Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan PSBB KK Nagar - Chennai Admission 2023-24

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Lillcub20 2023-03-24 23:41:22



Raji1828 2023-03-27 12:09:37


Anyone got mail today for PSBB KK Nagar. Still admission going on. Any one have idea.

msn2019 2023-03-28 09:55:17


Hello everyone. Are they calling based on registration numbers? Our registration number or track sheet is 300+

Did anyone receive a call letter for 300+ registration or track sheet numbers?

1989divi 2023-03-28 10:37:10


Is admissions going for 3 rd std

Raji1828 2023-03-28 15:47:18


Mine is 355. I too didn't get call.. I will get or not i don't know.

Rituparrnah 2023-03-28 16:26:31


Mine is 230. Even i didnt get

Raji1828 2023-03-28 18:52:38


What's ur plan mam .. planning to wait or move on

Rituparrnah 2023-03-28 19:20:21


Double minded. Will see fr week if not will move on bcos atlast her studies in important than where she is studying.

Raji1828 2023-03-28 21:51:01


Exactly i too planning for the same

Raji1828 2023-03-29 22:52:56


Still admissions going or closed in PSBB KK Nagar

msn2019 2023-04-04 10:47:08


We just spoke to PSBB office over the phone, they said PreKG admission closed for all locations for this academic year. Until, yesterday they were saying process going on, now they are saying closed.

Raji1828 2023-04-04 22:48:30


Which is true??

msn2019 2023-04-05 11:00:16


You can call and check with any branch of PSBB, we will get same response as Admission Closed

rubble 2023-04-05 11:26:09


Hi Psbb parents,
We have 3 houses for rent available in the 20K range double bedroom near Gate 3 of psbb. It's in 8th sector street 42.
9500118100. good metro/bore(sweet clear) water, nice ambience place. just a call away from the school.

Deepsound13 2023-04-17 11:05:05


Hello all,

Any idea about KK Nagar? Is the process still on. I get conflicting news from school.

Lillcub20 2023-04-18 17:15:30


Hi we also waiting but still not received any mails or confused about admission is there anything going on or not?

vivekaarthi 2023-04-19 12:31:32


Hi can I get your WhatsApp number please

vivekaarthi 2023-04-19 12:32:27


Hi parents, Any one still trying for lkg admission in psbb and got any info from school?


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