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Aamd 2023-11-19 23:20:59


Hi All, I am planning to get admission for my daughter <4th grade> and son <6th grade> in academic yr2024. Please suggest me some good school cbse near Medavakkam!


papabear 2023-11-28 15:42:57



Yours is a question which has been often repeatedly asked on the blog, I have posted answers earlier, hence I am reposting for you to easily access.  

Here is a list of schools in order of preference and my reviews, I evaluated them when I moved here. Please do not take my reviews at face value, do visit each school, put in the extra effort and do the research for your child -

1. Babaji Vidhyashram Senior Secondary - CBSE Affiliated - Air-conditioned with playground - This school was the the top pick as it met all my requirements such as good track record, good English speaking staff, modern curriculum, reasonable fee with value for money, large playground, hygienic toilets, pollution free location, amazing co-curricular activities - drama, music, dance, NCC etc., I found getting admission here is tough but they have a very transparent process.

2. PSBB Millenium (near DLF) - CBSE Affiliated - Non A/C with playground - This school was my second option, it met most of my requirements such as good functional systems, good track record, medium sized playground, value for money fee etc., It did not meet my expectations on hygienic toilets, pollution free location etc., I found getting admission here is tough but their process is not transparent OR friendly.

3. Ramana Vidyalaya - CBSE Affiliated - Non A/C with playground - This school was not in my list but I visited to evaluate. English speaking staff quality was average, no. of children in the classroom was high, some parents told me hygiene was a problem. I decided not to pursue admission.

4. Sacred Heart - Not sure about affiliation - Non A/C No proper teachers, the school seems to confuse between matriculation & CBSE, English is a major problem, hygiene is a problem.

5. Barathi Vidyalaya - CBSE affiliated - Non A/C without playground - It is one of the oldest schools in this locality, however the curriculum and methodology is not up to date, when I visited I found that hygiene in the toilets is a major problem. English was a problem.

6. Narayana & Chaitanya - Non A/C without playground, affiliated - These schools are the least preferred in my list of reviews. They have no play facility and in this day and age pressurize students and parents like anything with very old style of teaching. Teachers are very poorly qualified and English is non existent. The funny part was that the fee changes from parent to parent and they quoted different figures when I spoke to them on two different occasions.

Once again, please do your own research and do visit each school by yourself. Both my children study in Babaji Vidhyashram for the past several years.

There are a few new schools that have come up after I created this list, I have not made any recent visit but understand from friends that none are choices which are very different.

Good luck.

eshine 2023-11-28 19:50:12


Thanks PB for the Excellent concise review I am getting transfer to Chennai and was mainly worried about the mandate of Tamil language in cbse schools Nothing in wrong on learning new language but cannot put students in 8th grade suddenly in a new language and expect them to write board exam in 2 years.

papabear 2023-11-29 13:04:33


Hi eshine,

This matter has been addressed through a government order this year....there will be no board exam for Hindi students in CBSE, just a certificate of completion it seems without pass / fail being marked.

You can reconfirm with whichever school is on your short list.

Good luck,

ManasaU 2023-11-29 13:32:51


Hi @papabear,

Do you have any idea on Tatva?

papabear 2023-11-29 14:11:19



I have not been there in person but have got mixed feedback from friends who visited.

The distance was a major concern, on account of the distance I believe getting good teachers is a problem..........the other point which always came up was less democracy amongst the workforce.

This is all I have to offer currently, please treat with caution as this is not first hand information. You can please go and verify yourself.

Good luck,


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