Donation & Influence to get seat in CBSE Schools

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lewis 2011-02-28 22:44:21


well shankalz i'm trying in sankara vidyashram too. i heard they impart good ideologies apart 4m good education n no donation. results wud b out 2nd of march eve whereas PSBB Eden's results wud b out after 10 days. i'm in a dilema now. well lets wait n watch


lkgseat 2011-03-10 16:45:34


Hey all

Wishing all the parents who still seek admission for 2011-12.

Hope all the discussion here will help you people to get an idea in getting seat in good CBSE schools. It really difficult nowadays. So don't be so disappointed.

Best of luck.



lewis 2011-03-12 17:01:01


thanks lkgseat. this discussion has been really helpful in deciding.


my children got admitted in PSBB-Siruseri branch. i applied in 3 schools n got selected in all the schools where my children gave an interview. but sadly i wanted 2 put them in PSBB which was nearest 2 my house that is coming up in another 2 yrs but was waiting 4 PSBB results. so i had 2 let go of the other 2 schools when they gave me a time limit 2 pay d fees. 

PSBB results came d last n i was releived 2 find my children' name in d letter 4m them.


monikakg64 2011-04-11 12:58:27


Hi A new joinee , still was always getting checking sowmiyaa and shankarlz comments in this and other blogs since months,

i am also one of the parent who had applied to many cbse school in chennai and finally got in SBOA again u know the reason, a bit ashamed though of payinf donation and joining my son , but there is no other option.

Shifted to Hyd last month and being new to chennai and the language, kudos to you people and parenttree for wonderfull job .

My next task is to make arrangements for school , uniform, shoes, books blah blah..

how would children be put in section.

hope to meet you all parents,,, there.

may be we should keep updating [chatting ] frequently...



sowmiyaa 2011-04-11 18:25:26



Congrats, btw how much donation u gave & for which class?

How come you know uniform changed? But still we didn’t get any information on this.

Anyway keep posting






WantLKG 2011-04-27 23:42:49


I am seeing lots of people still getting seats in SBOA.

I am one of the unluckiest parent. I dont have any reference and hence unlucky.

Please any one of you point me to any reference whom you know. I am ready to pay. I am really feeling very amashed to ask this but I have no other go. Hope you people understand me.

My email id -


nashreen 2011-05-08 15:21:12


which one best velammal or sboa plz any 1 tell me


nashreen 2011-05-08 15:22:36


velammal matric mogappair is best or sboa is bettr for 9th std


adhityan 2011-05-09 22:11:45


 When it come to metric, Velammal is good. They produce some good nos of state ranks. Only if it is CBSC, then SBOA possess more value. 


sandy70 2011-05-28 11:25:56


Can anyone tell me if the Schram Academy operates school buses to & fro ashok nagar area?


Regina 2011-12-13 17:19:53


LKG - Bhavan's - shell out 2.5 lac

LKG - Chinmaya Vidyayala, Kilpauk - 2 lac

LKG - Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar - 1.5 lac

I got this info thru one of my friend

I heard that CV and Bhavan's already started pre-admission(unofficial). admissions are going on for those who can shell out lacs to get LKG seat



 Former member 2011-12-20 11:52:50



hai all,

is anybody trying for recommendations. i would like to know the procedure for recommendations as to whom to contact in psbb school for recommendation. is it simply v hav to submit the recommendation letter to dean or to principal in which branch in nungambakkam(main) for t nagar.does anyone know abt this please reply.last year does anyone tried for recommendation and do u got admission for ur ward.



Csatz 2012-06-18 13:51:32


Kolaperumal is not in the best school list, but still they also:

Charge some 45,000 during admission (25K school fund, 15K admission fee etc) + Plus they charge you 4 terms (instead of the 3 terms in other schools)



dreemzgirl 2012-06-27 14:23:41


@Csatz: Can you please throw some more light on how good is Kolaperumal interms of coaching and extra curricular activities? I am very much interested in admitting my daughter to this school.


dreemzgirl 2012-06-27 15:19:45


@lkgseat  : Hi i am a alumini of Sindi Model. I passed out in 2000. Now I am looking to admit my daughter to one of the schools around kilpauk. Can you suggest how good is Sindhi Model now interms of extra curricular activities? Acedemically thery are good. I know the teachers well but have my doubts about the other activities. Please throw some light.


dreemzgirl 2012-06-27 15:23:50


@shankalz : Can you let me know how is your kid doing at SBOA? I am looking to admit my daughter to one of the schools around Annanagar. SBOA was not my first choice due to the strength but now after going through all your discussions, I think I should be prepared for anything to happen :(

Do they encourage for co curricular activities? Can you give any inputs from parents of higher classes? Thanks


Thaiyal 2013-02-19 13:07:33


Hello SBOA parents,

Please do share your review about SBOA.

@shankalz : Since you admitted your kid in SBOA, pls do share ur review which will be helpful for us. We are also sailing in the same boat and SBOA results are yet to be published for this year.


punetochennai 2013-02-24 14:51:12


hi all,

 I am, From Pune. I am relocating with my family to Chennai in March-2013. In Chennai I would be working at  ( Near Chennai Trade Centre ).  I am looking for some good cbse schools near Chennai Trade Center, Nandambakkam ( may be 10-12 km distance from here ). I am also OK with average cbse schools. because I know getting admission into to 5/10 cbse schools would not be possible at all.  I have two sons ( Lakshay & Vansh ).  - Lakshay is 8 year old ( 13/March/2005) & currently studying in Class 2.  - Vansh Is 4 Year Old ( 31/Jan/2009) & Currently studying in Class Nursery.  I am seeking admission to both of my sons for next session (2013-2014)…… Class 3 & Class LKG.   Anticipating a positive reply,



SP09 2013-12-04 14:56:37


This donation disease is widespread even in ICSE/ ISC Schools they ask for donations like in Chettinad Hari Shree they asked 2.5 lakh non refundable. In Sishya nothing is transparent for those who registered at time of pregnancy/ birth of child or those who take appointment by thier site which says admission are still open.


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