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Srihamsa 2010-07-12 19:02:28




Have not been to Pitchavaram. But have heard that it is beautiful. Is the weather there good enough to go now or should one wait till Nov-Dec?

The school link you sent was amazing. Is there any published story behind why they started, what kind of school it is, etc? The website doesnt say much.


The School KFI children have been to Kanavu a few times, I was told. I am thinking of going with them when the next trip happens.



MeenaThara 2010-07-14 11:30:04


Hi Srihamsa,

After reading about the school in UmaNaren link, just thought of asking the question I had. I read both the books you had suggested.

What did you ask in school today?
Peter Senge's 'Schools that Learn'

They were very good and informative( by the way, if you know any good books like these, do let us know). Based on all the info I have, I feel for pre-primary , the best form of learning is Montessori based education. But there seems to be no mention of this in most of the books. Any thoughts...



Srihamsa 2010-07-14 21:45:59


 Hi everyone,


Tomorrow, Thursday July 15, there is a TED Global 2010 presentation live session which would be held in Oxford and telecast live in Chennai. There is a session on Education and "Who's a Teacher?"

For details:

Tickets seem to have sold out online. (I got one!). You may check with friend who could work contacts and get a ticket or two. Don't miss it.   Sugata Mitra, a legendary educationist who is now a prof in UK, is talking tomorrow. For an earlier presentation by him, go to        


UmaNaren 2010-07-15 14:35:34


Hi Srihamsa,

Pitchavaram is good just after monsoon and  during winters. Do not take a trip on the tourist seasons!! Esp if you want to study the local flora n fauna.

Yep, 'The School' , CFL n few others have been visiting Kanavu.  Pulicat Lake n Kattupalli Island are indeed beautiful places. Have you visited any other Scrub Jungles around Chennai?

Thanks again for sharing the TED GLOBAL 2010 info. Have been following TED on fb. write ups on Sugata Mitra's 'Hole in the Wall' were published by various biz mags if you remember!

@MeenaThara, why limit Montessori only to Pre-Primary?? The philosopy is for life!




Srihamsa 2010-07-15 15:35:37



There is no single "best" form of education. If that had been possible, we would not have so much chaos in education today. Take any type of pedagogy / method - Montessori, Constructivist, Steiner, etc - for every supporter or a supporting research paper, you would find an opponent or an equally valid anti--thesis.

I would rather side-step that issue. And focus on being led by the child, it doesn't matter what one calls it.

Let the children lead us. We will stand-back, provide support when necessary and maybe even lead them once in a while, be co-learners (great opportunity to unlearn and relearn for us), try to find answers together for their questions, etc. Things ought to be fine.




UmaNaren 2010-07-15 22:29:40


@Srihamsa, you have said it all in RIGHT WORDS! Cannot be more apt! Follow the Child... I thank God every day for having blessed me with Motherhood.

We shall recommend your book to every parent we know! I wish you all the best for the book!



UmaNaren 2010-08-07 21:30:16


Hi Srihamsa,

Can we nominate G.Gautama and Jinan K.B to TEDXCHENNAI? I simply couldn't access the nominations page!! Did ya try accessing it anytime?



Srihamsa 2010-08-07 23:30:14


Hi UmaNaren,

The latest on the TEDx front is that 5 people have already been nominated. 6 more to go. My colleague G Rajendran (from Kozhippara, Palakkad Dt), a great constructivist teacher, has been shortlisted and his video shoot is happening in Coimbatore tomorrow. So I guess the nominations etc are pretty much over. Gautama knows Rajendran and wrote in my buzz ( that he is delighted that Rajendran is close to being selected.

BTW, you may want to take a look at the Learning Revolution on Facebook. We exchange lots of ideas, videos, talks, articles, etc.  Inspired by Ken Robinson.

Sugata Mitra of the 'Hole in the Wall' experiments accepted my request for friendship on Facebook. Great man.

BTW, book your seat for TEDx Chennai. Fill in the form and submit asap. 





asundy 2010-09-07 00:35:58


 Hi Srihamsa & Uma Naren,

Need your help. I have tried 3 schools so far and the search is getting better but I would say the focus on left brained acaedemics is a permanent feature wherever I go. I have two kids with very different learning styles. The elder one is my son who is 8 years and is a nature lover and dreamer - my own assessment is that the steiner/waldor/monstessori kind of school would suit him. I have had to change 3 schools so far for him. My daughter is 5 and is in UKG and enjoys the left brained factory approach in that same school to which my son goes. The school does bring in elements of holistic learning and I appreciate the care they take to give feedback which is exhaustive (slice and diced versions) - however at the end of the day there is too much acaedemics in the name of ASSET exam etc. I do realize that the horses for courses approach may have to be adopted sooner or later but I am at a total loss to find a school which will support my right brained dreamer. Can you suggest schools (preferably in OMR or ECR) which focus on his kinesthetic learning style and develop his natural  interests ? I would love to support my kids in their learning but I hate to be tied down by the school in teaching math, history, language day in and day out mindlessly.

Frustrated in Chennai.




ravipreethi 2010-09-07 09:08:55


hi oliver

   just you go through, which is in besant nagar




Srihamsa 2010-09-14 15:41:36


Hi Oliver,

I empathize with you and can very well understand your frustration. Few Indian cities would be any different. Many schools in Chennai deal with neither right nor left brain. So it is going to be a daunting task to suggest any school that passes muster for you with such finely calibrated expectations.

Check out Navdisha (ICSE) in Velachery; Headstart (OMR - IGCSE) ( for your right brain-dominant child. I am tempted to recommend KFI ( ; ICSE) but with a caveat that getting admission would be pretty uncertain - depends on vacancies, outcome of interviews with parents, etc. You should check out though. I believe APL School on OMR ( has been gaining reputation as a non-mainstream school, if you are willing to loosen your purse strings a bit. Check out the reviews on APL at this site as well.

This of this option: a mainstream school that may not be a brand school but one that would not burden the children with too much structured maths, science, English, etc, thus leaving the scope for you to handle these yourself after school  hours. Children Garden on OMR has a decent reputation. I have met some teachers and was impressed by the sort of earthiness they had. 

Let me know if you need more details.






asundy 2010-09-14 22:52:45


Thanks Srihamsa !

It was very humorous to read your comment that most schools in Chennai are neither left or right brained - made me wonder if that is what really made kids frustrated and parents unhappy.

But yes I will definitely try your suggestions. I had approached Headstart last year but backed out when I thought I just did not having enough data to make an informed judgement about it being different. I believe that unless we cater to the childs learning style we may not have too much success in finding the appropriate school. I guess the good montessori school or KFI does adopt that approach.

The option of a non branded school does appeal to me. It was suggested to me by my sister who is a school teacher in Delhi. Could you please provide me with more details of those ? When you mentioned that you were impressed by the earthiness are you saying they were level headed and had a good vision on what to focus on for a child ? 

The downside to some of the "less acaedemic pressure" schools is that they dont really worry too much if a child doesnt learn a concept. That eventually builds a backlog sufficiently large enough for the child to lose interest.

If I really look at this entire thing objectively what I am really looking for in a school is (a) good English speaking environment ,  (b) emphasis on developing good human character and values (c) an environment which fosters and nurtures learning for the child without pressurising them ie which uses some of the philosophies of curative education as advocated by steiner.




Ganrag 2010-09-15 12:38:27



I request suggestion on some good cbse schools around porur. I'm looking out for Pre KG admissions for my kids.




Srihamsa 2010-09-15 14:47:28


Hi Oliver,

Further on the schools.

Taking two facts from your message: (i) You do not want to do the mindless Math, English, History and all that mainstream stuff at home, and (ii) your two kids are quite different from each other.

  2. Try this: You should join them in any mainstream school as you do not want to do the mainstream type learning at home. Your son will fare badly while your daughter will be comfortable. You should not bother too much about what your son does (difficult, I agree!) but should merely make sure that he passes year-after-year. For both of them, you should do the "non-mainstream" learning at home. Your son will love that, whereas your daughter may not figure out what the fuss is all about.   3. There are so many mainstream schools in ECR and / or OMR. Just pick any of them. It won't make a difference in the long-term.   4. I also think you are expecting far too much from schools. If you continue with these expectations, you won't be a happy parent. Not being a happy parent is truly detrimental to parenting! You should break these expectations altogether and get going at what you can and want to do (non-mainstream type learning) and leave the rest to a regular mainstream school.   

asundy 2010-09-16 00:15:50


 Hi Srihamsa,

You could well be right. Perhaps, I am expecting far too much from schools but I believe that if we dont seek we will never get. Maybe I am oversensitive about this given that I have had a bad experience myself where I found very little exciting in school. I could be a happier parent if I could do what you said - not bother too much about the school's expectations and let my son be. But wouldnt that be a compromise ? Wouldnt years of non performance (by the conventional benchmarks) blunt the confidence and crush the self esteem of the child ?

I teach adults on topics like personal leadership and leader competencies and this job takes significant preperation time and sometimes needs me to travel away from home, so  I have to deal with those constraint too. I have tried hard and havent found it very motivating to do anything structured like sitting with my kids for homework or provide that consistent acaedemic suppport. However whenever i get a chance/time I am willing to do non mainstream stuff like trying out arvindgupta's toy ideas or taking them to nature parks and craft habitats, or play some sport.

Given this background, I am keen that the time the child spends at school is utilized in such a way that he learns and enjoys what he learns. My son does love being with nature and animals, play with blocks, likes drawing/painting (though has lost interest now bekoz of the constant academic pressure) and dream and create. I am dreaming that a good Montessori/Waldorf school would just be what the doctor ordered. However I am unsure about that too, after hearing out some parents say that there is very liitle happening in school and they supplement it with evening tutions ! Also not sure if Montessori methods are actually applied in 4th to 8th grade in schools like Navadisha.

I know I am venting at times, but I am determined that some synergestic solution will emerge for my situation from your mentoring. Thanks a tonne for the great clarity you have already brought. I cant thank you enough for taking the time.

I am looking to continue this discussion and your ideas.





asundy 2010-09-16 00:23:00



Btw, I will be moving to Shollinganallur next year. Could you throw some light on the teaching methods at Headstart and their overall acceptance of the child ? Would you qualify it as a mainstream school ? Given my rant above, would you still believe it to be a suitable option for me ?   Regards, Oliver

anitha13 2010-11-14 14:30:42


hi to all

   Am anitha and glad to be a member in such a tree where we hav lot of

info to get which helps the edu of each n every child..


anitha13 2010-11-14 14:36:57


am planning to put my 3yr old daughter in  the grove school, can anyone pls

give me info about the school, I liked the environment but there was no proper person to give me feedback as i went in the time of childrens day celeb..but i heard from a neighbour  that there is no computer education and i am not sure about how far  its true.Am really interested to put my child where she shud happily enjoy her studies and not get squeezed..Pls give me brief info if you hav..

thank you all




Sheelas 2011-02-16 01:36:09


Hi All,

Can anybody let me know about Navadisha Montessori , do they have enough montessori materials and have affiliation? How are my chances if I apply for my son for preprimary?I am also looking at abacus, but chances are bleak as registration is over. I also need reviews about the Grove school Teynampet for my 1st son for 5th std? Is the teaching and the English spoken is good? We are totally confused whether to go for the Grove or the Headstart International in thoraipakkam?

Can anyone help me?






mayilainathan 2011-02-17 00:15:02


Hi Meera

I have been to bala vidya mandir today. They do not have a proper ground. The fees(one lakh/annum)seem exorbitant compared to the infrastructure the school has. The person who is incharge of the admission told me they wont give receipt for the fees paid. I really wonder how the kids are going to learn value education in this school.




racheal 2011-02-18 22:14:35



Would you be knowing as to how is Lady Andall and Sherwood school?



Kanchidevi 2011-02-19 10:06:11


Can anyone give me reviews about La chateline and Vani vidyalaya Virgamabakkam.


asundy 2011-02-23 14:26:53


 Need inputs on APL Global ? On the face of it all schools claim quite a bit and I wonder if they actually stand up to what they say beyond a point. In the name of personalized learning do they force fit children to adapt to the school syllabus ?

What has been your experience/ or if you have heard what has been the comment of parents/children studying there ?




 Former member 2011-02-24 21:26:34


Hi friends,

I m a single mom of 2 sons in Bangalore. My company is shifting to Chennai within a few months. My sons are studying in class 8 and class 2 currently in a CBSE school. I need to get my kids admitted in a good CBSE school in Central Chennai into Class 9 and Class 3. Need advice regarding it. Please help!!

My email address is




Srihamsa 2011-02-24 22:49:12



Where is your residence going to be? Central Chennai is a rather vague term. It might take an hour or two to commute within Central Chennai depending on where you live. 

Several decent schools exist in Central Chennai, assuming you meant T Nagar, Nungambakkam, Egmore areas. Admissions process could be on in many of the schools now. Most schools would admit children in middle of the school classes only if vacancies arise. Else, you should check out schools like Chettinad Vidyashram which seem to be bursting at the seams in numbers. The other option is to put them in any school that you get, dont kill yourself in identifying the 'best' school this year but do follow-up in the next year.

Do mention where you would be living. Some schools follow the 3-km radius policy for admissions.


shreesmom 2011-02-28 11:05:50


Can anyone tell me the fees structure of bala vidya admission easy .I am new to this website


shreesmom 2011-02-28 11:07:23


I Psbb ok compared to bala vidya mandir.I am in search of a cbse school for my kid next year for pre- kg admission



RaajiRavi 2011-07-25 14:20:05


One of the most informative and enlightening thread with regards to the perception of a "good" school .... i am a parent of a 3 yr old, who has put off deciding where to send my kid for his kindergarten a little too much ..... simply bcos i can't comprehend what all the hype behind finding the right school even b4 the kid was born is.

i'd like to remember, for comfort, how i fought hard with my parents to let me continue in a school that gave the basic education, lots of freedom, and least concern on whether i passed or failed my boards.

i preferred to do my learning my way - with no one looking over my shoulder, checking my time- table etc. even my parents, though skeptical to begin with, didn't have to sit and tutor me or find me tutors outside school. they sat back and watched (left with no other choice)

result - i did great - scores, college admissions, work etc. etc.

and yes, the general environment - home and society helped build the values.

so what's the pressure on finding the 'perfect' school?



Rani123 2011-07-27 22:19:51


Hi Every one,

 I recently join this informative blog,We live in california,I have 2 daughters,Elder one is going to 7th grade,youngerone is going to 3rd grade.We are planning to move to india middle of the aug.Please kindly let me know where can i get the admission in cbse school in chennai around omr road.





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