NPSI/APL Global/BabaJi/Campus K -- Please suggest

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Jack1991 2022-05-10 17:20:52


Hi Members,

Since our Office is reopening we are moving to Chennai this June. My Kid will be 3years by May. So i am planning to put my kid in Pre-Kg/KG. I Have shortlisted NPSI, APL Global, Babaji and Campus K. I am looking for a school which dont burden kids with unnecessary home works, gives good individual attention, dont make kids memorize too much(saw in one thread that NPSI makes students memorise Chandragupta's ministers names). Basically looking for school which make the kids love them. Curriculum doesn't matter to me much and location is not a problem as i will be searching the house only after the school is finalized. Thank you very much in advance.


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