Gateway International School Neelankarai - Chennai

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sangeethadeykol 2022-09-11 00:44:54


My opinion also the same. The principal is very bad more biased and too many gossip about the person too

marryjames 2022-09-17 22:46:10


You are right. Last week there was a Teacehr's Day Celebration happened inside school at neelankarai. even my child also participated. Its so arrogance that the school students were asked to stand in the hot son. There were the management people sitting . But no one asked why the small kids are standing on the HOT SUN. There is girl who fainted and fell down , and taken to the hospital. The principal is useless.. She want to project self and boost herself. But no bother about the students. 

How come this kind of events are happening.. 



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