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Jack1991 2022-10-26 21:56:27


Hi, Starting this thread for the information about 2023-24 school admission in Chennai. If any school has opened admission please update this thread.

NitviN 2022-10-27 08:44:37


We have just received an email from Sishya school omr for a preliminary discussion next week for admission into LKG.

Jack1991 2022-10-27 19:24:13


Oh okay. I have registered with them two months back for LKG admission. Let's see if I get the mail sometime soon.

22ani 2022-10-28 12:24:24


Is anyone know about Sujay public school located in medavakkam?


Jack1991 2022-11-02 14:05:45


How did the interview go? What were asked in the interview? Kindly please let us know..

NitviN 2022-11-06 08:22:21


They simply asked us about ouselves and wanted to know if we were really interested in putting our kid in that school. Communication for child's interview will be sent after a week.

Jack1991 2022-11-06 16:52:30


Oh okay..May i know the donation asked? How is much is refundable? And when will it be refunded?

daverj 2022-11-07 17:50:51


Anyone know about ST Michaels academy LKG admissions?

daverj 2022-11-07 17:59:37


22ani, Good infrastructure and its looking like international school and spacious class rooms Amazing ventilator and also transporter facilities available and No Deposit amount

papabear 2022-11-10 13:23:06



Chennai is vast and there are simply too many schools, suggest that you narrow it down area by area to make it easier, maybethe thread will have more response if you specify the locality you are interested in?

Good luck,

Jack1991 2022-11-10 14:52:04


Hi Papabear, Intention was to serve this thread as an informational one for everyone. But i am specifically looking for schools between Taramani to sholinganallur. And shortlisted three schools finally. 1) Sishya OMR 2)NPSI perumbakkam 3) babaji vidhyasram. Planning to go with one of these three but confused about picking the one.

papabear 2022-11-11 15:59:46



This narrows down the area considerably. Here is my opinion based on some research.

What is important is which board you are interested in pursuing for your children. There 3 national boards in India - CBSE, ICSE & NIOS. Out of the three CBSE has over 21,500 school, ICSE has around 2000 schools and NIOS has less than 0.1% schools.

Clearly CBSE has over 92% of students studying in the board and all major competitive exams in India are based on this board. So if you are targeting career and life within India for  your children, CBSE is the way to go. If you are looking for an alternative to CBSE for some reason but still want a national board ICSE is the way to go.

Coming to the three schools you mentioned, Babaji is CBSE affiliated while the other two are ICSE affiliated. Babaji seems to mix traditional CBSE education with lots of other things which children find interesting like Drama, Guitar, Keyboard, Robotics, IT, Makerspace, year round expeditions etc. etc., while the other two are more traditional schools with traditional one art period, one music period kind of schedule. 

In terms of price, undoubtedly Babaji is much better value for money and I feel it offers a lot more at a price lesser than the other two schools in your shortlist.

I Hope this helps and has answered your question.

Good luck


Jack1991 2022-11-14 16:42:10


Thank you papabear for this detailed review

22ani 2022-11-14 19:39:49


daverj,Thanks for your update.Pls let me know if you know about studies and extra curricular activities?

Jack1991 2022-11-19 02:04:55


Hi Papabear, I have few questions with regards to babaji vidhyasram. How often they give projects to the students? Do they provide materials as well? Also i heard students will have extra classes if they lag behind? Also Is it true that the management is authoritative? Thanks in advance

papabear 2022-11-24 13:42:25



Most of the learning for my children happened via learning by doing for my children. With regard to providing material, it depends on the work and subject they are working on, but I was quite happy that one way (OR) other my children are learning. Babaji Vidhyashram has a unique system where they identified learning gaps and they called me and informed me about the issue identified, they also arranged additional help from the respective subject teacher without any additional cost from me. I don't know what you mean by authoritative but if you mean ensuring children attend school on time and regularly, asking parents to regularly participate in student life etc., then they do all that. But in so many years I never felt that they were exploiting me / asking for something that I would not do by myself for my children. If you have a more specific question I will be happy to answer in this regard.

Jack1991 2022-11-24 20:33:35


Thanks for the detailed information, Papabear. I am particularly looking for LKG curriculum and what subjects would be thought and how much homework they have and what kind of co curricular activities will be there for the kindergarten students. How the individual attention would be and would they let kids be kids.. how the teachers retention is. How long the school hours are for KG kids. And my main concern with that extra classes for students who is..will that cause any insecurity for the kids.. Also how often those weekend projects are given? Also they won't let the kids in if they get delayed by 5 10 mins? I know these are lots of questions Ÿ™'..but just wanted to know the opinion of someone whose kids are studying there..

muthu13 2022-11-24 22:27:29


DAV Adambakkam opened online admission(prekg and lkg) for one day on 23rd Nov
Whether they open again?

muthu13 2022-11-24 22:36:34


Can anyone please give review for San Academy School Velachery and Sunshine School Velachery and when they open admission


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