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Ani2ambika 2022-10-27 10:07:03


Good day everyone, We're recently shifted from coimbatore and located in omr now. I'm looking for a good middle school (IB or IGCSC)in chennai with including shadow teacher options. Kindly share your knowledge regarding this it's really helpful for me. TIA

papabear 2022-11-10 13:50:02


Hi Ani2Ambika,

I had posted a review earlier and simply reposting the same reply, hope this helps -


There are very few schools which deliver proper IB teaching in Chennai. I have compiled a short list of schools that may be of interest to you, you must take the effort to visit each school and evaluate for yourself -

1. International Village School - Expat & Indian teachers with foreign teaching license, Complete IB school located in Sholinganallur, this school was my favorite when I reviewed many schools in Chennai for my children. The fee charged and quality of teachers as well as infrastructure all met my expectations.

2. American International school - Expat teachers and Indian teaching assistants, part AP curriculum and IB in high school as an option. Too expensive for me and did not like the culture, but infrastructure is decent.

3. TIPS - All Indian teachers without foreign license, with very poor methodology of teaching IB. If you are looking for proper IB this may not work

4. Kids Central - IB head but Indian teachers without foreign license, they offer a mix of UK Cambridge and IB. Was too far for me and also the teacher's quality is only average. For the fee charged I felt teaching quality can be better.

Good luck on your search.


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