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shankalz 2010-12-31 15:05:25


Dear All,

           I've started this topic to share my experience in getting a lkg seat for my 3.1yr old kid in cbse schools. So far we have applied in DAV, CV (annanagar), Bhawans and we failed in all the three. Though myself and my hubby are professionals and working in a corporate, these schools require only influence & donation of higher level. Moreover the no. of seats in DAV mogappair is 200, CV(annanagar) is 150 and Bhawans in 188. But the number of application forms they issued would be in thousands. Atleast if they could post a notice abt the no. of seats available, we would not have created a hope that we might get a seat in any one of these 3 schools.

All the selected parents whome i enquired had some reference or the other. In DAV we stood in the queue the previous night to collect the appln form. But my neighbour who got placed there, came and went straight inside and collected the appln form the next day without standing in the queue. Why is the school behaving like this?

If they require only influence, let the outside world know that. In CV and Bhawans, why do these schools conduct interview for an eyewash if they need only influence and donation. We took the kid in heavy rain to attend the interview. In spite of my kid performing so well, his name was not there in selection list. The correspondent enquired abt my college and told that my college chairman had come yesterday to get a seat for his grand daughter. At that time i could not understand why she was talking all these but later i came to know that for my kid also she needs someone to refer.

My only worry is that if they need donation or influence pls let the outside world know that like sboa who is providing a white sheet with appln form instead of creating a false hopes among thousands of parents.

Also the no. of seats which the schools displayed in the board is not final. From jan to june parents having highest level of recommendation/donation will be placing their kids and that is why all the big cbse schools finish of the admission process by december itself. If anybody got placed in the above mentioned schools, pls check when the school reopens whether the no. of students they have displayed is same or not. Iam sure it would be 50% higher.

These schools are doing wonderful business in the name of education. Of course they can do it as a business, but pls let the selection process be transparent to the parents. My humble request to all those who are going to try in the cbse schools, pls if you don't have influence and couldn't able to donate higher amt pls pls stay away from these school. Dont depend on your kids performance as these schools are not keen on that.

We are still trying for our son and hope we place him in a gud school in this new year.

Wishing you all a happy new year :)


Cuckooo 2010-12-31 15:22:45


Shankalz: Your absolutely right and iam really happy that you've started this useful discussion. Hope it gives an idea for those who are planning to apply in these schools in future.

Happy New Year..


rimyah 2010-12-31 16:22:21


Hi All

I am also here to share my experience in getting a LKG seat for my 3.5 yr old daughter. I will describe each school in detail so that all get to know what had happened with them:

1. Bhavans - We submitted the form online and thank god no queue for the same. The appointment for the interview was on Dec 8, and we were there with the kid. They just verified the application form and no questions were asked to the kid, except what is your name and basic stuffs. Thats it. Just with this how come a school can decide the result. It is all completely an eyewash and you seriously requuire high receommendation to put the kid there.

2. Maharishi Vidya Mandir - There was a long queue for getting the application form. This is the only school who issued the form free of cost. Thank God. Again there was a long queue to get the interview card. It took 4 hours totally. They conducted an interview for the kid. Screwed her with too many questions. Shapes, colors, fruits, transport, rhymes, etc etc. She answered everything decently. Inspite of everything nothing came out positive.

3. Chinmaya Vidyalaya - Online submission, take print out of the form. To submit the form there was a big queue. Amidst heavy rains, i appreciate all the parents who were there for the form submission. We paid Rs. 200 for the form. The interview was there for the kid. The result was negative.

Why these schools describe themselves as the biggest schools in the city. They are big with the infrastructure and Money. What about the rest??? Better they can announce with the public that whoever comes to the school with recommendation, they will give the seat.

Parents who are going to try in 2011, be CAREFUL with all this. I spent a whole week for this. Waste of time, energy and Money.


shankalz 2010-12-31 16:29:46


@Cuckooo & Rimyah: Thanks for joining. Atleast the lost money and energy can be earned back but the what abt the false hope they created within us ??

Whey do these schools projecting like this? You know how poor the Annanagar CV was? There is no playground for the kids to play and the non teaching staffs was behaving worst.  Atleast MVM issued the form free of cost and conducted real interview, but what did CV and Bhawans did? Pls stay away from these schools..


rimyah 2010-12-31 16:31:43



I heard that the CV required recommendation from a member in Chinmaya Mission. If you get to know somebody there you can get the seat.

SHould we all join Chinmaya Mission in FUTURE :-)


shankalz 2010-12-31 16:38:16


Rimyah: Same case with DAV as well. Even few of the teachers in that school had 1 seat which they sold for 50K to 80K . Just imagine if there were 50 high level teachers, 50 seats would have been booked by them. And trustees and board of directors who have 6 to 8 seats each  would have filled the rest of the seats. Then what abt ppl like us? Its utter waste trying without influence in these schools.


rimyah 2010-12-31 16:40:18


By the way where did u get admission now finally? I got in The Grove School, ICSE syllabus, Alwarpet.


shankalz 2010-12-31 16:42:12


We are still trying. Got interview in sboa next week. Congrats that your kid got placed at last.


rimyah 2010-12-31 16:44:06


Thank you! Which area do you belong and what are the scools left out?


shankalz 2010-12-31 16:46:15


Iam in annanagar and i have sboa, velammal, chennai public school. But we wont be trying in Chennai public school as it too too expensive. Really worried.


rimyah 2010-12-31 16:49:35


You can try The SCHRAM academy, ICSE school and really a good one. It is in Maduravoyal. Just give a try. Not that too far from Anna nagar. My colleague was in Anna Nagar before and her son is doing 3rd in The SCHRAM now. The school is really good according to her. You can just give a shot.


shankalz 2010-12-31 16:57:36


Thanks for the info. We'll try.


rimyah 2010-12-31 17:00:48


All the Best. Let me know what happened. Happy New Year :-)


shankalz 2010-12-31 17:03:10


Thanks Rimyah. Wish you and your family the same. Keep in touch :)


 Former member 2010-12-31 17:58:56


Guys would like to forewarn you that malpractice of admission procedures are just tip of iceberg. there are many newly built schools who are operating without proper noc certificate. technically they are just coaching centres. It has come to our notice that parents are fighting legal battle against school management in mylapore for falsely misrepresenting the facts.. the school had been operating without noc, without cbse affiliation and is housed in a bungalow..any new school you join just ask the management wheather they have cbse affiliation granted not applied, noc, fire and safetey certificate.....shockingly the govt authorities have turned blind eye to all the malpractice perperated by the management,, if the management cant follow the ethics how could they impart the same on the children...beware of this schools............


sugsomsjai 2010-12-31 18:48:03


hi shankalz,

very useful discussion too in the same boat...applied in bhavans, cv (both anna nagar and chetpet) and son's name was not there in any one of the u i am waiting to attend interview in SBOA....god only knows where my son will get admission...happy new year to everybody..


shankalz 2011-01-01 09:32:34


@Sugsomsjai: Happy new year and hope everyone gets lkg seat soon.


Vela 2011-01-03 12:56:44



Dear Parents, Happy New year..... Since i was not able to reach web during my holidays i could not able to share my thoughts soon.

I have gone through all the replies and the first Hats Off to Shankalz for creating this topic and created a awareness for the parents. Thanks kalpana.

As said by others i am also a parent who is looking for  a good future for thier kids and thinks that bright future will starts from the Good CBSE schools and finally standing on roads have 4 junctions, which wat to choose.....

way1-Developed CBSE-need Donation and Recommendations

way2-Developing CBSE- High level Donations and very high fees

way3-Developed Matric-Same Donations and Recommendations-No Extra expotures

way4-Developing Matric-High fees but no Infra and the rest

so all four way blocked for me, so finding the 5th way, thats is air way ha ha ha.

As per the topics discussed, we cant expect those things will come as transparent, becaz everyone have atleast one link with others, so people do applied in genuine manners too no one will trust them and thier kid first, before selecting school and applying for that school itself they are searching their relative/friends link who have influence to any of the schools and then they will get confirmations from then then only looking for the date of application issue.

A friend got the admission from CV anna nagar, MVM and Bahwans and he is asking that out of these three which one is the best to pay the fees. So i dont want to explain further this, hope everyone understand the rest of the questions...............

if so, w.r.t school management they are ready to close the front door and open a big back door. Bcaz those who came in from the back door is important for them and they could do anything for school, also from that chain only in future too this back door train will run. So as a parent we have to try to get in to this train else we ourselves have to build a train and have to launch in to that track. thats the theme right now.




shankalz 2011-01-03 13:55:36


@Vela: Thanks for joining. Do we require recomendation for Matriculation schools also??


Vela 2011-01-03 14:10:01



Simple logic, 1000 members have applied for 200 seats in CBSE school means then the rest 800 will go for next level schools, so there also the seat capacity will be 200 and as a school stand point of view there is no other filter criteria than recommendations.

At the same time as a parent our thinking also will be like that, that is if we failed to get the seat in CBSE and obvious our sixth sense will think how and where can we get the recommendations for Matric too.



shankalz 2011-01-03 14:34:09



As per your statement, if the school finds tough to filter without recomedation, why are they issuing so many forms, conducting interview for an eyewash and wasting both theirs as well us our time. They can include a note in the appln form that they will give an admission to those having high influence. To cut short all, without issuing the form they can fill their seats if they find the filteration process to be tough.


Vela 2011-01-03 16:06:21



Issuing more number of application form came into picture from the past couple of yeasr Bcaz many parents argued why limited application forms and to avoid FIFS basis, thats a acceptable one in School stand points.

But the recommendation seats will be a problem, Bcaz as u said, a school doesnt know that this yr the complete 200 seats can be filled by recommendations, so we no need to issue the Appl form, no one will think that, so thier aim is that they have to fill the 200 seat at any cost so they issued the application form and the rest of the actions.


shankalz 2011-01-03 17:11:33


@ Vela : Your talking as though because of the parents request the schools are issuing thousands of appln forms as if they does not know how to make money. If the same parents request for something else, will the school consider that?

You've posted earlier that while submitting the appln form in Chetpet CV, your asked to get the attestation in spite of producing the original birth certificate. Have they considered your request. You have also mentioned that some one dint get the envelop cover and she was asked to submit only with the cover for which she went very far to buy it. Just imagine, for the seat they are not going to give, how bad they have behaved with the parents. Those people who were collecting the forms might have surely knew that you both would not get a seat there, so they should have atleast be lenient with you right??


Cuckooo 2011-01-03 18:19:03


Well said Shankalz :)


Vela 2011-01-03 18:32:13


I do agree your point and i am also in that bad level only.

But my reply about the 1000 application forms was for that issue raised by someone during 2008 that Schools issuing limited application forms and that too for First In First Serve basis, schools have to issue enough number of applications with different dates, its a news, so its favor for that kind of schools as business.

so even if we as a parent raise any concerns and that concern brings some favor to the school i am sure they will accept that too. thats my message to convey.

For the second concern that you mentioned was a very very horrible thing only. Ya i only posted and it was happened to me. They didnt accept even Originals and that brown cover too. Really its a panic one. So in-line to this, Schools are behaving like blind. Attested Photo copy  is a proof for the Originals, but they didnt consider the real meaning. Also the same school rules are different.

One another important thing was, the very first 50 to 100 kids only they have conducted full level of Interview like asking shapes,coloring,identifying animals etc, after that even they didnt do all this, name/father's name/mother's name/school and friends Name.... so if the selection based on the interview performance then why they behaved like no way....



adhityan 2011-01-03 21:24:37


My son also got rejected in Bhavans, CV - Annanagar, Chetpet... now only hope is SBOA. After the results, I went and met the Senior Principal of Bhavans. After lot of request from lady outside. The very great man so called Principal, not even ready to see us and respond to us. We were standing in that room for sometime meanwhile, some invitation he had in his hand and trying to give to some others who where in the room. We asked any hope, he said NO. 

Later me my father and my wife were there for some more time, still no response. we were treated badly like a stray dog. Then after some struggle, he spoke few words. there are 160seats, 100 are from alumini students and rest are only 60. Based on the distance they selected a few applications and from that a random pick happened to select. thats all he is not ready anymore to speak on this, 

But we shd not stop this here, need to do something rather then posting comments in forum. They think these corporate ppl slaves and wat ever they tell we will listen. 


shankalz 2011-01-04 10:02:58


@ Adhityan: Thanks for sharing your experience. I could understand how bad you would have experienced in such richy rich schools who treats the parents like their slaves.

If the school needs only the kids of the aluminis or kids whose siblings are studying there, they can clearly say that in advance so that people like us who does not satisfy any of their criteria would not waste our time in such schools. And one more thing is they are not at all keen on the distance as i knew many kids who travel more than 12km to reach the school. Its only high level donation/influence yaar..
Atleast ppl who are reading this thread will get an idea before they apply in the next academic.


Vela 2011-01-04 11:35:44


Hello Aadityan, really this was a very worst behavior at school level. Due to our kids we came silently without any arguement or shout, so they took this as thier advantage and play like this. I am sure 100 seats will never go to the Alumini students really, just that too a fake reasons. But thats is the trend now a days in school business. So as a individuals we cant do anything.


 Former member 2011-01-04 14:15:24


Why dont you guys file an rti seeking information of selection procedure followed in the above schools if you really want to improve the system file an rti.. its not expensive also.............................just post the query to Cbse tamilnadu, cbse newdelhi asking them how could they allow schools who flaunt admission procedures.....if more people file rti the issue may become matter of public importance mere expression on this forum wont help...........


shankalz 2011-01-04 15:16:41


Yeah your absolutely right but how many will come forward to do this?


balamani 2011-01-05 10:07:44


A file complaint registered in 2008 against PSBB KK nagar against selection procedure and issuing too many application  around 4000 application issued for 400 odd seats that too for PRE-KG..No action/reprot  taken till..infact PSBB doing same thing..till now..even they were not publishing result...or conducting interview..just pocketing the money..we as middle class without influence cannot do anything just accept that and move in newspaper lots of matriculation schooll applied for CBSE certicitiaon (please read Times of india) demand will be more..and more money...when i enquire for chettinadu vidysram (since i didn't got into CV) they were asking for 1.2 Lacs..50000 for School as.....last year cost is 1 20000 increased..this will continuee....if we can sit with our child and monitor him/her propertly we can still go to some good schooll and not very popular/demanding school...




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