Got Admission letter for BVM Perungudi

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Devi20 2010-12-16 13:20:41


Please update if any one got admission letter for BVM Perungudi

geethuma 2011-01-07 18:58:08


i got admission letter for BVM abt the school.will it be like bvm adyar


nirishkul 2011-01-11 09:50:27


 i too got admission for bvm perungudi for 3rd std.


Meenamuthu 2011-01-11 10:10:25



Are you going for perungudi or bollinei bvm?



Devi20 2011-01-11 10:52:12




I paid admission fees for BVM Perungudi as it is nearby my house than BVM Bollineni


shanlee 2011-01-11 11:09:13


Hi all,

My daughter has got admission letter for 1st standard. We have been asked to pay 24K before 18th Jan to book the slot. Remaining has to be paid by March first week.

I have visited the scholl multiple times. The school campus is big and expecting a good standard as Adayar branch.

The problems are the locality and sewage lorries standing outside. School is providing assurance that sewage lorries will be restricted during school hours.

Has anyone noticed the Liquid nitrogen tank begind the school.  This is a huge cylinder kept a few meters away from the restrooms of school.  Bit worried about this.  Can anyone findout whether it will cause any problems for the kids incase if of leakage or blast?

We need to be more careful before we decide. We are carried away by the brand .

Really confused and half minded for paying the fees. can anyone help?

I dont know who has approved to start a school in the dangerous locality


Devi20 2011-01-12 12:57:23



After reading ur post, I went to school again to see that tank and inquired the watchman and residents nearby. They told, no prblem because of this and many factories are operating nearby and there are 100's of employees working thr. Surely, getting admission in BVM Perungudi will not be a cakewalk like this year and soon after one year, BVM Bollineni got such a reputation and I know many kids denied admission for LKG this year in Bollineni. I want my kid to study in a stressless environment and in Chennai thr are only few schools where kids will study in a stressless way. DAV and many CBSE schools in Chennai will pressurize our kids by giving loads of homeworks. I have a passion towards BVM as my brother's kid is studying in BVM Adyar and she enjoys going to school and she won't do anything after coming from school and I really amazed abt the way of coaching thr. So I have no doubts that this school will also turn out to be a great school like BVM Adyar.


 Former member 2011-01-12 13:40:21


can anyone let me know the fees for prekg at perungudi BVM..................


vijinarsi 2011-01-12 14:38:47



Fees for Prekg is 41,000 (full year term fees) + 40,000 (refundable deposit) and 24,000 (one time infrastructure fees) i guess. So it comes to 1.05 L

40,000 willbe refunded when the kid leaves the school

Are you trying here?



nirishkul 2011-01-12 16:55:26



   i am new here.i have got admission letter for my son and i'm going 2 pay the fees in the next couple of days. can u pls mail me ur mobile no. my id is


 Former member 2011-01-12 17:00:53


vijinarsi:yes i'm trying any feedback on the school..... pls do let me know



revathiamma 2011-01-20 18:55:33


Hi! Devi20

Even I got admission for my kids in BVM perungudi daughter (2 nd std and my son for LKG). Hope School will do much better after they start this academic year. please post all the updates regarding the school We are in scotland Edinburgh my children are studing here so I am planning to move Chennai at end of may. my Thanks&Regards



asubramani 2011-02-02 21:37:56


Hi All,

I have got admission for my Son for LKG in BVM perungudi  and looking forward to start.I visited the school premises today , They are renovating a old factor building to be the school , Many  class rooms finshed but   (May be for Students starting April 2011 )  lot of work pending still on external structure .LKG class are scheduled to start from June 20 2011.

We are put up near kilkattalai  , I was promised a pick up point near kamatchi hospital(100 ft road) , Still i am worried about the transporation.

Sewage treatment plant near the school is of little concern for me , but hope the lorries are kept away from the school premises during peak time.

I was  told we can  expect  the   parents induction meeting sometime in April.

Looking forward for more updates from all.







velaforum 2011-02-09 01:50:57


Instead of worrying only about the dump, we can do our bit. Pls go to chennai corporation web site and submit a petition ( it can be anonymous ) also, if you want, to move the dump away from perungudi and clean up the marsh. It will help all neighboring localities and also our children who are starting BVM.


UmaBabu 2011-02-24 11:56:49



I just now relocated to Chennai. And I am planning to put my kid in nursery. Can you please provide the address or landmark of BVM, Perungudi.

I came to know about Eurokids. Is there any other nursery schools in and around perungudi?

Thank you.


niketan 2011-03-04 00:05:31


@Parents who have secured admission @BVM......

It is said that a stay order has been issued regarding the garbage dump.....and heard that the classrooms are airconditioned........Do you all know how far this is true......Again, I have secured an admission for my child for !st std. and it is BVM.....guys.....2 years from now.......I am sure it is going to get really difficult in securing a seat.



TeamSudi 2011-03-04 06:29:47


Hi All,

My daughter got admission in class III rd.
Any one can help me regarding Tailors for school uniform.





lakku 2011-03-07 09:49:22


Thewbsaying goes " Health is Wealth". Do make sure that there is no health hazards to your kids before securing the seat. Don't get carried away by the brand name BVM.


EPSK 2011-03-08 12:16:06




qqura1 2011-04-14 17:29:19


The BVM Perungudi management were so confident that they will stop the sewage plant and they are consuling/convincing the visiting parents from April 1st.

But for the last visit (couple of days back), their answer is slightly changed. They said they are trying their level best but CAN NOT gurantee anything about when they will move. Also folks do a goolge like "perungudi sewage treatment plant". You will see many scary reports from many magazines, blogs, etc. It is not just one school and it is through out Perungudi.



Devasena 2011-04-17 07:38:30


Dear Friends,

We are in USA and returning this June. Secured admission in BVM Perungudi for my daughter and son in 3rd std. and LKG respectively; will be paying the fees within a day or two.

Now I totally confused after reading all these reviews and couldn't make a decission. If any of you who still planning to send the kids to this school, please let me know; also please let me know other shools those open for admission in and around Perungudi / Thoraipakkam.



qqura1 2011-04-17 17:02:13


Hello Devasena,

 If you are in Toraipakkam, you can try GT Aloha (CBSE). Don't know personally but  it is near. Also try Manthan school. If you are okay with the fees you can try schools in Shollinganullur junction. (Gateway school (ICSE)). I got an adimission in BVM but thinking about other schools. Did you pay fully? If not I would suggest to hold it and do your research. Good luck and post your decision/research here.


ransri 2011-09-21 00:39:28


Hi all,

let apart the sewage and school exterior part....kindly update on how is the school as such, do they have experienced staff? are the kids enjoying the school ? how is the teacher-student ratio? how is the academics part? r the teachers also good caretakers? pls update....


SathyabamaVenkatesh 2011-10-06 20:48:27


Hi all,

I want to know till what grades BVM Global Perungudi has. I am in Saudi and planning to shift next year. My son needs to be 4th grade next year. Any idea?


sribala 2012-03-27 13:24:09


hi all,

i have put my son into bvm perungudi this year in 1std. i would like to know from various parents as to how they feel.

1. how is the acsdemic coaching?

2. how abt extra curricular activities?

3. does there seem to be any health issues cuz of the dumpyard? like.....any child falling sick than usual...

4. how much do u think the school is taking steps for the dumpyard?

i would be greatful to all those who answer these questions





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