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Sathish 2009-07-27 15:23:39



Am Sathish, God blessed me a baby girl just few weeks ago. I have registed with parentree recently.

To experienced parents - Can someone enlighten me about the things that i should not miss to do ie, in terms of [1] the best investment plans for the child's education, [2]how to spend the quality time with the child etc. In short, am looking for constructive stuff which may not strike a first time dad

Thanks in advance



ANU4NIVEDH 2009-07-27 15:26:58


Congrats Sathish, and welcome !!


Sathish 2009-07-27 15:29:27


Thank you Anu for the good wishes. I saw your question on another page. Did you enquire about Ashram - Velachery?


ANU4NIVEDH 2009-07-27 18:42:14


I have. I was told admissions are not easy. Besides, i used to travel to office by that way, and i was not very impressed with the look of the school building(thats no real reason, anyway!). So right now i drop her to school and pick her up back, from office, so i dont want to change that, to a van system. I was thinking of PSBB Millenium, but they re shifting to somehwhere around Porur, which will again be far. Though i m not very impressed with DAV Adambakkam, since i work in an office close to the school, its convenient and the teachers and staff are familiar to me, and are easily approachable, right now. Which helps in many ways.

So i thought maybe some worthwhile extracurricular activities, after school, might be the solution.

Coming to your question, for the investment part, i suggest you discuss with a good financial consultant, for long term plans, and go only for LIC policies. They will most certainly have some plan for you, are cheaper, give better returns, and are much safer. Also make the habit of having an RD account, solely for paying the yearly school fees, though it sounds insignificant now, helps immensely later.

While going for policies, dont look at only Children plans as they are advertised, look at other plans also. Some plans might start giving you returns say, in 15 years, but it might not exactly be a Children's plan. I hope u get the idea.

Spending quality time is something which comes naturally to every parent. Listening to the childs day time activities, and as they go to school, the events of the day, at school, will help. Remember the names of her friends, classmates. She ll be mighty pleased with you. See all her notebooks everyday. Play at least one game with her everyday. No matter what she does, never shout or  hit her. Be very firm when saying no, but never shout.

What did you name her ?


momme 2009-07-28 02:03:10


Congrats Sathish !

I second ANU4NIVEDH with respect to LIC policies.. They are really good .

You guys will lack sleep for a while, until ur baby sleeps thru the night, but once she starts to, u guys can catch up your normal routine. You may tend to loose your nerve for no reason coz u are lacking sleep, or the mom most often. Those harmones and the stress from the child bith must be really toiling her badly. All she needs is your unconditional support right now. She might be way too emotional or sensitive right now , so u may have to embrace her really lot than anyother time.

And am sure u must be well aware of the vaccinations stuff, just do a little research over the internet and have an overall idea of what kind of vaccinations ur baby is receiving. Im always worried abt how docs give antibiotics and medicine for no solid reason. Find a good pediatrician who is approchable, coz first time parents tend to fear for little things , and a doc over the phone, might save a trip and cost.

Buy stimulating toys with bright colours, and more than the toys, the young infants enjoy being cuddled, and be held softly. At this age, all they need is a feeding, dry diaper, and a cuddle.

And lot of experienced mom and dads are around here to help u with any questions. So keep posted.

Enjoy parenting.. every moment.. Right now my baby is little grown and she is a 1.5 yr toddler, and i already miss her being baby.

Good luck



Sathish 2009-08-16 22:45:28


Thank you very much for the valuable suggestions. Sorry for the belated reply. We  have named her Varshini :)

How is your kid doing?

Thanks again for the suggestion on investment plans.




Sathish 2009-08-16 22:50:27


Thank you very much for all the valuable suggestions. Sorry for the belated reply. We  have named her Varshini :)

How is your kid doing?





mango_mama 2009-08-17 07:27:54


Hi Sathish,

Congrats! One thing is to be spontaneous and in the moment with them. Play with them, be silly with them. Not just the practical parental duties like providing for them, cooking, feeding, educating...





aanchal 2009-08-17 16:40:59


hi sathish,

congrats and welcome!! like anu said, lic policies are the best..we have opened an RD account for our a small amount gets saved every month..i guess, it will be of immense help when it becomes a big amount in few years time!!!

about spending quality time, just relax..the moment u get worried about spending quality time, the 'quality' disappears..also, its a wrong notion that quality matters more than quantity..i believe, quantity matters as much as quality unless there is a lot of mess in that quantity! for working parents quantity is a big issue, so sometimes out of guilt, they focus so much on the quality aspect of the time spent together that there is little spontaniety can make them too leniant and artificial with the child..instead, follow yr own instincts and cues from the child.

remember, happy parents make happy cheer up and have fun with yr child.


Bhuvana 2009-08-19 16:34:47


Hi Sathish,

Many Congratulations to you and your family. Hope varshini is keeping all of u busy by now...Enjoy Parenting..

Regarding the investment plans...according to whatever research i and my husband did....all investment companies take ur own money and give them with little bonus added to it. i feel we ourselves can use some government instruments and make our own investment plan as it is feasible for us. I believe PPF is a good option in SBI where it has guaranteed returns with good bonus..but returns will come only after u r planning investment for ur child u can use this option. yearly a family can put around 70k which is the limit. you can decide urself how much u can pay for the year and do it. but u have to be prompt in investing...becoz like all other plans nobody will be there to remind u on this and not being compulsory we have to be extra cautious in investing every year correctly.

One of my friend suggested NSCs in post office. u can buy NSC certificate every year. for the first return u have to wait for 6 and half years. but after that every year you would be getting money , although the returns are less this is a good option as this money could be used for the child's education fees,etc.

Although having a life insurance is always good but dont mostly concentrate on the policies alone...having one or two will do , but u can do things like this and investment ur own money in a better way.

Enjoy each moment whatever time u spend with her. time is no bounds being with our children but watever time u get make most out of them....even lying beside her and playing with her also is a great fun...i and my husband used to sing songs to make our little angel sleep...sometimes i used to recite slokas....dont go and spend too much on costly play things...find some good play thing for a reasonable would be worth of it...battery operated ones are also good..the child will be interested in them and try to move to grab them... after 5 or 6 months ensure u practice her the potty habit otherwise its too difficult to make them sit after that.

Enjoy and take care,





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