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Lavanya 2009-07-23 17:37:47



My daughter is 1.5 years old and I am planning to start using tooth paste to brush her teeth. Till now it has been with only water. She does not know how to spit yet, I have just started teaching her.

Is there a harmless toothpaste available, which will be ok, if she swallows? Can i use the regular colgate for kids that is commonly available or can any of you recommend something better?



momme 2009-07-24 01:50:57


Hello Lavanya,

I have an 18 month old daughter and i brush her with a training tooth paste that is safe to swallow. Its called Orajel. ( I live in US right now , although i found it in "Just Born" Nungambakkam, and also heard its sold in few other shops.) You can ask your doctor/dentist/pharmacist if something along the tag, 'orajel' is available for toddlers.

If you dont get one, dont you worry. A thin clean wash cloth will do the job. Take a cotton wash cloth (preferably new and washed ) and damp it a little , and then gently wipe ur baby's gums and tongue. Put the cloth over ur hands, use ur forefinger and thumb to clip the teeth/tooth and wipe it a couple of times. Thats a good enuf clean for a 15 month old baby. Wash the towel with very very lil detergent and rinse well on running water, and dry it for re-use.

Hope this helps.



Lavanya 2009-07-24 15:22:58


Thank you momme for your tips.Just wanted to let you know that my daughter is 18 months old now.

Any how, will try out both the options and thanks again


momme 2009-07-24 21:00:25



Just was curious if u were thinking abt a preschool for ur kid. Let me know if u have something in mind. We might move to Chennai by next March/April and im looking out for preschools in Velachery/Adyar/OMR areas. So, by June 2010 my daugter would turn 2.5 years and i might wanna put her in a preschool  .

Let me know if u can share some thoughts, and we will continue the discussion in a new thread, perhaps under a suitable label.(might be useful for others as well ..!! )


momme 2009-07-24 21:30:04




Pls check this link.


I use a very similar kind of brush for my baby. This one is effective even without the training toothpaste. Came across this product when i was browsing to send some gifts to my cousin.


Lavanya 2009-07-25 21:25:35


Hi momme

I checked out the link and I have already been using this for the past few months. The problem is that she bites my hand when I use that and it becomes difficult. Now, I am getting her used to the normal brush.

Regarding pre-school, yeah, I am thinking of putting her in one. I reside in Kodambakkam and so looking at a couple of options near by. There is "A school" that has started newly and it has branches in Ashok nagar and Velachery as well. There has been a lot of discussion on A-school in this forum itself and you can refer to the same here.

There are also a couple of others in the nearby locality which I am planning to check out as well.

The only catch is that my daughter's birth date is Dec 28 and she will be completing 2.5 yrs only on June 28. Most schools have the cut-off date as Jun 1 st, so that might be a problem. However, I am still planning to put her in some play school as she will enjoy the company of other kids.

What about your daughter? Would you have the same problem?


momme 2009-07-26 22:21:40



Good that u are getting her used to the brush. One less transition to go thru ..

I happened to read abt the A-School and  lot of other schools in this forum and in other forums as well. Now, i have a good idea abt whats going on in terms of schools in chennai.

My daughter was born on Dec 3. So she will be 2.5 yrs by June 3 rd. I hope that wouldnt be a problem, but i want to put her somewhere, where she can continue her LKG and so on..And at an expeneses & fee point of view also, paying admission fees in two different schools will be an extra burden to our purses. So im ideally aiming at putting her in some school like Chettinad Vidyashram or PSBB or something similar where they have pre-KG.

We have not moved to Chennai yet, but we will move around March, if needed, earlier. Im just gathering as much info as possible, as of now.

Practically we would be OK with any good school, and we would ideally try to stay near the school. And if nothing works out like i was thinking, i would definetly put her in a play school. Like u said, it would be nice for her to be with other kids of her age, and also a nice and smooth transition from home to school. And am sure there are hell lot of choices around chennai.

Im looking out for any school that is giving out applications or open for registration for 2010 admissions. Pls let me know if u come to know abt'em.  PM me to if u have any updates.

Good to know abt u Lavanya. Lets keep each other updated.






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