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adhityan 2011-01-05 16:51:53


 We need to try and find a way to overcome these issues. So the future of our kids would be nice. Once school gets to know that we are not raising any concerns then it would lead to anything,,, our kids future is important for us. How many of us could able to get recommendation. Now only i see there are some teachers in DAV selling their quota of 1 student for Rs 50000. tomorrow this would become a business for 3rd party agencies and they get money and will do the necessary things by knowing ppl at very high level. 


adhityan 2011-01-06 14:13:44


when I asked the CV anna nagar regarding the admission, they told to come today. We went and met the princi, to be honest they are polite and very much listing to us. Not like Bhavans, but still they said lot of recommendation came, only management will decide on the rest of the seats for those unfilled seats. 

so recommendation who will give??


shankalz 2011-01-06 15:07:29


@Adhityan : You can try to reach Chinmaya mission trustees if possible.

Anyways Annanagar CV's infra is very poor and there is no play ground for the kids. For all the culturals/functions the school will take the kids to Chetpet CV. Also heard that the 'aayaas' are not gud. So why do you want to run behind such school after rejecting you.


Vela 2011-01-06 15:58:23


Dear Parents,

I am sorry i cant follow you soon after my reply too due to my work.

@Indianportrait. Well, your point is highly appriciated, but the thing is that raising any concerns related to anything against Govt, or any Board will be a kind of paper which will be dipped in to the bin, so no one will think about whether it is useful and need to process, or its relavant to this board or not, or atleast they even not ready to dispose, even if we follow it up they will tell ya, the process going and you will be getting the results soon, thats it.

As Balamani said lot of RTI files are there in that bin. Thanks to Balamani to highlighting with brief details.

As she said my firneds too enquired at Chettinad, they told 1.2L as capitation and 50-65K will be the fees for every year, also if the kid will come with dirty dress or shciks then they will charge penalty as 5 rupees and that will be paid by us by month end. FYI, only 2 sets of uniform will be issued. High level clessic comedy.

@aadithyan, My huble request to you is that please dont go back to school to ge to know the status how our kid missed to shortlist and whats behind the screen, since atleast they responded politely, but the result should be known, negative only. Dont mistake me. I just said my thoughts.

So as a middle class family we cant do anything for this except file an RTI, instead we have to find the next level school those who satrted atlest 5 yrs before in CBSE board, hence after 5yrs it will be a good school, and its good for our kids,

else we have to look for the recommendations, or ready with money.

The primary solution for this will be taken care by the Govt only, since there is no CBSE school under state Govt, all CBSE schools are private schools, Govt need to take necessary actions with respect to school numbers versus population. But it wont worked out. so we have to bare.




adhityan 2011-01-06 16:14:57


 shankalz: Do you think SBOA Anna nagar would be better when compared to CV Anna nagar?


shankalz 2011-01-06 16:25:33


@ Adhityan: Definitely except for the class strength. Moreover in CV they give so much of importance for hindus and brahmins. Though being a hindu I am strongly aginst it as I feel that education is beyond religion/caste. My only concern about sboa is the strength they maintain in each class but we all studied in a class of 60 right?


shankalz 2011-01-06 16:31:28


@ Vela : Very Shocking to hear abt Chettinad schools . Collecting fine from kids for being disobedient or for coming in an un-uniform is something stupid yaar..  They are indirectly teaching them money is the world and money could do anything. Is this the education system we parents are looking for?


Vela 2011-01-06 17:38:58


Not by parents, by school managements, of course as you said this kind of thought only will develop from kids mind rather than other things.


shankalz 2011-01-06 17:40:54


Even i was talking abt the school management only..


adhityan 2011-01-06 17:43:04


 @Vela: Chettinad school is named for this almost a decade ago. We may not say anything. There are few schools like Bhavans they even ask 2lack as donation this is apart from fees.. Investing so much for an LKG will it actually worth it. Also, Chettinad has indoor AC auditorium and playground well furnished. the school is at RA puram a posh area in chennai. This is not for middle class ppl like us. 

shankalz: even I feel SBOA is the best option, but my friend when he was in school at +1, school has instructed his parents to take TC, as he didnt perform well in the exams. Think of a position to get admission at that time. This is one of my concern with SBOA


shankalz 2011-01-06 18:01:09


@Adhityan : What you highlighted is followed in all the named schools not only in SBOA. You know DAV is very famous for this. If the kids dont perform well in 9th or 11th, they will ask the parents to take away the kid from the school.

So don’t have negative hope your kid now itself. He/She will not put you in such a situation instead will rock and make you proud.

But Iam worried as many parents say that sboa are going to consider people who have quoted 50K this year.  


karthikakaleraj 2011-01-06 23:51:25



   Im reading ur thoughts daily...u knw one thing u guys are talking admission for this year worrying for my kids admission for 2012-2013...i wud like to get admission for him in SISHYA or PSBB (OMR).we tried in sishya they said till 2014  registration has over n kept the call...n my hubby went to OMR SISHYA directly n enquired n got the same answer..if i called to PSBB OMR they are asking me to come in 2013..i dont knw these schools also expecting money and influences?if yes tell me the possibilities to get admission there..

   We are planning to shift our house to OMR thatsy..or if u knw any good schools in that side pls share me..



adhityan 2011-01-07 01:17:36


 In sishya, you need to inform the school immediate after the baby is conceived. Thats how they track and based on this you get school admission. PSBB, it was a good school but lot of money making now. forget about sishya. It will never work out. Both the schools which you refer have lot of VIPs kids studying and lot of cini fame ppl go for this. 


shankalz 2011-01-07 10:09:40


@ Karthikakaleraj:

Since you have plenty of time, try to find out someone to refer you while you apply for the next academic. Also make up your mind to accept whatever comes you way because we parents are not aware of all these while applying last month. After losing in few schools, we have learnt a lot and still trying. So you wont be such kind of situation as you have seen many parents like us posting our experience in this site. As Adhityan said, one has to register during the pregnancy period itself to get a seat in Sishya and PSBB Mil is a gud money making centre.

Gud luck :)


lkgseat 2011-01-07 15:04:30


Wish you all very hapy new year.

Missing all actions out here. Just saw the thread. Already, i've discussed the experience and explained the business of CBSE (richy rich) schools. Hope, Shankalz, Rimyah aware of.

To all the parents who are going to apply in 2012-13, next year. If you plan to buy applications during November-December 2011 itself. Kindly note down the points below

1. Before applying itself. Search for recommendations (VVIPs: know from school which VVIP letter they accept (important)

2. Ready to shell out lakhs as donations if no recommendation also fine. (No need graduate parents, No need to stay within 5km radius to school).  

3. If none of the above criteria, simply stay away don't buy.

4. Even after all the 3 points above, still if you want to buy applications in theses schools. Go ahead, but don't be disappointed if you don't get seat.

Because all the parents in this forum are the victims of richy rich school drama.

Drama - Scene 1: Buy online, free form. etc (shell out 300, 200 per form)

Scene 2: Interview with parents and kids. (unnecessarily ask kid just for lkg seat). It is similar to fresher graduate who go to job and employer seek for the experience. Questioning kids was not at all tolerable.

Scene 3: The list in notice board and parents disappointment.

Scene 4: Principal act as "he/she top of the world"

Scene 5: Parents sit and think what to do next?

Beware: once again, dear all, please don't try to big schools and disappoint urself and the kid.

Don't waste time and energy. Try schools nearby your area which can impart very good knowlege/environment and fetching good results

Take care.


lkgseat 2011-01-07 15:14:55


Regarding Bhavan Rajaji school and principal.

Things to share with all of you. Recently i met a parent who shared his experience on bhavan. Here we go.

His son studied till 10th. School principal (Mr. Ajith) go to 10th standard class room and say everyone. If you score more than 90% then you get science group, below 80% & 70% get groups accordingly in +1. If anyone score less than 60% or something, vacate and move to some other schools. What a great principal who motivates kids who were studying since LKG.

Also, the kid of the parent complaint after 5th standard in the school. The teachers showing partiallity and favoritism.

Last but not least, 4-5 students were smoking who were studying there.

This parent who told me the experience of the kid, switched the school and admitted to lady andal chetpet.

In lady andal school, the top notch minister's daugther who study there, simply use to drink, smoke, etc. .....

This is the kind of status of richy rich.

Parents of middle class: Let's all of us think, before we act on kids future


shankalz 2011-01-07 15:17:07


@lkgseat: Welcome back and nice to see you joining this team. Thanks for sharing the actual scenario scene by scene. I guess the dramas played by the schools made you a good script writer. 

Wish you too a wonderful year ahead.



lkgseat 2011-01-07 15:24:18



Wishing you the same. Have a great year ahead. Wish you all success for SBOA. (if am not wrong yet to be interviewed).

I totally agree with you, i never wrote this much in my lifetime. Becoming good script writer (new profile) feather in my cap!!! I need recommendations to try for chances in Tollywood (cinema) industry. Anyone can help me finding recommendations for tollywood and school. lol.



shankalz 2011-01-07 15:40:05


 Thanks yaar..ur right! tmrw I have interview in sboa and velammal vidhyalaya and be ready for my new posting abt the experience(surely it will be bad only) in sboa and velammal ;) By the way which schools are you trying now?


Shreemadhy 2011-01-07 15:46:52


Hi Shankalz -  All the best for your son and to you to get the admission at SBOA. If possible update us what is the amount for this year at SBOA. So parents who are seeking admission for next year can aware of it. Tks.


lkgseat 2011-01-07 16:11:34



I am just recovering time, money, energy (minimal loss) from kilpauk schools. Haven't tried for CV and MVM. Will keep you posted if i get admission in any of the good schools in kilpauk, puraswakka, etc.

By the way, you were trying for DAV and bhavan like? how far the residence would be for kid? currently trying in SBOA and Velammal. Would that be reachable distance for kid!!!


shankalz 2011-01-07 16:58:53


@Shreemadhy: Thanks for the wishes

@lkgseat: Iam trying all the cbse schools in annanagar and simply tried bhawans as my neighbour's kid is studying there and she was giving a gud feedback. Since we are close to DAV and SBOA, our first preference was only those two. Out of which one was already gone and am sure the second would also be a flop ;)


lkgseat 2011-01-07 17:06:07



Never lose hope. Surely, you can crack with 800 odd seats in SBOA. DAV (Anna nagar)? then fine. I thought you tried for DAV gopalapuram.

Don't lose your focus on SBOA. Tell, the management we have applied only here and dreaming to admit the kid in your school. Let's wait and watch. I get a feeling you will surely crack SBOA. All the best.



lkgseat 2011-01-07 17:15:12



What is the feedback about bhavan u head from ur neighbour? Share with us.

Anything good left.


shankalz 2011-01-07 17:17:36


@lkgseat : Hey thanks a lot for your wishes. Yeah we tried in annanagar DAV. Hope everything goes well smoothly. Heard that all the cbse schools are going to reopen in april itself. Is that true?


lkgseat 2011-01-07 17:25:18


Yes true. I heard from some parents, this year onwards they will start from April.



shankalz 2011-01-07 17:42:30


@lkgseat: She is very rich and told me that we could easily get in bhawans as they will see the parents qualification/profession and did not tell me anything abt donation/influence. But now i guess she would have paid in lakhs to get a seat for her first child. This year she got in dav for her second child. She never applied in any other school this year. If she had told me earlier that bhwans need donation & recomendation at highest level, i wouldn't have applied at all. Dont know why these ppl are secretive as if we would run behind them for refering our kid..

Since its something with the life of a child, I feel everyone should come forward and share their true view/experience as it would help many of them. U know many mothers of my kids pre-school are not telling how much they have quoted for sboa. Really shocked yaar..


lkgseat 2011-01-07 17:56:40


Hey Shan,

They all were thinking that if you could quote more than what's ur friends are, then you get a seat in sboa. So simple, that's why they are not informing on the donations. This is almost like government tender. Oh god, when this will change?

You mentioned in ur earlier posting that ur neighbour giving good feedback on bhavan, that's how you tried also there. Like to know. What sort of positive thinks left with bhavan? Can you share on that? What's ur neighbour saying on bhavan?


shankalz 2011-01-07 18:12:33


She said they teach well..i mean very interactive style of teaching and minimum 45 in a class. Also very less home work and more importance for the sports and other extra curriculars. Since DAV concentrates only on academic and sboa takes more kids in a class, thought bhawans was better. Anyways atlast it all depends upon the basic IQ of the kid which is going to decide his future and not all these.


lkgseat 2011-01-07 18:16:11


Oh god. 45 per class. 6 section 6*45=270 seats. They displayed 188+5 waiting list. 193 only.

Are you sure 45 per class?




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