Good PreSchool around thiruvanmiyur and adyar

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dharshanmom 2011-01-23 16:17:51


 Dear Parents,

I am new to this group.


Please suggest me good preschools near tvm and adyar.

Please let me know your reviews and experiences.

I am planning to put my child in play school for this term February-May?

How about apple kids in adyar and euro kids in kottivakkam?


morningstar 2011-01-24 00:24:49


 HI ,


How old is your child ? I have a 21/2 year old daughter . I have been doing some research in the same area ..

1.Euro kids in kottivakkam seems ok - but the fees is going to be close to 16k for the remaining 21/2 months ( Feb - mid apr) . They do include the material fee and enrollment fee for the entire year .

2. I dont know much about Apple kids in adyar.

3. I checked with seed in thiruvanmyur , and it seems good. I spoke to a parent there, and they said it was good. Fees works out to 7.5 for the term and about 2k for enrollment.

4. I checked grandma grandpa . The place was really good. But fees is steep. The monthly fees is 5k + 4k enrollment fee + 3k for something else. Will turn out to be an expensive proposition for just 3/4 months . The advantage with this place is that program is for 4 hours , and unlike others they also provide snack and lunch.

I might be sending my daughter to seed in TVM most probably. Hope that helps.



suma1980 2012-07-30 16:41:52


 Morning Star, Did you enrol your child in see TVM? How is the school? I have been told its good but online i read some reviews that said the school doesn't know how to handle kids. It would help me immensely if you can share your views. My kid is 2yrs old and I'm planning to put him in seed playschool;


preithig 2012-10-03 12:28:14


 Suma1980, to which school did you put your kid? 

Can anyone please let me know if Treehouse in adyar is good? 


Chn 2012-10-27 15:28:07


I heard vruksham first schoo in tvmr is good. any thoughts?



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