St Michael's Academy - Chennai - LKG Admission 2023-2024

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snatural858 2023-01-03 13:22:47


Funny 2022: better to check in person

Funny2022 2023-01-03 14:04:41


Ok Thank you

snatural858 2023-01-03 20:55:06


got update in app as well as mwssage..please check

CLAMA83 2023-01-03 21:28:01


There is a new update in app... Did anyone receive?

Jemo 2023-01-03 22:07:47


Anyone know at what time school starts for LKG?

Jemo 2023-01-03 22:22:12


Yes received updates regarding admission

Reeni85 2023-01-03 23:01:45


There is no information on the fees details ...on how much etc..any idea about that

snatural858 2023-01-03 23:26:30


we can ask thrse details on Friday

CLAMA83 2023-01-04 07:18:28


@jemo: 9-12.30

Renita16 2023-01-04 13:16:37


Meeting date and time is same for everyone 9 AM to 9.30 AM?

CLAMA83 2023-01-04 13:52:08


@Renita : For us it's 10-10.30

Renita16 2023-01-04 14:05:04


What is the allocated time for collecting the application for you?

Funny2022 2023-01-04 14:22:50


No updates for waiting list  in App

ksek05 2023-01-04 14:50:25


I have got 9 to 9 30. They are doing it in batches..why again do we have to meet the principal?

Reny3 2023-01-04 18:19:16


For me also time is from 9 to 9 30 on saturday

snatural858 2023-01-04 18:24:50


no idea why we are meeting principal.. for us its 9:30 to 10 am on saturday..
application is given on friday between 9 and 12..

ksek05 2023-01-04 20:00:45


They have given application time as 9 30 to 10 and Meeting time as 9 to 9 30 for us...not sure if both has to be same or different

Reeni85 2023-01-05 07:01:23


On 6th should both parents come to collect application form or one is ok..

snatural858 2023-01-05 10:40:08


only on saturday it is mentioned ward is to be present to meet principal.. for collecting application, there is no mandate.. hope one parent is enough to collect form.. previous years also its mentioned one parent is enough to collect forms..

ksek05 2023-01-05 12:29:55


For me, application form collection and talking to principal along with the ward is on same day 6th.. On 7th have to pay fees and submit the application.. for that ward would not be needed I guess

Jemo 2023-01-05 17:19:35


Got update again today. Received only form issued time at 11 30 AM. But not the time of meeting principal. before got both timings.Anyone got any updated message?

Renita16 2023-01-05 17:30:36


Yes received the update ,after getting the application form we need to meet the principal it seems

Jemo 2023-01-05 18:25:09


Thanks for the reply

ksek05 2023-01-05 20:04:06


They are asking for only specific people to meet the principal? Why so? Any idea? Any particular reason?

CLAMA83 2023-01-06 12:22:53


Did anyone meet Principal today?..

snatural858 2023-01-06 16:20:15


isnt everyone required to meet principal? is there any excemption provided?

ksek05 2023-01-06 17:56:46


No not everyone.. some didn't have to.. not sure of the criteria..

Wjjd5 2023-01-06 21:47:10


Yes we did .. he just collected parent details .. a formal meet up .. tomo siblings meet-up wil be done I guess. 

snatural858 2023-01-07 11:54:13


we also met VP.. he asked basic questions.. any concerns sbout fees, school.. any other points to be discussed.. etc.. nithing critical..


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