St Michael's Academy - Chennai - LKG Admission 2023-2024

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snatural858 2022-12-23 19:05:27


thank you Jemo..  my kid is also selected

ksek05 2022-12-23 19:32:14


Excellent.. congratulations!

ksek05 2022-12-23 19:36:45


Just checked the app my kid is also selected. What is the next process? Is this confirmed seat or more is to come?

Renita16 2022-12-23 20:18:03


Hi did you receive any message or email?

Renita16 2022-12-23 20:21:22


How did you get an update ? Message or email or app?

snatural858 2022-12-23 20:55:22


ksek05: next would be payment of fees at school.. we may need to bring passport photos and cheque leaves for paying in bank.. heard bank wiuld be within school premises..

ksek05 2022-12-23 21:34:37


Thank you for the update!

Jemo 2022-12-23 22:58:37


How much fees it will be?

snatural858 2022-12-25 17:41:10


expexting 1.7L... donation 1L for donation and 70k for LKG full year fees..

Jemo 2022-12-25 17:47:09


Ok Thanks for the update

ksek05 2022-12-25 20:05:48


I thought donation was not there in st michaels. Are you sure?

Reeni85 2022-12-25 23:33:02


I don't think so thr is donation...last year LKG fee was 137000 for the full year

Funny2022 2022-12-27 17:16:13


My Kid attended the interview. But we didnt receive any updates.Lets us know the Next steps.

ksek05 2022-12-27 20:54:37


Did you check the SMA app?

Funny2022 2022-12-28 08:12:41


yes we have checked ..No updates

snatural858 2022-12-28 15:54:18


the security at school told me it is 1.7L.. i didnt expect it was 1.37L last year.. thanks Reeni


snatural858 2022-12-28 15:55:08


Funny2022: better check with school once.. there might be seats available..

Funny2022 2022-12-28 18:47:31


I have received an update today in App - waiting list...will ter be any chances of getting selected

snatural858 2022-12-28 19:07:46


Chances are there.. heard from friend that if they want to re-evaluate any kids they may keep them in waiting list and ask to come for inteeview again.. also there may be still seats available with management in recommendation and donation categories..

Funny2022 2022-12-28 19:26:19


Ok super ...Thank you so much

FranklinM 2023-01-02 08:44:51


Hi all,
We attended the interview on 15th Dec and still we haven€™t  got any updates on the status. I have emailed them and yet no response. Any idea how long it will take to finialize the admission result?

snatural858 2023-01-02 10:42:28


Hi Franklin, I had sent emails before to the admission team..but never got a response.. better to go to school in person to enquire..

snatural858 2023-01-02 10:43:37


admission results were already publised in the app on 23rd Dec for many.. pls check app once .. else pls go in person

FranklinM 2023-01-02 12:58:28


Same status - called for interview in the app. I am located out of 5km radius from the school and planning the relocate. So hoping there might be delay.
Will go in person. Thanks for the reply Ÿ'

Funny2022 2023-01-02 16:07:30


If the status is in waiting list do we have to wait for call ...or we have to check with School for reason or any other options we have check with..Kindly Help



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