Sri Chaitanya Velachery

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shasha8 2022-06-07 12:58:58


Initially we had very high hopes about the school as it had many branches across India. 
The office staff who is in charge of admission was very rude and does not know how to talk to parents. They act as if they are doing a favor on you by admitting the child.
Their interview process is very disappointing .They ask questions which are not relevant and make the child very uncomfortable. 
We went for admission to 2nd standard and the office staff in charge of admission asked me : Will the child be able to cope up with 2nd standard syllabus . She further added that they prepare students for IIT and things like that and asked if the child can take that stress...Why should a 2nd std child take STRESS??????..
They take 20k as the admission fees. The same office staff tells me if anyone calls you and asks how much you have paid you have to say 10k...   Now who is she to dictate terms to me as to what I speak to anyone over the phone I was shocked with her language and the way she put things across. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND HIGHLY DISAPPOINTING BEHAVIOUR.

20223 2022-06-07 16:56:34


Oh my God!!!! I thought of getting admission in velachery, chaitanya... some how I had come to know on prior basis... Will you pls share what are all the good and best schools... from adambakkam to perungudi...

20223 2022-06-07 16:56:54


Looking for my kid in 3rd std... admission


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