Admission in chinmaya vidyalaya.

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salman 2009-07-10 18:01:20


I would like to know if anybody could tell me about the admission in chinmaya we have to pay a huge sum as donation or any recomendations will do?can somebody also tell me the fee structure as well.

I have also heard that getting admissions for muslims is very difficult in chinmaya vidyalaya,i hope that it is not true,can anybody clearify my doubts.

I am also thinking about sherwood hall,which one will be better chinmaya or sherwood?

 Former member 2009-12-14 19:45:23


I do not think that is the case. Go ahead with a positive mind set.


kleome 2011-06-26 19:24:17



my son studies in cv. they did not ask for any donations and we did not give any recommendation. i think the most important factor is the child's confidence in answering the questions. he is in 1st standard now. majority of the students are north indians and also come from far off places as sowcarpet. distance is not a criteria. overall a very good school and am happy with the way he is turning up.


sourav10 2011-06-28 04:09:41


@Kleome, Distance is the only factor for the admission. Yes some other factors may work like whether from Kerala originated or having any letter from Chinmaya trust etc etc. I knew as because I tried all possible way to get LKG admission for my kid. I dont accpt your two points that child confidence of answering the questions & distance is not the criteria. I was present in my child interview & she answered all the questions asked to her correctly & with confidence. The parent qualifications are not factors as we both are masters degree holders.The main factor caused was the distance which is around 11-12 Kms from House. We assured them to shift in the nearby house from the school but it was ignored. We really dont know what are factors are main in school admission in chennai. I think nowhere in India parent get this much of pain for admission as chennai's parent get here.


kleome 2011-06-29 11:34:54


Hi Sourav,

where is ur child studying now? we again have to go through the admission process next year as i have a 2year old. Dont know if the sibling gets a priority for admission in the same school. Guess we were lucky to get admission for my son.



sourav1 2011-07-02 23:07:38


yes sibling will get priority. My kid is in one of the "A School" branch. I feel its not up to the standard.


raksh 2011-07-25 12:48:04


do they give admissions during vijayadasami for lkg. what is the procedure. i think its online application



rejidasan 2011-07-26 00:30:18


 Hello Sourav,

On your comment over the admission criteria... what do you mean by "wheher from Kerala originated". Does that mean people from kerala get a preference? I'm from Kerala and presently in Kerala. I would be shifting to Chennai sometime next year. my kids (twins) will turn 3 in october 2011. I saw that you tried for LKG admissions at Chinmaya. When does the admission for LKG happen? i mean in which monh did your daughter go through the process of personal interview? I'm asking because i need to know latest by which month should i shift from kerala to Chennai? How do i get the application forms?





Adharvaa 2011-09-16 15:07:03


My Son is going to complete 4 years on May 2012. I would like to get admissiobn from Chinmaya vidyalaya, Virgumpakkam. Please advise me the procedure. I heard that , the apllication issued by website. Please provide the Chinmaya school website. Thanks.


sowmygopi 2011-09-18 18:52:04


Am too just looking for school website..more over they have prekg ah?my son s 2.3 yrs old now


kleome 2011-09-18 23:50:46


hi sowmygopi n Adharvaa

CV, harrington road do not have prekg. Admission process starts during oct..n interview in dec. if it helps here is the phone no# 044-28363379. They r very strict abt the age as the child should have completed 3yrs n 6months at the time of admission.



nandhumom 2011-09-19 23:08:32


i just enquired with CV Anna nagar and got the news that online applications wil be published on 1st of DEC.I am not very sure abt the date as i enquired a working staff over there. didnt get  a chance to get touch with the school management.



Adharvaa 2011-09-27 12:42:42


Thank you kleome & sowmygopi. 

Please  let me if you received more information regarding admission. thank you.


Adharvaa 2011-09-27 12:50:18


Please give me the website for Chinmaya school. I could not find out. Which website i should look for application.



Maheswaran 2011-09-27 19:34:52

Think this is the website for Chinmaya School - got it from last year blogs.  I am also looking for Chinmaya, Annanagar.  Let me know if anyone has any further information.



 Former member 2011-10-01 12:29:41


You cannot view the site or application form now. It will be enabled during November month that too only for one week, (days will be decided by the school). During november month you have to keep on check the site to get the application, then download and fill and submit it directly in school.


 Former member 2011-10-01 12:31:38


In CV Virugambakkam whether its necessary to produce Address proof???


sowmygopi 2011-10-05 08:47:04


In CV virugambakkam do they have pre kg..wat s the fee structure age criteria,,can u ppl help me out ..kleome help me n this


kleome 2011-10-09 10:54:40


Hi Sowmygopi...CV virugambakkam as well as  harrington road dont have prekg..when contacted they said to call back nov 1st  will inform  in hindu paper...forms will be online...heres the no. for cv virugambakkam 044-24796802. will keep you posted as n wen i get to know...




ramya83 2011-10-09 14:02:17


the website for chinmaya is


VimSan 2011-11-03 09:53:47


I need to know the LKG admission/ procedures in chinmaya vidyalaya. When will they issue the application forms for LKG 2012-2013?


bindusri 2011-11-03 16:32:05



Can anyone let me know there is  UKG admission in schools in chennai..

My kid will be 4 and half by june 2012. Now she is doing LKG in a skl nearby. I wanna

admit her in UKG next year. But heard that its very difficult to get ukg admissions. Am so

confused on this. 



Shivdeep 2011-11-10 12:49:25


Hi ramya


Do Chinmaya vidyalaya have Prekg in any of the campuses?


Chinju 2011-11-15 15:23:34


Hi Shivdeep,

Chinmaya Vidyalaya does not have PreKG.


Adharvaa 2011-11-18 12:11:23


can anyone Please let me know the application issuing date for Chinmaya virugambakkam for LKG


Adharvaa 2011-11-18 12:12:23


i am still watching the Hindu daily. But as of now i did not find anything... Please update me....


VimSan 2011-11-18 14:48:28


they issue information on 27th nov - hindu newspaper - vadapalani times


Reachvidhu 2011-11-27 08:25:22


 Hi Friends,

I could not find any details in todays hindu/times of india..neither in the school website.. Did anyone else manage to get any further information on the admission procedure/dates???


Kindly let us know


sowbarnika 2011-11-27 19:40:25


 Hi friends,

I in person approched the school, got the information from watchman that they issue the application only on january 1st week,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but parents we have to keep trying,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


msr001 2011-11-28 14:22:48


Cv dont have Pre-KG, and The age criteria is for 2012 LKG admission, child should have born on or before 30 Nov 2008 and They will issue application in first week of Jan 2012



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