LKG admission 2011-2012 in Annanagar CBSE Schools

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shankalz 2010-11-17 14:38:47


Hi all,

      I've enquired about date of issue of application forms in DAV, SBOA, Chinmaya vidhyalaya & Rajani Bhawan Vidhyashram and came to know that all are gonna issue only in December. So parents who are planning to put your kid in LKG in the above mentioned schools can call the school management by Nov end to confirm the date. The age limit for SBOA is 3yrs completion by June 2011 and the rest of the schools is only 3.5yrs by June 2011. Request you all to share your views or any other info about LKG admission in this blog.


bala32 2010-11-24 00:36:54


Do you have any idea. what will be the fees they are collecting.


Balamurugan P


shankalz 2010-11-26 10:04:03


Hi all,

       In Moggapair DAV, the application forms for LKG is issued on 3rd and 4th Dec 2010 bet 9AM to 1PM. Kids born between 1st Dec 2006 and 1st Dec 2007(both dates inclusive) are eligible and the cost of application form is Rs 150. Kindly request you all to share any info you get abt the admission process in this website so that many will get benefited.





ndn 2010-11-26 17:02:45


 Hi all

I am seeking admission for my daughter for LKG in a school nearby Mogappair or Anna Nagar.  She will be 3 yr old by 27th February  2011. Can anyone please help me regarding this? Thanks in advance....

Warm Regards



shankalz 2010-11-29 12:55:01


Hi Nisha,

         For DAV your kid might not be eligible this year. But you can try in SBOA/Velammal/Chinmaya Vidyalaya/Bawans. Velammal is issuing the appln forms on 16th Dec 2010. For CV & Bhawans visit their web on Dec 1st to 3rd for online appln forms. and


ndn 2010-11-29 14:50:37


  Hi Kalpana

Thank you very much for the details. I will try the schools you have mentioned.  I  did call SBOA Anna Nagar last week. They said call them back on December last  week for details.


ndn 2010-12-01 17:19:48



Hi All,

Check websites for

 CV Chennai,  Bhavan's and  Velammal  for admission details.



ndn 2010-12-02 15:46:09


 Hi All

I need to Know about how good is Velammal Vidyalaya , SBOA and Dawn School.

can anybody please help me?




shankalz 2010-12-08 18:09:08


Hi nisha,

    SBOA is a crowded school, i mean more no. of students per class. They have sections till the alphabet 'O' itseems.

One of the parent whose kid studying in Dawn said they give too much of home works for LKG itself. No idea about Velammal vidhyalaya except that Vellammal group of schools are too too strict in their rules and regulations.

These are all the info i got from few of the parents when we were standing the whole night in front of DAV gate to get the LKG appln form. So no personal experience with these schools.




sriramrv 2010-12-12 08:03:55


The only drawback of SBOA is the no. of students they have in each class. It is a very good school if you are ok with a strength of 60 students per class. It has good infrastructure and very qualified teachers. The most important aspect is that they dont fleece the parents.


shankalz 2010-12-13 12:54:07


@ Sriramrv,

                 I do accept that it is a gud school with gud infra and well qualified teachers. Will that well qualified teacher show special attention to all the 60 kids in her/his class?


Sri2009 2010-12-15 10:29:33


Hello Parents

                  Im also looking to admit my daughter in SBOA CBSE for her 1st std...i had asked the security at the gate he said if there is any transfers of SBI officer's kids then  they may open vacancy for std 1-8.

Last year also i tried,,,,,but all in vain!!!! The correspondent was so rude n din know hw to respect a parents attitude n wishes.

But since he is nt the future of my kid he may go retd..after 2-3 not bothered..all i want is an admission to std 1 for my kid in a CBSE the matric board is not standardised...too bad at CSI Ewart,Anna nagar.

The application are being issued from 13th till 16th i belive...for LKG...





shankalz 2010-12-15 14:04:18


Hi all,

 For lkg they are issuing on 22nd ,23rd and 24th of Dec 2010 between 9am to 12pm. The cost of appln form is Rs 500. Just now called the school management and confirmed the dates. Also below is the school office numbers for further enquiry.

Phone: 044-26151165, 044-26152893, 044-26151145



shankalz 2010-12-15 14:04:40


The above is for SBOA CBSE..


shankalz 2010-12-16 09:55:06


Hi all,

Velammal group of schools issuing the appln forms for lkg from today (16th) onwards between 9am to 12pm.


Rakseta 2010-12-16 11:18:18


Let me know the fees details for 1st Std at Velammal Vidyalaya (Mel Ayanbakkam).Which is better Schram academy or Velammal vidyalaya??




shankalz 2010-12-17 16:08:21


Sorry nithya, no idea about both the schools you've mentioned. But since velammal vidhyalaya comes under velammal group it would be of gud standard i guess..


gnprakash 2011-03-15 18:46:24


Please anyone clarify that, Is there any CBSE school around Anna nagar and Mogappair issuing application form for 1st standard admission currently?


Sri2009 2011-03-17 13:33:27


hi Prakash

                 Im hunted for my daughter to admit her in to some CBSE school around annandg, mugapair, now going dwn to KK nagar also,...,...still trying thru recommdtn in SBOA. And DAV Girls said that they dnt have vacancy...over last 7 yrs...meaning no fresh admission to Std 1..but I cant believe....does all schools strictly follow this vacancy and gv stupid...!!!

If you are interested to admit in Chennai Public school , Thirumalasai then u can contact office at annangr,TVS colony.

Im frustrated...!!!!!!!!!!!


gnprakash 2011-03-18 16:26:18


Hi Sri,

Thanks for you suggestion.

Chennai Public School, Thirumalasai is too far from our residence, isn't it.

And what about some International CBSE Schools like, THE SCHRAM ACADEMY, DAWN SCHOOL etc. I don't know exactly how it differs from the standard CBSE syllabus.

Also, Velammal CBSE, Surapet also issuing applications. I heard by some of our relatives that it is the standard one. Can you confirm what's your opinion?

It's not at all possible to admit our kid to DAV or SBOA (eventhough it is better and nearest school from our residence) and also they weren't treat the parents well for seeking new admissions. It's a shame thing!!



Sri2009 2011-03-19 13:54:24


Im trying in Vani Vidhyalaya, also banging hard on SBOA and DAV...In Dav I was told to cm in the last week of waiting for that,

Velammal Surapet is a Matric school, So i din gv much importance to getting into it. only Velammal vidhyalaya in Mel ayynambakkam is a CBSE.....I got application and unfortunately din take up the test and now last week heard they dnt have any vacancy.

Velammal School of Excellence, Surapet, Chennai (Fully residential). 



Sri2009 2011-03-20 11:06:58



             I jus browsed the net and found that in Surapet along with the Velammal Matric school and Bloomingdale Pre school is the Velammal Vidhyashram CBSE (2010)...i called them and came to know they are issuing applications for Std I Sat 19/03/2011 and also on Monday 21/03/2011 (last day of Submitting appln is 24/03/11)

Pls hurry up there its near the velammal engg college....

I just went at 4pm and got one its Rs.250/- only Interview on 03/04/2011 no written test.




gnprakash 2011-03-21 07:10:45


Hi Sridevi,

Thanks for the information.

I've bought and submitted the application to the Surapet Velammal CBSE on Saturday 19/03/2011 itself. They have called my child on Sunday (03/04/11) for the entrance exam. For U.K.G. to 1st Std kids, they are conducting only oral test as an entrance exam. Hence, this is the right time for our kid to admit for the preprimary school. But they are commencing CBSE from this year only. And, thatswhy, I am asking how it was?

But the School is a standard one. We have planned to admit to Surapet Velammal CBSE by this year. Let us see how it will go on, she has to go to school everyday around 12 kms, fortunately we have van facility from our residence (near Chennai Public School).

Once again thanks for the intimation. Hope everything will happen positively!



Sri2009 2011-03-21 22:16:59


Hi Prakash

  Im going to submit on wed, no one at my house are interested to send her so long, or get us shifted to Kolathur or Surapet itself.

We are still trying in DAV and Vani vidhyalaya...GOD only knows what will happen...




gnprakash 2011-03-22 07:08:38


Hi Sridevi,

Even my wife is also not interested to send her so long. Eventhough we haven't any option to choose. But, we have enough transport facility. The only drawback is we will not able to keep in touch with her class teachers directly to receive the feedback of our kids. Otherwise, it's a very good school.

I will pray to GOD for your kid's admission. Let me know if you child got admit.



Sri2009 2011-03-22 10:17:54


Thanks Prakash,

Im planning to shift if Im sure in admitting her in Surapet,

Will surely let u know.





gnprakash 2011-04-06 08:06:29


Hi Sridevi,

Our kid got admission in Velammal CBSE at Surapet. I think everyone (whoever applied) got admission in that school as it is new & huge there. Me and my wife have a little bit of confussion regarding our kid have to travel 12 kms per day.

8th of April is the last day to pay the fees. We have to decide on/or before that.

What about your kid? Have she got admission anywhere?



gnprakash 2011-04-08 11:04:34


Hi Sridevi,

At last we have decided and paid the admission fees at the last minute.

What about your kid? Where do you decide to place your kid?




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