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neil 2009-07-11 17:55:47


We are relocating to Chennai and have been scouting for admission to our son for first std.

We have been advised of Schram Adacemy. There is very few reviews about this school and hence seek to understand more about academics...How is the academics? (Being an international school, we know the extra curricular activities will be good so the intention is to understand about academics)

Is there information about the school academic performance in board exams (marks of students, top rankers, where did the outgoing students join)

Appreciate your help,


Meera 2009-07-16 17:38:04


Hi Neil

Finalizing a school would depend on where you plan to stay. Schram is a good school but located outside the city. Two of my colleagues had their daugthers there.  It is different from the marks obsessed Chennai Schools- children get an opportunity for all round growth and development

If you are open to looking at Montessori as an option, there is Abacus Montessori School which is really good (my daugther goes there). ABacus follows the ICSE system. SChram follows the CBSE stream- I am not sure if it is an International School though the founder was a Dutch lady.

Hope this helps





Lavanya 2009-07-17 13:17:49



Where is the Abacus school located? I reside in Kodambakkam. Is there a branch near by that area?

Is Abacus a primary school or does it have classes till 12th?

I have heard the name Abacus a lot but never got around to know the details. Can you please help

Thanks in advance



Meera 2009-07-20 09:59:09


Hi Lavanya


No Abacus does not have branches and it has nothing to do with ABACUS brain gym. It is a school following the ICSE syllabus. Pl read about it in the school review.






Ranic 2010-04-30 20:15:58


Hi Friends,

    Can anybody suggest some good shools in Nolambur.  We are currently residing in US, planning to move back to Chennai by the beginning of 2011. My son is 5 years and daughter is 2 years old . We are looking for good schools in and around Nolambur.

       How  is the Schram acacdemy that is located in Nolmabur campus. How much importance do they give for extra curricular activities . What is the fees structure and admission process??  During what time of the year do they start giving admission forms .

       Heard that Velammal school is very strict . How far is it true and what way is it strict?

       Any dvice or suggestions on this topic would be very helpful to me on deciding the school and i appreciate all of your time and help .







AnneT 2010-09-16 15:35:07


Hi Meera,

Thank you so much for your reviews about Abacus Montessori. I am planning to have my son join Primary1 in June 2011. Can you pls let me know if they have any compulsary slogan classes or yoga classes? Is the management a hindu management or just secular? Also, do they charge any fees extra other than the ones they specify on the registration form when we do the registration? Do you know how easy it is to get admission for a younger sibling there? My 2nd one will be joining school in 2013 June and we are planning to move based on the school location. Is both Tamil and Hindi compulsary languages to study? Do they have French at all? When will we know whether the seat is confirmed? Would be very thankful if you can answer my  questions.




yesseskay 2011-11-06 21:29:05



Ppl.. My daughter is 2nd June 09 Born ... I stay near Annanagar ..I dont prefer academic focussed school ..Since i belive the other attributes make the child good .

I have a inclination towards the Schram Academy ...due to their boastings in their website... wiz..swimming class.. skatings.. field trips.. international faculty.. teachers getting trained regularly..which is a good thing ...

But after reading the neagtive reviews from senoir sceptical now .. and i need my senior parents advise on this again :)


anuradha14 2011-11-07 08:00:24



  even i went through their website, i found it satisfying....but pls let me know if there is any negatives about the school


VijaiArun 2012-02-08 13:51:39




my kid is studying in Schram 2nd standard. i am thinking to change the school. the environment and the facility is not conviencing for the money what they are collecting. they are much far from the internation school standards.

i thinking to move him to one of the school  omega,psbb, chennai public school.

please share your valuable inputs..




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