Donation & Influence to get seat in CBSE Schools

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shankalz 2011-01-07 18:23:31


Thats what she told me yaar. I already posted that rest of the seats would be filled from jan to june and thats y they finish of the normal eye wash process in early december itself.


lkgseat 2011-01-07 18:24:59


So, still admission is open for people with money and they notified 193 on board. This is not fair at all.


adhityan 2011-01-07 23:40:36


Tomorrow even I need to go to SBOA and Velammal. The last thing left out. I brought application in JGVV anna nagar also. Dont know will i get, but a try. 

SBOA i quoted 35K. 

lkgseat: your script is really a eye opener for ppl like us. I now think, why I was so badly hunting for bhavans and CV. I now stopped going by that side(bhavans) itself. If I get JGVV then I will go for it.


lkgseat 2011-01-10 11:39:03


Mr. Adhityan

Just thought of sharing the information i know. Would be very happy if people like you understand the reality of the world (school business).

The school management simply don't understand the pain of parents who were struggling to get the kids admitted in good schools.

All the best.


shankalz 2011-01-10 12:30:13



Just wanted to share my experience in attending the interview in velammal vidhyalaya and sboa on 8th Jan. Since VV is a 2yr old school, the crowd was very less and they conducted interview in a systamatic manner to get a gud name from parents and they got that as well. The interview room was very spacious and silent and they gave enuf time for the kid to adjust himself first. Then they asked him to identify vegetables, vehicles and pictures. My son performed well and was spot selected. But really confused whether to go for it as 1) The roads to the school is very very poor 2) The school is in remote place and cannot able to reach immediately during emergency situation 3) Contruction not completed yet 4) Though school bus facilities are available, not ready to go for it as i feel my son is too young for independant travel. 5) As i see frequent advertisements from them calling for walk in interview for teachers, not sure whether they have enuf teachers or not. 6) Distance from my house would be around 7kms wheras sboa is just 1km.

 In SBOA the crowd was enormous and they had done a gud arrangement as well. It really showd that they are very well established in all aspects. They conducted only a oral interview and said that they will post a letter if the kid is selected. They did not mention the date of result declaration. We got to keep checking our letter box till then. Since the last date of payment of fee in VV is 21st jan, thought we could wait till then to decide.

If anybody had attended interview in sboa or aware of the result date, pls do post it.



adhityan 2011-01-10 13:54:11


 shankalz: Even I went to SBOA and Velammal. But Velammal i went to matric instead of CBSC. Like your son, My son is also spot admitted in Velammal metric. They had given date till 22nd, If CBSC-SBOA result came before that then we will go for it or else no choice left other than velammal. 

we keep our fingers crossed for sboa. Best of luck.


shankalz 2011-01-10 13:57:53


@Adhityan : Oh for velammal matric, they conducted again is it? B'cas last month on 23rd my son attended and was selected but we dint go for it.

Is sboa is the only cbse school you've applied ??


lkgseat 2011-01-10 15:21:46


Wishing you all the best to Shankalz and Adhityan.



BrillAdith 2011-01-10 16:15:06



All the very best to all SBOA applicants, and esp to those who have this as the last option.  I know I have to go through this next year for my son's LKG adm. Let us keep the hope.


shankalz 2011-01-10 16:43:32


@lkgseat & BrillAdith : Thanks guys :) Wish you both the same..


shankalz 2011-01-11 13:02:17


Chk out


What all we discussed is been posted in Hindu.


sowmiyaa 2011-01-11 13:45:47


@ shankalz, Hey, jus gone thro' the gvn portal, thanx for that..... wat abt rest of schools, discussed ?????


shankalz 2011-01-11 13:50:55


Happy that atleast few points were highlighted.. Anyways it wont change even a bit of whats happening now.


lkgseat 2011-01-11 14:17:19


Now, the schools will start giving a quota to "The Hindu" or accept the recommendations from them as well.

This is not at all a strong article. Anyway, good to show it up to public about school admissions.


lkgseat 2011-01-11 14:19:46


Why government is so quite? Hope, grandfather (CM) is busy in dealing with family issues. The first family of tamilnadu don't care about all this. Whether the family educates them or not, they can take any fields in their hands. e.g., cinema, real estate. Minister post (part time) etc.


shankalz 2011-01-11 14:20:59


As mentioned earlier, this article would not change anything and the schools will keep their show running as usual.


lkgseat 2011-01-11 14:23:56


House full shows. It can beat sales of movie "Robot".


shankalz 2011-01-11 14:30:04


:) :) :)


lkgseat 2011-01-11 14:49:29


Our political and Judiciary system needs a change.


sowmiyaa 2011-01-11 15:01:42


Political, Judiciary, Schools etc will not change their path, only we parents have to change ourself, (if ??????) according to their route - Anyway hope for the best !!!!


lkgseat 2011-01-12 12:09:28


Parents who have got admission, kindly share your experience on recommendations and donations for schools like DAV, CV, MVM and Bhavans.

How much donation for these schools, what sort of reommednations do they accept? This will atleast help other parents for 2012-13.

Kindly share the experiences so that it will avoid unnecessary expectations and disappointments with richy rich schools


shankalz 2011-01-12 12:18:53


You have left SBOA in that list which is boldly asking donation by giving white sheet as though we cannot offer that white paper. But rather than indirectly doing business, they are far better because If ppl cannot offord to pay the donation they can atleast stay away instead of trying and getting disappointed.


lkgseat 2011-01-12 13:29:16


Some coward schools doing underworld business. But, how dare SBOA doing it publicly!

Still don't understand why the hell government not stepping in and stopping all this!!!

Useless public we are voting them without asking any questions.


lkgseat 2011-01-12 13:39:03


Helpless public should have a forum or form association in chennai to cover the parents and kids interest.

The entire chennai an association should be formed and this will in turn solve all the queries of parents and kids.

There are enough schools which can provide seat for all the parents in need. But, still they are not doing that. Everybody, applying (duplicating) the applications and this creates artificial demand.

To solve this, there can be only 1 form for a range of schools within a range (3-5kms). This form can solve the problems of the needy with so-called various parameters schools already have. e.g., 2,000 people can apply in 5 schools can get seat for sure in any of the 5 schools, instead 2,000 application for each school.

Disadvantage of parents applying for all schools individually

1. Same parent/kid gets seat/selected in 2-3 schools. This is not giving chance for the one who really in need

2. Chances of giving seat to needy is minimal

3. If same parent/kids selected in 2-3 schools. They join only 1. The remaining 2 schools will sell the seat because of withdrawal or not joining.

If only 1 form which can give seat to all people in various schools would be great.

Any ideas from parents are welcome. what's ur say?


lkgseat 2011-01-12 13:45:49


DAV, CV, Mahirishi, Bhavans, Sindhi model, SBOA.

Only 6 of these schools having demand among the parents.

Instead of 2,000-3,000 applicatons for each of these schools, Single application for all the above 6 schools (2,000-3,000 application) maximum. This can solve most of the parent's need.

If the parent's who stay close to DAV gets seat, why they go to SBOA. If parents near SBOA gets seat, they don't go elsewhere. Since all of us applying and 1 parent benefited in all schools. (bcoz schools are not coordinating here). The person who really wants admission is lost in the battle.

Any opinion on this are welcome.


BrillAdith 2011-01-12 14:53:19



And how you have left our very own PSBB, KK nagar and T Nagar ( prob cos your kiddo will go to LKG this year). PSBB, we heard is doing underworld business asking for about 1.5 lac as bribe( i think that's the right word). Imagine starting a 3 year old kid's education with this bribe, what citizens are we bringing up. I was astonised to hear that some of the alumni and existing students are involved in this business. What pdts these schools produce and we wait like slaves to get our kids admitted. Please share any news on such schools.



adhityan 2011-01-12 14:56:43


 lkgseat: Good. We need to follow a kind of single window system admission for each area. Based on some rules like 2-3 kms, alumini students(it shd not break the first rule) like this. Based on the school infrastructure the fees can be structured. on basis of these fees details, parents can approach the related school.

In my case the near by school to me is Kola perumal chettly. They dont even respect us,more than 10 times we been to this school, we were treated like a dog and was sent back. Even my brothers were part of that school. Not even issuing of application form.


shankalz 2011-01-12 15:06:08


First of all the education system must be uniformed and there must be only one board of education. It should not be like how it is now. Since there are 'n' number of matric schools and very few cbse schools, ppl are running behind those few schools. So all the schools must be made to follow only one board of education strictly.

In Canada or US, each lane has a school to accomodate kids of that lane only. Like wise each school should bring a rule to give seats of those residing close to their proximity by issuing the admission while they come for buying appln form itself.

Actually all the schools must coperate and create a web link where in they can enter the name of kid with dob &parents name to whom they had admitted. 

So that the same parent could not try in other schools letting way for many other parents. By doing this the duplication of the applicant will be removed.

Moreover the school should frankly tell the no. of seats available for ordinary quota, vip/special quota. Doesn't it sound like Sudharshan Darshan or VIP Dharshan in Thirupathi. No wonder if the peple running these school business will beat Thirupathi Venkatachalapathi in the battle.

Anyways we are simply wasting our time by imaging all such kind of changes which will be a imagination till the end. May be our Blood Pressure would stabilize expressing all our worries rather than keeping it within ourselves.



lkgseat 2011-01-12 15:11:56


@BrillAdith: I have not left any richy rich schools. Given the example of schools closely connected and parents trying for those schools in the range (with distance) to send kids. PSBB, Chettinad also in the loop.

Parents looking in those ranges should post their queries like this to make it public to help other parents. (PSBB, Chettinad, DAV Gopalapuram, NPS etc...) Good sheperd, Church park.

@Adhityan: You got it correct. Even, if they follow rules doesn't matter. The others can be satisfied without disappointing (if at all distance matters). Then, people will also ready to shift or move quite close to schools. Currently, they are not even considering the distance is hurting. Example: @Shankalz stay close to DAV (anna nagar) not given seat.

Even school fill up with distance as measure, still lot of seat would be left to offer others. If they follow a decent set of rules and norms.

Heartless school management and government is blind. That's what i can say.



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