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meenambiga 2011-11-02 16:35:12



i would like to know the best schools around velachery for admission to prekg



sunsril 2011-11-02 17:27:07


A very healthy discussion.

Let me start with myself. Those days our parents were not so concerned like us today, they minded only 1 thing, which school is near and whether english language is being taught.

So,I was joined in Anglo Indian board that is only better than the State board in the standard of education in Chennai, from LKG to +2. Later went on to do Bachelors in Corporate Secyship and somehow managed to get a break into the IT industry with an IT Diploma.

Now i am a manager in one of the top 5 IT companies of India, and i am proud of myself looking back with the modest education i had and the amount of money i had spent ( compared to nowadays it's just peanuts )

But for my child i am breaking my head of which school to join her, whether matric or cbse ? as all the parents dilemma.

I pity the nowadays children that they don't have the laid back lifestyle we had in our school days, they don't even find decent playing space in their schools and in the residences they live in.

To sum up, I firmly believe, whatever education one gets, it's what that particular individual is capable to do will be known to him/her self in his later stage of his life with which he can mould his life.

Interestingly, those studying literature/history/geography still lead decent or a more than that equal to anyone in this world.



SecularMe 2011-12-23 19:09:08


I've been following this old discussion for a while now. My 6.6yr old son studies in A-School (Very Dissatiffied with Foundation's approach & lack of transperancy). 

@ Srihamsa While KFI & several other schools are good, I know quite a number of past pupils, thier fee structure is too much even for upper middle class parents like us. People who are richer can afford 'quality' education with all the peripherals, etc, coz they got money. The rest of us simply have to put our kids into schools that 'push' the child & make them 'mug' & vomit the answers on the question paper during the board exams.

FYI CBSE has given students & schools the continous assessment models yet all CBSE schools in Chennai follow the examination model & find the continous assessment model along with its assignments, etc USELESS!!!!!!


SecularMe 2011-12-23 19:26:27


 @ Sumathee Interesting observation! My parents put me in a Christian-run school to help me imbibe 'Christian Values'. Guess what? By the time I came to high school, I knew as much about Hinduism as about my own religion. As for Muslim girls, many of them dropped out around 10th-12th stds due to 'maturing' & marraige. 

As for your observation of Hindus being made fun of- all I remember is I refused to take even a boiled egg to school as my non-Christian friends would poke fun at me for eating non-veg. Of course, the rest of our Christian' habits such as cutting my hair, not wearing flowers or bangles were also laughed at. So it all depends on how you look at things.


 Former member 2012-11-01 07:35:48



I share the same view as most of you about schools. As sunsril mentioned, I completed my entire schooling in the same school, but that is not the case now. I am a mother of 7 yrs old. I believe there is no good school or bad school, its just our perspective,and wanted my daughter to study in the same school.

Oflate, i notice she talks a lot about hindu, muslim, christian. She mentiones a child's name and asks me to guess which religion the child belongs. I dont think she needs to know that. The teachers are freshers and turnaround is high.

I feel children should learn concepts and not memorize multiplication table, life cycle of a plant etc. I dont see those happening at school. they have a syllabus to complete and it has to be completed. that's it. Schools are killing the cretivity of the child.

I have a passion for maths and I have started to teach concepts of multiplication table,place value and my daughter seems to love it. I wish i knew all this when I was at school.

Schools should impart basic discipline and i see it is lacking..getting worried now.

My daughter and I used to attend balagokulam(part of HSS), every sunday in US. My daughter spent quality time and learnt values, stories, yoga,fun time,field trip, meeting friends etc.

I would like to contribute what i can, if not for all, atleast for a few kids.

Do you all meet? If so, i would like to join. If not, can we form a group



2003 2014-02-04 10:15:48


Hai Vidya i( dr.indumathy,cbe) very much agree with u..... Can I hav ur contact number to discuss on schoolin?


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