and 15% fine arts) If you are thinking soccer or cricket at Saidapet, there is no space.

4. What about the assessments/ tests? Will respond in a seperate post.


priya2613 2011-03-02 17:45:08


thanks. It is indeed very informative. Want to know 2 things from you. Can you give me a break up of fees for admission to class 1. And do they conduct entrance test , if yes, of what kind?


itmbalaji 2011-03-05 08:38:17


 Am not sure on what is the type of entrance tests. But sure enough there are tests that a child needs to give. 

My kid is up for pre-KG so I was not collecting info on Class 1, so I am not sure about the fee structure. Generally, you must pay the 35k in any case (thats registration and Caution Deposit). Over and above there are other heads of fee such as Material, Uniform, Transport, food and Term fee as well. 

Dont know the breakup.


sowdhamini 2011-03-05 14:40:45


The break up fee for Grade 1-5 : 25k + 10k towards one time reg. fee and caution deposit , fee per term is 23k ( there are three terms per year),8k for materials and 6k for uniform. Breakfast is mandatory  and its abt 1200*3 whereas the lunch is optional. There is an additional fee for transport.



MeenaVk 2011-04-08 20:50:05


 I have admitted my kid in this school.. I liked the school.. Infrastructure is  yet to finish ..

Main drawback  there is no playground... Stil they have small palyarea... Fees is too high.. Good syllabus


SaranS 2011-04-12 11:33:34


Meena Vijay,


Which std ?

how much fees you paid?

which place un chennai u belongs too?

they said any distance limit for the van?


thanks in advance


MeenaVk 2011-05-03 12:59:32


 Hello Saran,

I admitted my kid in LKG.

First they asked to pay 35k (25k +10K) as registration fees., in that 10k is refundable,then  20k for each term (3 terms) , then materials and uniform 11k, then transport 4k per term, then breakfast and lunch 5k for term.. The fees may slightly differ in each grade...

We are from T .Nagar.., They didnt ask any distance limit b'cos transport facility is there.

They checking only  date of birth(age) .. If your kid is eligible they are proceeding.. thats it...

All the best





ShaluBhagat 2011-05-09 13:25:15


 Pathways  Schools in Noida, Gurgaon & Aravali are one of the Top Ranking  International Schools in India. Pathways a group an international school for approximately 2000 students from Pre Nursery to Grade 12, offers the flexibility of day, weekly and termly boarding options. Pathways graduates are prepared for entry to degree courses in first-class universities in India, the USA, and the UK and all over the world.

Go to for more info on the school.

For admission procedure visit


MeenaVk 2011-06-24 15:36:25


 Hai... Did anyone join their kid in TIPS in Saidapet in LKG grade...?


SaranS 2011-06-26 18:12:18



I hope Mr.Balaji  admitted his child.Just we are all just waiting for the valuable feedbacks from both of you and the 2nd location .Please share


kamatchi 2011-06-29 13:15:06


Hi MeenaVK,

I have admitted my son in LKG.






MeenaVk 2011-07-01 12:06:41


 Hi  kamatchi.,

Where r  you from? Pls give me your contact number.. Let we will be friends... Want to share morethings...






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