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hailsk 2010-12-01 14:26:41



My son is 2 ½ years now. Which CBSE school is best in and around Nanganallur. Already my application to PSBB millennium got rejected. Now I am looking for another best school in and around nanganallur.

Rakseta 2010-12-03 16:15:12


keep a tab on Sunshine school (opp to Velachery MRTS )


hailsk 2010-12-03 17:46:40


Thank u...

I heard Modern school in naganallur is good. Is Sunshine is better than Modern school.



vijinarsi 2010-12-09 12:14:21



  Modern school has only from LKG, they take kids perhaps who will complete 3 yrs by 31st Mar '11.

The school is existing for now over 40 yrs. I have heard that Academically they are very good and they do have co-curricular too. But not sure of extra-curricular though.

B/w i had got admission for my daughter at PSBB M (GST rd) but also thinking of Moderrn or other school for LKG as she will not be eligible this year as she is Apr born.

Sunshine i understand has extra-curricular also along with academics. So far, all feedback has been +Ve about sunshine. But Nursery and Jr KG is in Seethapathy colony, Velachery. Only from UKG it is near MRTS.

Where do you stay? depending on that you can choose Sunshine or Modern






hailsk 2010-12-10 15:37:37



Thank you...

I am staying in Thillai ganga nagar. I visited both modern school & Hindu colony Chellamal vidyalaya school @ nanganallur, the chellamal is more spacious and gud when compared to modern. Also heard chellamal is also gud in academics.

Sunshine velachery will be bit far from TG nagar.


Parthim 2010-12-13 15:17:21


Piece of information: I went to SunShine and was informed that application will be issued in first week of March.

 Even I'm also interested to know more about modern senior secondary school, nanganallur and Chellamal vidyalaya school @ nanganallur.


vijinarsi 2010-12-13 17:53:02


@ hailsk

  I too stay in TG nagar near subway. where are you put up (which street).

have you secured admission/applied in any school ?

What is your son's DOB?

I guess compared to chellammal, Modern will be a better choice as i have heard.

You can also try Arsha Vidya Mandir, Guindy (near concord motors), if you son completes 3 yrs by 31st mar you can try for LKG there.  You need to apply online from 22nd Dec to 3rd jan (

Getting admission is very tough as they have only 1 sec per class and strenght is only 28 per class


hailsk 2010-12-13 22:23:50


Hi Vijinarsi...

I stay in 21st st. My son DOB is 5th June 2008.

Both modern school and arsha vidya mandir dont have prekg. For LKG, age criteria is 3 yrs by 31st march. so Chellamal is my only choice.

Final choice is prince bt it is matric.

which school ur son/daughter is studying?



vijinarsi 2010-12-14 10:50:16



   My daughter currently goes to Apple kid (play school), Nanganallur

We have got admission in PSBB Millenium for Pre-Kg.

Does chellamal have Pre-KG? Does he go to any play school

Other option is to contuinue Pre-Kg in some place like Apple kids or Seed (west velachery, which is very good)

Alternately you can go & check in PSBB millenium few times to check if there is any vacancy in Pre-Kg, perhaps after March. You may get if they have vacancy



rtssrk 2011-02-13 17:16:21



My elder one is doing his 1st at Modern, education seems to be Ok. If the kid is interested in studies, then Modern is Ok. If the kid is interested in extra curicullar, then modern is not the place for it.

There is no extra curicular activity at Modern which actually they can improve upon.

My little one is at Saraswathi Vidya Niketan - which is good for PreKG. They have till 5th std and my kid enjoys there.




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