hello im looking fr boaz school in gowrivakkam

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demure 2010-12-13 16:10:56


my daughter is studying LKG in SDA -chengalpet,i want to put her in cbse school or icse school,could anyone tell me whether boaz school is providing good education and other knowledge oriented activities.i would like to move to tambaram,so kindly tell me ur valuable suggestions,

bhuvanaraman 2010-12-15 10:21:23


Hi Ms. Demure,


Boaz Public School is a good school providing good education and they are encouraging the kids in a good way..... and they r going to implement extracurricular activities like yoga, art & craft, etc., fm the academic year 2011- 2012. U sh get a house near gowriwakkam where the school is situated and if ur house is nearby it will be easier for u to communicate with the teachers too.... anyway the school will give you the list of teacher's fone numbers for your reference.... the school will be issuing application form fm the month of January.... can call them and find out fone number.: 044 22780083


demure 2010-12-15 15:53:08


hi bhuvnaraman,

thanks for ur reply,i didnt see the school yet,planning to visit this friday,how abt the fees and wtas the age limit for ukg,my kid vl be 4 yrs and a month by march,is she eligible for ukg,is it tough to get admission,kindly clarify,im so worried and tensed.how good is good earth school which follows icse board.


logpoorni 2010-12-26 12:59:06


Hi all i am prekg admission for my daughter who is going to complete 3yrs in april 2011. is there a website for boaz public school and when will they issue appliction forms for prekg.  please help me in this.


demure 2010-12-26 16:30:57


hi,i dont know abt the website but they r issuing the appl forms by january 3rd


logpoorni 2010-12-26 19:17:39


thanks for sharing information, can u tell me in arsha vidhya mandir prekg is there.


Meenamuthu 2010-12-27 10:28:04



Can anyone tell me how is Bharathi Vidhyalaya school in Perumbakkam?

Reg Arsh Vidhya Mandir, already application forms are out, but they have only form LKG.





Deepalp 2011-09-16 18:57:26


Hi Friends,

I am new to this grp, and looking for PRE-KG admission for my son. Cud anyone pls give the details about the extra curiculum activities they provide and fee structure.



Deepalp 2011-09-16 18:58:55


Sry,  I forgot to mention the school name :-), i am looking PRE-KG admission in BOAZ school, Gowrivakkam.


Schl 2013-09-20 21:32:24


 hi deepalp,


Did u join ur kid in boaz school? if so how is the school?

if not could you suggest some good school in medavakkam?


sivu 2014-06-26 15:48:05


Application distribution: 
Distribute application form during the month of February OR you've to keep on calling the school to know the application Distribution date. You've to be outside the school main gate { in the road itself}  in the queue one day prior to the day of application distribution. Lot of rush. 
Admission criteria:
1. The student resident should be within around 6-7 km radius of the school
2. 2.5 yrs {current year -  March month} should be completed for pre-kg 
3. Parents should be well educated. They should be working in chennai location.
4. Interview is not much difficult. Just checking whether the kid is able to speak / understand.
5. Application cost -   500. Capitation -  58,000.00. school fee {one term only} - 25,000.00  {2013  academic -  L.K.G}
    I think this year they've increased the Capitation fee more than 20%
6. Year on year fee will be increasing.. Bus fee is separate

School / Education:
1. School toilets are unhygienic. 
2. Not much extra curricular activities.
3. Lot of Home works daily. Week end its more. Even parents also have to spend more time on home works. That too on week end its horrible. We can't plan for long outing on week ends / leave days. Students will be fully loaded with home works on leave days.
4. Teaching is average. Not upto the mark. But hype is created more for this school.

sivu 2014-06-30 17:13:11


4. I'd mentioned the interview  for kg standard; not for upper class. 


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