Asan Memorial Sen Sec School - Yr 2011 -12

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Lilu 2011-01-25 20:06:01


Hi All,

I got admission for my daughter today in Asan. But need to know some clarification...

- They have kept the Original Birth Certificate with them. When asked they said it will be kept for verification and will be returned back after class starts.

- How is the school in academic and other activities/

- Do they have transport facility in LKG? I heard they provide transport only from Std 1



meenabmn 2011-01-26 12:40:19


Hi Anil,

My Kid got selected on 5th Jan 2011. Since we are waiting for the results from other school, we didn't pay the fee.

They have informed that ther will be no transport facility for LKG.

Heard that academic and other acitivites are good till 5th Standard.


Lilu 2011-01-26 18:53:02


Hi Meenabmn,

Thanks for your response. Which school you are still waiting, as i dont have any school in my hand as of now. Except Sherwood, where the interview intimation is yet to come. Also in Asan they asked me to get admission within two days. So, i was bit scarred and got the admission.

All the best for your kid....kepp me posted if you hear anything further.

Thanks Anil


meenabmn 2011-01-27 10:13:49


Thanks for your wishes Anil. Wishing you the best of luck to your kid.

Yet to receive result  from Church park. 

Waiting for interview intimation  from Good Shepered.







sivathi 2011-02-01 12:07:05


 Hi Lilu,


Hv u applied for Sherwood? 

We got the admission from Asan, but we didn't pay the fees, waiting for interview call from Sherwood hall. please update if u got call from Sherwood.


dhanaarul 2011-02-01 16:13:13



       I am new to parent tree. I have been looking the LKG Admission discussions for a long time as I am looking for my sons LKG admission this year. My son has also got admission in Asan. As we are looking for Sherwool Hall or Don Bosco, we have not paid the fees. Please let me know whether Asan accepts admission during Feb End.






sivathi 2011-02-01 17:42:31


Hi Dhana,

I am also in the same position...

i heared that we can get admission from Asan at anytime. We can wait..


Lilu 2011-02-02 00:37:15



I have some update for Sherwood. They have not called yet but started taking admission by recomendations. Also one of my friend who has applied for her daughter went and enquired personally about the call. They asked her to take the admission directly if she can pay Rs 85,000 as donation (Last year it was Rs 75,000). Also they said that they will give a call some where this week for the interview.

So, along with donation and term fees come to 1,10,000 (85,000 + 25,000). I feel this is too high for me to put my daughter in LKG.

But, please check the same from other sources as well, as it is a very good school on CBSE.





sivathi 2011-02-02 06:38:02


 Yes Anil,

Yesterday i had visit to Sherwood, there someone was waiting to meet Principal for LKG Admission with some recommondation...


ssdhev 2011-11-11 11:53:30


hi.. can somebody tell me the age criteria for Asan

and also how is the coaching over there

my son is July 2009 born.. will he get admission for 2012.



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